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Weekly Huddle #5


In this week's installment of the Weekly Huddle Gus and Dave talk; - Past and Present Nicknames they've received - Dave's adventures at Primanti Bros - Gus' son stars in a movie! See for privacy information.

Hello, hello, everyone, thanks for joining us on the huddle up with gusts and our weekly huddle here with my sidekick Dave Hagar and our producer Cam Haldeman. So thanks for joining me today, guys. So how is your weekend, Dave? Well, first of all, I think we should get a nickname for cam. I have one. The producers Seducer Nice, but we've never seen him around anybody of the opposite sex. I don't know if we can use that. I've only seen him in this environment. Yeah, there you guys and some microphones in her room. Maybe we should call him Cam quarter. That's good. Yeah, I mean I feel would feel uncomfortable calling him the seducer if it's yeah, and I sitting in here and you guys do lock eyes quite often. I like Cam quarter. He's not smiling. He doesn't like Cam quarter. Can't quors. Fine, was wait, was was? Was The seducer your name in college? Now, that was I used to follow another group of podcasters and their producer. That's what they called him just as a joke, and I was thought it was funny. They made shirts and stuff. Well, did you have a nickname in college? Not that I could think of. Off the top of my head, just and it's pretty easy enough. It's kind of like Guss, nobody you knew. Yeah, sometimes you have nicknames behind your back. Yeah, that's hurt those before it. What it was your nickname? Yeah, well, I've thought of some good ones for you. That never stuck. Belgian bomber. Yeah, what about like it? In High School I never really had any. Just got gusp get on the bus with gusts. Yeah, you know, nobody really had guss. Is Enough of a nickname, you know. Yeah, guess something sounds like a nickname. Yeah, and it wasn't. You know, wasn't like I had, you know, like how they give like Italian guys nicknames, you know, shoeless and all stuff. You know, I didn't. I never had anything like that. No, I never had any. That's the kind of nicknames. But I love giving nicknames. So we are big and our family given nicknames. MMM, like so Abbey is pean gunner's newgie and Gabe is sniff and then they just go on from there. And and then your dogs also. Yeah, yeah, like like cocoa is our bulldog. Her nickname is gloom and Cheen and little guy color, a little girl and like it's like there's all kind of names. Yeah, yeah, so nicknames are big in our family. They called me biscuer. I don't know where that came from. Bisker, Bisker, that's what the the boys call me. ME. So now everybody calls me biscuer. Don't Call Me Dad, they call me biscuer and they call Annie Mao. You weren't CCEPT for NOWs Ain't Oh yeah, I can't even tell you...

...all the other ones we have for everyone else. They call you Hagar. Yeah, well, it beats the ones that used to have. Those were all over some of years. Well, they were. Well, there was dough boy, which is self explanatory. I think no explanation. Neither the other one was. I always thought was kind of clever, bread basket, and I it could be maybe along the lines of Doughboy, but it was actually by until I was a freshman in college. Sadly enough, I shot the basketball too handed and they just thought that was like Midwest Classic Doughboy or bread basket. You know, that's just like such a hardy. Did you make them all? I was pretty accurate. You had to be your hands and sink realize you could side spin. Yeah, where you like, who used to shoot like that all the time? Well, it was sort of like similar, like a Rick Berry sort of shot. It was you, Geld Zero Street cred, shooting it too handed. No matter how. You would show up with your short shorts, your I pulled up socks, your head band and shoot too handed. They were like, well, they just picking that guy first. Well, I think they just thought I was just trying to be funny, but then they were like waity, actually does do that. After like the third shot, they're like come on, Dave, come on, bread basket. So, bread basket. What did you do this weekend? Um, it's there's a pattern and it's just because it's football season, but I'm I'm trying to remember Friday. Health to come back to Friday and not sure what happened on Friday this time. I was how the tell us? I don't know. Yeah, we'll get into you had a lot of driving. You didn't go to a PIRATECHAN game. It's this is one of the first weeks. No, I'm trying to I can't even think what we did. It was I think it was uneventful. Saturday, though, I was like I was very excited because my ears and a wildcats were on at a time other than thirty night. Yeah, so it was kind of fun to be able to watch there. Did you go whenever to Premi any brothers? Who? Yeah, harmer. What did you eat there? The Fried Belogney Sandwich. Why was there? The College Games are long, so there was. It was about a four hour stretch. So but yeah, I had their steak salads really good and also then towards the end had some Korean barbecue boneless chicken. So you had dinner with the steaks out. Then you were there so long that you had to get snack again, and I think I actually had dinner before I arrived there and then I had dinner there and then I had a late nights now. All right. So with all that, you had to drink something. What was your drink of choice that night? Um, there's well, there's a few, but it one of them. I was trying to be a little different. Yeah, just with I star. I was going to double bloody Mary's. What is a double bloody Mary? Just double block, just double vodka. Do you like...

