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Huddle Up with Gus

Episode · 3 years ago

Weekly Huddle #7


This week Gus and Dave talk; - Dave's "interesting" visit to the doctor - Gus goes back to college for parent's weekend - An exciting announcement about our website! See for privacy information.

Hey everyone, thanks for joining us on our weekly huddle again. Guss fraud here and I'm with my cohost Dave Hagar low gus, and we want to talk to you about what has happened to us in the last week on our weekly huddle. So, Dave, what was your last week like? There was lots of birthday celebrations and there was doctor's visits. There's another head bump. There's a lot of stuff that one on. All right. So, since we've heard about previous head bumps, tell me what. How in the world did you bump your head again? Were you digging into fridge at when? I am not this time. No, I was trying to arrange some wires near the mantle of my fireplace and I bump my temple area at about twenty five miles an hour speed with a corner of the mantle. So that was it was unbelievable and I saw white for like three seconds, little flashes of like lightning. It was just like white. It was just like a white out. Did you go down or did you like were you just been over? No, I I was didn't even know what is happening. So I kind of put my hands on my knees. But then I came up strong and I hit the bottom Haf you got. You Got Mad at the INN inanimate object. I got doesn't move that. You hit the yes, it was probably my fault, not its fault, but it got the brunt of my hit. I've done that so many times, where you hit something, you get mad and you just kick it or whatever you do. Yeah, and then my daughter was sitting there too, and I so I'm trying not to embarrass myself in front of my daughter, but I couldn't help but hit the thing. Did you? Did you think you scared her a little bit? She probably saw another side of me. She wish she hadn't. The Hulk. The Hulk was coming out. I wasn't. It wasn't real pretty so so okay. So then you hit your head again and now you also went to the doctor. What's this mystery that you would not tell me over the phone? Well, we thought for a long time it was a hernia because I have unusually large, protruding bulge out of my stomach. But in a way it's kind of a bummer. It's not a hernia because it's actually a part of just being fat, but also the I have this written down here just in case you were to ask me about it. It's it's technically a diet dieticist reckte, and it's most commonly found in pregnant women. MESSOS. Two out of three pregnant women at haven't had multiple children do get this syndrome that I have my you know what, Dave, you might be able to go see Annie at the post part of them and perinatal claim. I might be all the west pain. Will See if the insurance will cover it. Yeah, yeah, so I have that. So now I've I'm now starting to do yoga exercises to try to bring that to under control.

It's a widening of the stomach muscles where your intestines actually protrude through, your intestines popping out. So, yeah, the bulge in my stomach is is actually intestines. So have you seen like a you know, how like you pregnant? You see like a little foot coming out, like or a hand? Or if I hadn't moving, do you see like a lucky charm pushing out through? Yeah, if I, yeah, if I, if right, if I, you could see the formation of a child if there was one in there. It's that wide so that at least that was diagnosed. So there's no surgery involved. It just so what did Kelly say about that? When you find out the diagnosis? Well, I just I think it's basically just take care of it. It doesn't really matter tech medically what it is. It's just as a spouse you don't want the other half having that protrusion, especially when it's intestines. But yeah, so that's we talked that. But the one thing that was interesting, I was telling Kelly about it. We were actually kind of shocked at this because it our confidence wavered in the medical facility we're in when they're going through the the questions of you know, how do you have? High Blood Pressure? Do you have? And that's a whole nother story and I'm actually almost in like hypermode blood pressure wise, but I think we'll build knock that down. It was one hundred and fifty five over one hundred. Oh my God, Rush. They almost called like the EMT's and how much salt have you been consuming? That's what she asked that. She didn't. She was like, were you just like in a tornado or something? What happened to you? So that's all. That's another thing. But when they're going through the questions, they said, you know, going very you know various ailments you can have in the if this is a physician's assistant, and she does. Have you ever had a hysterectomy? And I thought it's it was kind of like a preview for my later diagnosis of having a food of pregnancy issues with my stomach. But you know, you don't want to be a smart ass to the medical care personnel. It's sort of like being like one to like a barber. They can really mess you up right and wanted to or a waiter right now. You just rather just so I did. You know, I wanted to say now, you still have my uterus intact. You know, right, right, I said. I just said no, I said I I think maybe what we're talking about is I did have a appen deck to me and yeah, just kept going on a list. So I just thought I was so she got hid direct to me and happened deck to me. Wrong, I guess, but it just even asked me about a history act. To me, that would that could caused a little bit of a Red Flag. Going to she paying attention at all who's sitting in front of her? Maybe not. Yeah, we're that. Did she that might that might have spurned on my higher blood pressure, because I started to think, what's going on? What's she just asked me if I had a uterus. Yeah, yeah, so what? Yeah, and so the answers. No, Todam. Yeah, no uters for day. No, super high blood pressure and also a diact assist...

