Huddle Up with Gus
Huddle Up with Gus

Episode · 2 years ago

Weekly Huddle #4


This week: - Gus and his wife Ann lose their hotel room - The guys ask Cam about the Haka in rugby - A preview of a few big-time upcoming guests See for privacy information.

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Yeah, both off with upball. So Day. What was your weekendlike? Well, it was similar to the weekend before more call itor more high school football stun we saw impressive effort by the central Catholic Vikingstotally dominate our good friend Eric Casparovitch's team, which is very unusual because that doesn'thappen very often. But they were just out man nothing against the kids. Tried hard. But with that line of stuff, went to that onenight went to my neighbor's forty birthday party. Well, I said it was agreat time. I don't. I don't think Kelly and I knew anyonethere except them. So it was an interesting experience. Usually you talk ordo you just drink white class? Well, I was silent and then I drankwhite clause and I talked a lot to lose my standard formula for socialevents. So yeah, like you, let the let the true Dave comeout after a few low white clause. Sadly it takes a bunch of whiteclause. Otherwise I would just be huddled... the corner, but I didbreak out. Well, sounds like pine rich one coaches could have used afew white claus after that game. Yeah, that was that was I got tosay that was a trouncing. But they're here. They're going to seehim again in the playoffs, most likely. So so they bounced back. They'llknow what what what they got to beat, that's for sure. Well, you were down in West Virginia. I think we're yet. We hadto go to a cotton aleg any health network conference where Annie had to dosome work for for her clinic, and then we had to come back.We actually got kicked out of the hotel. What happened? They only booked usfor one night. We were supposed to take stay two nights down thereat Stonewell Jackson Resort and and so my keys didn't work. So I wentup to the front desk and I said, Hey, my key's not working.Can you help me out here? And they said we'll start. Youonly have a book look for one night. You're supposed to be checking out andI said okay. Well, can you just change that and keep usfor tonight because we're supposed to go to the SPA on Sunday, which Iwas looking I haven't had that and while I was looking forward to go andget a massage. But she said well, sorry, sir, we have soldierroom and the hotels completely booked. So there's nothing I can do foryou. Wow. So basically, Annie and I I say take your fourhundred dollars worth of spot trevens and go home. So basically that's what wedid. We canceled everything, got in a car draw back home. Butin in a sense we wanted to go back home anyway because Abbey was home. She was watching a dog's and she cooked some amazing mills and so Igot to go home and eat some really good food and and see her andK which was great. Well, and also luckily there's lots of other alternativesto go to in the resort world other than Oldstone Wall. Yeah, youmay think about next time. Yeah, actually, chat. We got thereFriday around thirty and Annie had our conference... night and then I went andplayed golf by myself, which was actually a lot of fun. I likedoing that. I skipped some groups and I actually played in about to twohours and fifteen minutes. Going to say you must have flew through. Yeah, it was a nice course. It's an arn a palmer course. It'spretty tough, it's pretty tight. You got to kind of be accurate.It a shadow Kay shot in eighty five. But did you use I heard thisterm I'd never heard before, but I think it's common in the golfingworld. But at that forty someone asked me about golf and they talked abouttheir foot wedge. I know I don't. I try not to, although Iguess when you're by yourself. Well, actually I did because, yeah,I don't like to, but there was a couple times for my ballabsolutely plug because they like we're overwatering the fairways. Yeah, and it was. I literally had to like take my club and dig it out of themud. It's not like a natural current. So yeah, I think in thatcase you're a lot of make you pull your ball out and clean itup. Technically, I think it's all that. They just did that inthe pros. I just saw where there are allowed to lift and clean becauseit was so money somewhere. I was watching on the ESPN. We ableto watch games this weekend. I did so. We got back Saturday night. Watch a few college not too too many, but I really paid attentionto what William Mary. William Mary had a big loss. They're supposed tobe to Albany and up losing late. It was a tough game. Andthen Sunday watched a lot of the games, because I think I am high pointsthis week in fantasy for my league. So you think, or you know? I mean, well, it's not over. There's a couple othercouple of me. Something's yeah, but I don't I don't think they cancatch up. I missed most of the football. I did watch the hurdles. was supposed to be his last game, but he didn't even make it tothat point. They'd fired him before the day. Wait, but buthe didn't he do a pregame press conference?...