...him spicy? Um, and like if form any much's known for Bloody Mary? No, not at all. It was I was just trying to mix things up. I just feelt like just such a degenerate saying vodka tall. You know, whatever I say, I just tried to make it like a sound tropical or whatever. Yeah, so you went into the bartender and said, Hey, I'll have a double bloody Mary and put it on bread baskets tab like that's to me, like yeah, and if that's t he look at you like like it was actually marry it. No, and I do like for me and he's I have to say that one of my pet peeves with servers is when not just not. I mean there's only so much a server can do. Yeah, and one of them is just being friendly and saying hello, and she did neither of those. So I didn't that. We started off kind of rocky and I think she could sense it. We weren't going to be very good friends and it just it wasn't that part of my experience wasn't pleasant. So if you have an experience like that where you have a bad server, do you cut the tip? You know what? I still didn't cut it. I just because any because then I start to think. You know, first off, she deals with a lot of undesirables like the people surrounding me were. It wasn't as all star cast there, but do you think? And they weren't nice to her, and she probably just lumps me in with that. So I try to be give. You think, as as a customer, you have a responsibility to mention to that person like, because I don't think like if you don't get them a good tip, they're just like still pissed, right, they just doesn't cheat something. Yeah, they doesn't cantion like hey, maybe it was because of what I did. Yeah, you think that? Like, as a consumer we have a responsibility to say, Hey, you know what, you weren't that great, or here's some things you could do. How do you think you can approach somebody like that? Well, it depends on the person. I can see. I could just tell she wouldn't have been opened to my critique. So I just decided to just be quiet. Continue that she was risk with the orders and she anticipated. Now she did a pet peeve of not being friendly or smiling or really making eye contact, but if you take that away, she was. She anticipated, which I was like when they anticipate your drink at about the twenty five percent level, left in the glass. They make you another one and bring it over and not say do you want another one, because that becomes embarrassing, always saying yes, right, right. She noticed you're you're double bloody. Mary. Was Getting Low on Mary. Yeah, and she said, all right, this guy, she's drinking bloody Mary's he serious? I'm not even going to talk to him, I'm just bringing him another drink. Yes, I mean it was just she was a service person, been she did that part wall. I just wish she was friendlier. Right, that's all. What now? So that was and then and then Sunday watch a stealer game, another debaucle, lots of just...

...more. It's the same week after week. Bad officiating, lots of challenges, lots of well, I was like coming home and I saw that that Lamar Jackson at three interceptions. I'm like Oh, but then I look at the score and it's like they're down by three there up by three. It is so close. Yeah, they never stealers charge of the game. They just can't. They're unable to catalize on it, just like they had in week two. I guess it wasn't Sancisco. How many turnout of five and they got six points out of fire. It's what it is. Similar not capitalizing. It's just, you know, it's kind of the same. Now they're even going to be a more troubler down to the third quarterback. Yeah, and it saw just a vicious hit that resulted in scary moment. I think he's going to be okay, but he was. Mason Rudolph was just he was lying lifeless almost on the on the on the far hun none there. Yes, you can. I can imagine. I in similar if we go back to when I bump my head on the freezer. Yeah, was almost there, but you had nobody running out and saying Kelly just came out and said all days in the freezer again and she left the room. Yeah, and just left that the hungry man there to thaw on the ground. Yeah, he'll be all right. Yeah, get up, Dave. So, yeah, that it was just it was more the same with the steelers. But hopefully then, fortunately, divisions horrendous. I think now is it's turning out. So they're still in it, you know, but there's I don't know, they needed iron some stuff out pretty quick here. Yeah, and then you came over to our house last night to have because and and Kelly haven't seen each other in a while and we had a you know, catch up session. Yeah, and then, well, I was filling my face with pasta that my wife made and red wine and yeah, as I had a fresco. Now we're making fun of me that I did that, but I did. I had that fresco. I just drove back for six hours from William and Mary, so I did have a little calm me down to little. Yeah, it's riding in the car and the Turnpike on Pennsylvania is stressful. Cocoa was full life. You can get like always. Yeah, you just jumping up, lots of snorting and stuff. But in the only reason I bring that up is because we were watching gunners movie, Solo Orange, which was really a treat, excellent movie, strong message and he did a great job and he really did. I'm really proud of him. The movie is is it's not like a fun movie, you know what I mean? No, it's a very serious movie about a serious subject and I thought for his first time doing it, he did it. He did a great job and it was a lot of work and he put the time and effort into it. I mean he's in a tough position to you know, he's playing someone just who really took their own life. Just. Well, you're earlier. Yeah, and I get sad. Movie makes me sad and cry because I I mean, I know that didn't happen to gunner, but...