...rectie. So what do you think your blood pressure was when you hit your head? If I bet, it was like probably like to forty over one hundred and sixty. When I did that, it still might have been high from that, even though it was like four days. You have a watch or anything that monitors it? I don't why do, but I we don't know how to recharge it. So it's been sitting idle. What I thought like when you ride the bike at the gym, you could check it. You can, but what's to get up to there? You know you can check, you can check the beats per minute. You can't check the blooph you don't. I wouldn't want the people say, what are your beasts per minute? It up to we. I don't check them. I just it's like you gotta See, this is baby steps here. Let me get through the yoga exercises and try to pull my testines back into my core. Well, let me ask you this then. So if you wonder what your blood pressure would be if you would have went to the Michigan Penn State game and tailgated all day then went to the game with a hundred and some thousand screaming fans and white what do you think your blood pressure to have been when, when, at the end of the game, Penn State pulls it out? I saw a little bit. We were with our good friends having dinner and some drinks and that was an interesting game to watch and it got a little tight at the end. We have someone in studio who was there and it could maybe all right, ell's better. What the atmosphere so bl Cam. What was your blood pressure during that game? PREGAME, after all the tailgating and activities, it was kind of low, but then once we got the game on TV, it was it was pretty crazy throughout. ended up pulling out a win at the very end, twenty eight to twenty one, but it was close. I mean we were at this bar, bartenders are up on the bar, there were alumni dancing everywhere. It was pretty crazy environment. Did you go to Game Day beforehand. I went past it but they'd already mostly packed it up by the time I was there. You didn't get up early enough as that I didn't see your Buddy Kirk. Yeah, I wasn't up early enough. The last night took a toll on me. You had a you had a strong weekend then. I know you were. You were liking all my tweets that I was putting up at hours. You did. Lays are, yes, some amazing tweets. He put a great one up about Foy A, put one up about nick but Adio from fanduel. He put one up because birthday was recently, Dick, because birthday. Also retweeted all three of our female guests that we've had on that were so powerful and you know, with Leslie viss her and Sally Jenkins and Christine Brennan. He retweeted at again and then, just you know, and then Terry retweet them all and then I retweet them all and we're just getting the word out about what we're doing and he'll soon have an intern under we'll see, we see, we'll see. I'd be great. We know. Yeah, Roun talks for mini Cam yeah, that's right. No, Oh, I mean many yea quarter with camp quarner in a mini camp super eight. That's what...