Oh Yeah, like about the lineupand everything. Think he knew he's going to be fired because he actuallydid his pregame interview, turn in the lineup card and then he was calledin and like a well, they kind of had to fire him, didn'tthey? Because if they're going to fire Joe Madden in Chicago, Yeah,who's actually one well, chip, chip, taking the team to the playoffs andall that. Right, you mean you can only be so tolerant,right, but Huntington not getting fired is it kind of weird? Well,I mean I think it's bad because just from the standpoint of of the trade, the recruiting, the the players they've gotten in, what that all comesdown to the general manager. Right, the head coach isn't hiring, firing, scalps and all that stuff. It's a general manager. Well, it'slike like, you know, if you were to give him a batting average, it's about he's hitting about one and thirty. If you look at thetrades and what they got back in return for Archer deals, one of theworst really possibly in a history of baseball, certainly in the pirates world. Eventhen. He Look at Garrett Cole. I know he was kind of notfloundering. He seemed to reach his peak here, but he's the bestpitcher in baseball now and they got four mediocre players in return. But youknow, I understand that the problem was he wasn't getting any better. Hewas very stagnant here. No, it's try not word yeah, well,but when you look at coaching like for a player to be stagnant that hasunbelievable potential, you either are a coach who can bring that out or acoach that puts it at bay. Well, and I think Serridge has to bethe next one to go to. Yeah, they're pitching good. It'slike you hear the strategy of them. He's they're trying to have him pitchto contact and all that. Meanwhile he's leading. He's over three in astrike out. Well, he's your strike out pitcher. Well, usually whena new head coach comes in he brings...

...his staff that he wants and I'dwrite probably what's going to happen and what harld probably is pretty happy. He'sgonna go on vacation for two years. Well, he had a gigantic smilewhen he left there. He was writing in the cart leaving the stadium.They showed him and he looked as happy as he's ever looked. Right,he just got paid six million and he doesn't have to heat the through thedrudgery. He looked like every pen state fanly leaving Maryland. Yeah, andthere were Gad I was talking about. That's one part of a game.I did see it look like it. What are they calling it? BeaverStadium South? Yeah, something like so camp. Your Stadi him south camp. Have you ever painted your face to go to a Penn State football game? No, I'm not really a big face painter type of guy, butI do wear georts a lot to the pens day football games. Is thata thing? Oh yeah, I mean you got your blue jeans? Doyou a little custom cut above the knee? And Yeah, me and my buddiesjust always do that. It's wait to today. Have like all likedo. Where your pockets hanging out the bottom? Yeah, sometimes, yeah, pockets would be hanging kind of like a southern thing. Whatever does well, the new and why do they do that? Pain State? Well,now then this season the new thing to call the running back core is thelawn boys. So you know, you got to put your jeans on andwork out the lawn. So you have overalls to now I haven't acquired thoseyet, but I have seen that's one of the big things that the girlswhere the Penn State Games overalls. I've seen that a good bit. Doyou like so? Do they give you the marshmallows when you go in?Do they student section still throw at marshmallows? Now, I haven't seen that really, but when I was on ninth grade that they you are I brokemy neck. My cousin Mitch was playing for Penn State. I remember sittingin the student section with my neck brakes on throwing Marchmell oats. Wow,which is Graz. Who Do you throw them at? The just throw Idon't know who they throw. That was the thing they used to do.I remember that. Yeah, I think I used to be much more ofa thing now at the big thing is like the chicken basket, like that'slike the food that you eat at beer stadium is he's like chicken. That'slike amazing. It's amazing. I think...'s because our agricultural department so goodit is. That's what pit would say right day. There's a little yeah, headed up by the football team, but they do. To give themcredit, they do graduate a very high percentage of athletes. We have tograduate the most CEOS in the country. I just want to throw that outthere as well. And it pen states creamery is very good too there wherethey make ice cream, and also their golf course maintenance department. There's yeah, they can grow grass like nobody else. Yeah, all different varieties. Yeah, California said to me. Yeah, blue grass. There's a lot ofgood stuff. What else they growing up their camp? They're just growinggood students, I mean, and we had we just had brad from napson and his program and helping athletes convert their skills in a business skills.That's going on at Penn State. Yeah, there's a lot of good stuff totalks about that great film department at Penn State. Yeah, Great FilmDepartment. We're reaping the benefits. We all right now, Dave, Iknow, look, he's making his debut with the microphone and he's doing great. I know he's he's unbelievable. So, Cam what would you do over theweekend? I was at Penn State. Actually this weekend I went out tosee some roommates and I actually had a hotel snapphoo kind of like yours. Guess where? I had both nights booked, but I got charged twicefor the same room. Somehow. Didn't happen to you before. Now Idon't think that's having me. I got I got actually a free room acouple weekends ago to a wedding, which is sweet. Oh, yeah,that's a wimber. He went. I was an ogreshers on US went toa wedding. Yeah, we but yeah, I had I had a root awakeningin my bank account when I woke up in the negatives and I wasa little confused. So that was that was a weird thing. But therest of the time was great. We got to see penn stay put upa clinic on Maryland. That was a lot of fun to watch and reconnectingwith some roommates and things like that. So Cam sounds like Penn state isa place to be on the weekend,...