I just picture that sometimes. And then we went to the opening for that movie at the school and John's parents were there, and having to see them and know that they had to deal with losing a child in that way. It's very powerful. Right and then. But also I watch it and I laughed because that's my son and I know I was quirks and everything. Yeah, but watching him like, I know he doesn't smoke and whatever has watching him smoke makes me laugh so hard because he I can tell. You may not seen it, but yeah, it to me it looks like he's so awkward trying to hold a cigarette to do this for yeah, you know, he didn't really want to do it, I think did the people that don't know them, though, I think it looked really good. Yeah, I always use, like I said last night, Don Draper as the best smoker on the screen. Right, it's and he wasn't far off a don draper. Yeah, I can see how you would. I kept telling Gut n when I first saw the movie. I'm like, well, why don't you hold it like this or hold it, you know, like he said, I don't know, dad. They didn't really care. So I just held it what I thought kind of a sophisticated weight did it, but his fingers are like straight up and down, like I don't know. Yeah, no, that's true. It is a great and that. But I learned. We learned also last night that your daughter's a great artist. I didn't even know that. You did told me. Oh, yeah, we just you know, you be keeping her secret? Yeah, well, she's does great stuff. Keeps her off her phone, which we think is great. Now it's started off, as I could just an activity that way, but as she's really now she's having some of her friends parents give her pictures to paint all they're putting up in their house and stuff. So yeah, Alley's killing it. So, yeah, but there she's. She enjoys it and she's always looking for stuff to paint. So if anyone wants to submit an idea to huddle up with gustcom yeah, that'd be great. Say can submit a picture and that she can pay it. She can paint it for him. We're gonna I'M gonna submit a picture for her to paint one of her dad. Well, we were like landscape scenes. Well, it's kind of a landscape scene. Well, yeah, we're getting back into the nickname stuff. I think when you say that bread basket. Yeah, so you were down in Virginia. We did. We went. We Friday. We left. Took US eight, almost eight hours to get to Virginia, to Williamsburg Virginia because of traffic on ninety five, and it's just miserable. That's always had our dogs. We took the dogs. So we went to gunners Abbey and Gabe drove down from Philly, met us there and we went to the dog stayed at Gunner's house. But we went to gunner's house and it was a wreck. Well, you mentioned that you helped clean the bathroom. My job, and he said I'm not doing I'll do all the rest, but you clean the bathroom. So I took full responsibility and I went over the top. Yeah, I went to target. I didn't even know what I was buying, but I bought like every kind of cleaner they had and dust rushes and dues. Feel strain and I cleaned a shower, took the doors off... and just scrubbed everything and it just took me about three hours and I still think I have a faint smell of scrubbing bubbles. I thought I kind of got a whiff of that on those. So, but then Thursday before we left, we made them all kind of food for Abby, gunner and gay. We made them and he made sagetting meat balls, she made chicken pop hye, we made homemade apple sauce, we made banana chocolate chip muffins. Wow, and so we went overboard, took it all down the kids. They all left and then Saturday we went to the game after I cleaned his bathroom. So Watch William and Mary play Villanova, which was a great game, but they lost by seven in the end. But gunner is an assistant coach and offense signals of plays. In thought it was great to get to watch him do it. Yeah, I think he really likes it, because if he didn't, he wouldn't be out there. But the other part is I said, I'm not paying all this money for you to go to college to be a coach. Yeah, make sure she should go to class and he shoes. Yeah, because he spends a lot of hours, you know he loves it. Spends a lot of hours in a football building. But you also have a ten page paper right this Friday. Yes, got to get that done. It's a balance. And then Saturday went to have a place called Manhattan bagels down there, when pick bagels up for everyone, took it back game bagels and then we got back in a car with the dogs and took another six hours to get home and then you guys came over. It was fast. Yeah, with that drive, though, is something most done. It's never easy going past a ninety five in that well, ninety five from DC to to Richmond is just a worch Snurvata road. And then pick like like a Friday to do it, probably night, was just unbelievable. Yeah, that's the horrible thing to have to do just people don't know how to drive. Like, how hard is it like if you're not going as fast as the left lane anybody else is, just get over. Yeah, but that's but inevitable. You see somebody from Georgia going like sixty or sixty five, saying I'm going to speed limit, and then there's like a whole line of cars and holding everything. Well, how many? Luck at some point it's like four lanes on each side or something, isn't it? Oh, it's me five some time. Yeah, like there shouldn't be that kind of block. They do have like for the first twenty five miles where they have the h of the easy pass. Yeah, so I take that and like you go for twenty five miles pretty fast, but then you get out into normal traffic. Yeah, and you're just miserable for a good another hour. Yeah, that's that's a tough stretch. DC's a beautiful place to hang, but the drivings right and this right. So that was a good game. Villaeva was good team. They beat him, but it was just overall a quick, good weekend and then coming in today and and having some great guests join us and hopefully in the future our fans are going to hear some great news about houttle up. There's some exciting stuff. There's some really exciting stuff that, once we finalize that, will be able to tell...