...we're going to get to, Super Eight. But yeah, so that's all happened to you all. You had you also had homecoming. Right, there's the other's homecoming celebration. I saw those pictures. Girls Look really pretty. Oh, thank you for saying that. Yeah, that was that's a whole deal in itself. All that. Everyone goes up to the field club and takes us as that, but at which you are a member of. Yeah, you're all aware of the beautiful where we did all of our homecomings as well. Yes, that's a kind of a go to for that. That's abserves it well. Yeah, you changing and stuff in the back. So there was all that photo shoot. Just returned one of the dresses. We bought multiple dresses because they have to be sure of the yeah, each she's perfect. So I've just returned the last one this morning on my way too. You know, see, that makes me think about when I went to like homecomings. I look back at my outfits and I'm like, why in the world when my mom? Let me get that. Yeah, there's there's some crazy ones. If you flip through the yearbooks. But we're also like shopping in Fort City at the local like wherever you can get. So I think we drove to Butler actually one time and there wasn't nough fit. You know, the luxury of online like this. Oh yeah, online, like you can go click, click, click, bye, bye, bye. Yeah, and then they even have sites where you can go get expensive dresses but rent them. Yeah, I don't have to buy him, you can just rent them, which is great. Yeah, yeah, I know, I there's nothing. Then one and done and hanging in the closet for another four years and never warned. Yeah, no, I remember. I had my last homecoming. The reason I remember it is because our homecoming King Brian M wally. He his date was, as the listeners my note, Alex Flanagan of NBC sports and NFL down sideline reporter. So they were king and Queen to Brian broke his collar bounder in the football game of the dance was that night and so then I was pulled into action to be her date. So in the yearbooks it looks like outs landing in and I are a couple. There you go, Dave. We were not. We weren't just to save house. Flanagan, you ready. You were the tarnished reputation. She wasn't. I was. You were. You were those the relief? Yeah, yeah, you were per se nic and so yeah, so it looks good in the yearbook but it's not really true if you read the five prints. Okay, now, you were. You visited a doctor also, I believe, the chiropractor. Yes, I've been trying to get my body back in line because all the limping has been killing me and my back is completely all twisted up. So I've been going to see Dr Cbacker on Freeport Road there and Fox Chapel and he's been throwing me around the table pretty good and it's been working its feel. I feel bad. I'm getting there. I'm not perfect yet, but I'm getting back to where now hopefully I can put off surgery a little longer on my knee and start working out a little bit harder. Yeah, I always I've never been to a chiropractor, but our neighbor John Tramon Tina, Dr John Shamantina. He's now an executive in another field, but he was a chiropractor for a time. He would always try to like crack my neck and stuff. They all. I always got real nervous with that. Yeah, no, I've done it so many times, but I really like Dr Sebacher. He he liked loosens it up, gets... ready. It's not like a like you know, like a I've been to guys where they just grab it and twist it and then all of a sudden you're like, oh, I don't like that. Does it feels weird? Yeah, yeah, I haven't had to experience with them. So that's the one time I had. That experience was we were at a bar and he and I was complaining of that neck pain and he goes come over here and he like took me like near the bathroom and he just surprised attack me and I yelled out. I mean it was like it was not what it what kind of yell? What you mean? Well, the PERVERSI. People are like what are those guys doing the bathroom? So that was alarming to begin with. But but yeah, no, I just got Nah, like it was like a stop and then it was crack. And then maybe that's why the doctor thought you had a history. Ask May I might pick to me that maybe it was what caused my dialysis recte. Thanks. That trauma and that trauma right there, and imagine my blow pressure at that point too. Oh, yeah, it's right through the roof. Yeah, definitely through the roof. Yeah. So I went and saw him and then Gabe head parents weekend. So Annie drove out a day earlier than I did and then I drove out on Saturday, just like I say, with the dogs, a day longer. And then we had parents weekend at Gabes House. It wasn't supposed to be at Gabes House with his three roommates, but it wasn't. It was that their friends. They're girlfriends, not like girlfriends, girlfriends, but they're friends that are girls. They have a house with eight girls living in it. It's brand new. It's huge. So that's where the parents weekend was. So all their friends, a lot. Most of them are from New York. Summer from Delaware, but the New York accents were heavy and thick. Yeah, and Gabes mom was had a few drinks and was dancing on a dance floor with all the college girls and showed her time and then she's walked out. Walk we want in Cornhole. We were playing some good games and then at the end of the night when we left, she finally started limping and said, I don't know what I did to my knee. I said, well, maybe you shouldn't dance like you were back in college again, and so she struggle with her need for a couple days but now went back to work. But it was a lot of fun. Got To meet Gabes, college roommates in their families, which was really nice. Everyone get a long wall. Yeah, they all were pretty sad that the Yankees got dusted. But yeah, you know, it's hard to feel any sadness. Yeah, I don't really feel I didn't show any. Yeah, a roll, I said to that we're pirate fans, are so likable. Yeah, it's like, yeah, well, you can't say anything to us, anything to us at all. Yeah, about sadness, about the pains wall right. So we did that, drove back, got to spend a night with Abbey and then brought her crazy Doug Lucy back to her house. She'll be coming home this weekend, so we're excited about that to see her again. How's cocoa recovering? Coco is doing well. She's on some medication for soreness. Her and Ruper got some crazy virus were. They haven't had the best suggestion digestion and been cleaning up some messes lately. But yeah,...

...they're doing a little bit better. And then, you know, just typical if you have anybody out there has dogs, all the stuff you go through with dogs. There's good days, bad days and terrible days. And you have always said multiple dogs. We've always had multiple. Now I have three at the house and I hate when it rains. Yeah. Well, yes, I take time to like wipe them down when they come in and so that they're not make bringing a full mess into the house and it's eat lot easier to throw a towel and a Washer. Yeah, but really, nobody else in my family sees it that way. Yeah. So then I have footprints all over the House and wet and and you can be frustrated. Yeah, it's very fresh. You knowell, you don't know dogs are yeah, no, I know. And then also the grass now, at this time of year, isn't growing anymore and you know Wilbur are larger. One scratches a long Bert's brother, yeah, Rupert's brother, and so heap. You know, it's pure mud and there's no grass to wipe the feet. So from here until about May. It's going to be I think. I think Annie said Alia video last night watching those of them howling. When I puppies. We're trying to identify which one was which. Yeah, and he knows. I don't remember. But yeah, they were really cute. Yeah, that was some good stuff on there. Wilbs and Rupert and dozer and now I can't remember. It was chunk of beef. Yeah, I can't remember their names. When we they were puppies, we had all kind of crazy names for him. Well, was wilber was infant, infant. Yeah, you know, kind of names for him. But that was crazy having puppies. That was a whole experience. It would take up a long podcast. If you ever want to do it, let me know and I'll explain how it works. Yeah, Dave, that could come on, our our friend Dave. Yeah, Dr Sheer, he could come on and tell us some pretty soon. Well, a doctor right in her midst of our family, because Abbey is getting her whitecoat on November, one from University of Pennsylvania Veterinarian School. Must be very proud day. And yes, yes, her and as a father. Yeah, she texted this morning and said she had a big final yesterday for one of her classes and said that she missed an a by one one point. Yeah, and she was upset and I'm like, okay, does it even matter now? You're already almost you're at the finish yeah, you're at the finish line. You're going to get a degree. But you know, she really works hard to get really good. Great. So well, house calls maybe in the future. So we don't write right, she'll just be running around all of our friends. Yeah, I'm doing all their words doing. She'll have I still don't think she'll be able to cut wilbur's nails. Oh so now he's to be completely put down for that? Yeah, yeah, that's that's my dogs are. I'm lucky they don't have a problem with it, but I know will and well were their brother. Yeah, those are is not. He hates it. He won't allow it either. No, but it turns like a nail trim that they...