...all our guests. Yeah, reading over the contracts between shows here. Yeah, and so we're excited about that camp quarter. I think it's pretty pumped about it. His nitney lions at a nice weekend again, I'm humped. Any lines are five an hour? Brea got a fresh contract on our table here, or readding and some sweet guests? Did ninny lions continue to breathe through the overrated big n yeah, and we'll see who they play this week. camp. This week is, I believe I was state cyclones. The Cyclones, Oh, just just the Hawk eyes. Yeah, the Hi guys. They're seventeen more tense. Michigan beat the Hawkeyes. So pen state to be able to beat tough. I was difficult because I remember from Games were my beloved wildcats would play at Iowa. There was data home and home series. They kept the grass really long because we were a faster team, but the long grass neutralize that and then that was it. Under the hidden FRY regime. He was kind of a old school you know, always hated at I'm like, if you're faster, fast, I don't care what you run on. But because we lost, we like to use that as a reason. Oh yeah, that's true, that the true, because they have to run on the same turf. Yeah, it's like the grass thing get short when they had the ball in offense. You know what I mean, yeah, like that just made no sense. Now, if you're going to Philly and played on in the old turf, that was brutal stuff. But can't you say the same thing that they were playing on the same turf? Yeah, yeah, that. But do you remember that when who was at that went to Philly and they said we're not playing today because of the turf? Was actually that bad? Why? I can't remember that. I just remember all hot it would get the turf. Oh, the old estro turf. Yeah, yeah, it's ridiculous. They put like boil in their shoes stuff to try to actually would cook it. Yeah, said of like protecting it. Yeah, those were you know, I love the Cookie Cutter Stadiums. All right. So last thing, Dave. What's your favorite super seventy sports from this week over the weekend? Um, well, I thought the one that was artfully done was the daisy may daisy Duke. Oh, yeah, I didn't see that one. Well, except that you showed it to me. It's not the shouldn't be last night. Or No, no, it wasn't daisy Duke. That wasn't Huh. All right, I don't think it was all right. My maybe I was that it's possibly I was dream maybe you got your your Linda carters and daisy dukes and all. Well, the Linda Carter than we can. That could be second place now. My favorite one was, I don't know if you saw where he talks about this. He goes this glorious bastard barely made it through something. He had like a hat on and he had to drinking beer out of the the beer hat.

Yeah, he goes, his glorious bastard never made it to his what is anticipated age? I don't something like that were butchering. We're pushing Sports, oh my gosh, but we love him. It's it's the best and the RECY CAPMAN has had some classic ones. On to lot there was a block or charge, I think it was two days go. That's look. I look like it was a resulted in death. The Guy, the guy, he just he jumped off a really tall wall, was going to crash under a table like in wrestling, and fell short, head first and he almost like he wedged himself into the ground. There's just so many of those. It's like what a people thinking? Yeah, a lot of people like filming themselves breaking tables. There's just some guy like named bread basket on top of a roof saying I'm gonna jump and crush at table. Yeah, it's usually not a good formula. All right. So we got doughboy, bread basket sidekick. We want to know kicks just more. It's a description of my duties more than name. But we want to know which one you guys prefer. So let us know. On how Dole up with Guss. You can catch us on any of our social media at how Dole up with Guss on twitter, facebook and instagram. But let us know what you think Dave's real nickname should be. Or they can come up with a different one. Yeah, those are all good choices. Those are all great choices. Yeah, but those, but there could be other ones or none. You can also choose none, all right. And if we have a good nickname for Cam quarter, I'm sticking with cats. A hard one to beat. Yeah, I was the thought that that's all right. Stuck. All Right, thanks for listening and join US next time on our weekly huddle.

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