...if you went to like Pecco, it might be like thirty or something like that to a three hundred dollar bill, because he has to be sedated right in order for them to do it. So it's we let them sometimes get so long it sounds like tap dancing all over the house right like click with his nails. But yeah, yeah, no, so you know, that's kind of what's been happening with US camp, still recovering from a big we are weekend. Well, yeah, he probably the rolling partake a little bit up there. I definitely did some partaking it. Speaking of got your wife. You said she was reverting her college days. There were, when I say several, I mean several moms at this bar I was at that we're going absolutely wild. I mean buying shots for kids, buying drinks, just just reliving their days and it was was pretty it's a great sight to see. It's pretty funny. That's classic home or not homecoming, a parents weekend. That, yeah, that's her parents. A yeah, that was serous, just a ton. Yeah, which which is all of a sudden. You can imagine. There's a hundred thousand for the game. So how many actually were at the at pen estimates, overall estimates, for like three hundredzero people in this little Tas why I remember parents weekend at you a, the we I lived in a fraternity for most of the time and they, the MOMS, would come in and they would be hammered and you had to. There were some moms you had to watch out that. You know, your friends not not. It wasn't. My mom wasn't doing this, but some of the MOMS were real, real close to hooking up, let's, with their son's friends. Dad. I think I dodged a couple bullets this week. Yeah, I know. Any they go, they it's like time just stops and there, you know, their sorority girls again and it gets kind of great. All these MOMS yone cam quarter throughout their bar. Yeah, I know, you know, can many. You could probably throw in like a mini cam joke and stuff too. So yeah, yeah, there's a hum. There's the there was a lot of that. I remember parents weekends crazy with yeah, so you know, and that's all crazy. We got to get rolled here, but we appreciate you listening. Now you can visit us on our website, huddle up with gustscom, which is new Dave, which is great. It's up and published. There's all of our previous stuff that we've done on they can go check it out. You can see all the stuff that we've posted on twitter and facebook. The promos are my favorite part. The PROMOS are great. They're short or sweet. They're fun. Cam Quarter does a great job with those, and then we'll continue to build the website out as we go. But it up and published. So check us out at huddle up with Gustscom and on your favorite podcast site. So thanks for joining us on our weekly huddle. Please go back and listen to all our great guests that we've had on. Who's your been your favorite so far? Day that that has been published, I I still can't believe we're talking to leas Steinberg. I thought that was kind of a cool thing.

That is cool, and he's in Linkedin and he's everywhere. Hi. mean he does a great job and he follows us. Yeah, and he follows us. Yeah, I liked I like us him and actually, Dana Fall was good, Dana folk was good. Coach Dick, it was great. Yeah, WHO's your favorite? Did Gay? I like Dick just because, you know, it was just it's just so dick, because he just doesn't care what he says. He's just whatever is on his mind is coming to that. MIC necess hilarious. One of my favorites. He was actually we were just talking about I'm Foy A, a luican kid, that guss. He's a coach place of the Lana Falcons and he had a hit on Jared Goff yesterday. It's floating around twitter. Some of our viewers seen it, but go check his episode out. It's a pretty good one too. Yeah, he quote by him. Yeah, I love it that he said. You know, that guy's a million dollar player. I'm a thousand dollar player, and so you know they're going to protect him. So for I've been there, buddy, understand. I've had million dollar ends hit me and I've been a thousand dollar player and it kind of goes the other way too. So all right, thanks for joining us and listen to US AT HUDDLE UP WITH GUSTS.

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