...even for an away game. Weshould go up. We should make a Rudi up there. Yeah, Idon't really want to go in there playing at home. Maybe it's away game. Yeah, so actually we can actually move around the campus. Yes,because I think it's a little crowded. Yeah, the away game is thatwas kind of our mentality this weekend was, let's go for an away game becauseit's going to be just so packed in Cam. Do you play rugbyat Pin State? I did not at Penn State University Park. I playedat Penn State Altuna and once I got to university park I realized the skill, the skill set, was a lot to be desired. With me they'reso I decided to focus more on my my school stuff. What was yourposition? I was a scrum half, and that that position where is numbernine on the field, and that's actually considered the quarterback role. If you'regoing to compare the two Dave Trivia question, who do you think the greatest rugbyteam ever or still is the greatest rugby team. Yeah, cuntry worldwide. I you have no way of answering that, cam. Well, Dave, I'll let you know. It's actually the New Zealand all blacks. Theyhave a nice yeah, they have the most titles and, I believe,the most victories internationally. I was thinking the Southern Hemisphere, but then Ididn't know if that plate, that that was a shown rules football or howthat is. Well, I think there's some of that too, but theall blacks. Haven't you ever seen them do their day? What's that dancecalled Hakka? The HAKKA, I know I am familiar with the Hakka,if we wanted, because I've been spoken about the university Arizona yet in thislittle segment, so let me just jump in right in. They used todo the east to have a lot of Polynesian players and they would do theHakka before that. So I'm very familiar with it. But then it gotBam. That's very, very common, and especially with the Polynesian people.Yes, the reason, but that dance signifies is we're going to beat youin this war and then eat your army. That is what it is and it'svery threatening and a lot of the...

...other teams internationally, when they playthe all blacks, it's quite the sight when they do the Hakka. Itwas then considered offensive and now they have discontinued. But what if they lose? Then does that army eat them? All Blacks do not lose. That'sthe thing. Well, they are pretty intimidating if you watch that before likethe game, like I couldn't imagine if that happened in the NFL and likethe steelers, like tonight, the steelers in the Bengals, and like they'reboth doing like a Hawka like before the game. Yeah, back facing off, like at midfield, like it would like Ray Lewis in the middle ofit. That's kind of didn't he kind of do a Hakka? Yeah,like coming out of the yeah, the other thing, who would would leadthe way for the steelers? Dave Um? That's a great question. Guy.WHO's the leader? Is there one? I don't know. It's not.Boy Ryan Switzer. I think it became a with myself. Yeah,he's off to a slow start. We whop. All right. Who Doyou think would lead the Hakka for the Cincinnati Bangles? The Bangles Hakka.I'm trying to remember their players, not Andy Dalton. Why, everybody?Just just think about this. Everybody for the HAKKA would have to come out. They'd all have to have a red WIG on. Andy Dalt would beleading away. They'd all be like gingers. Right. Well, WHO's The guy? Remember Their Defensive Lineman? Gino Atkins? Was He? He's BigGuy. Well, no, I'm think of the guy who used to havethe long I believe he was Polynesian, speaking of Palmsian. Oh, yeah, he did. He looks like he could do the hot he could he? Maybe? Maybe, but yeah, I don't think he plays her anymore. I think it'd be pretty neat if the NFL did it. Yeah,be something that could extend the length of games even more for fallows here andold maybe's got all the styles you need right now, with up to fiftypercent off store wide. Hurry in for the season's biggest trends, like rockstar Jeans and Frost Free Jackets on sale. Jeans Star it just eighteen bucks foradults, twelve bucks for Kids,... good, warm and stylish outerwhere for just eighteen bucks for adults, seventeen bucks for kids. Want tosave even more. Redeem your super cash now through Sunday. Hurry and now, for up to fifty percent off store wide at old. Maybe and oldMaybecom fell a ten, twenty, six through eleven, three selectiles only.So Hey, you know what else is called, Dave. Did you seethat? Seventy sports? I'd never miss it. I love it. Didyou see the picture of who was the guy he just put on? Oh, Tom demc, I know it is. That is one of the great kickersin NFL history who was playing with a disability, but he certainly didn'tsee it that way. Yeah, has as described by super seventy sports,he played not with a right foot but with a hoof. You know it'sgreat, though, Dave. At some point in future we will have themon the show. They're actually scheduled to come on. It's my that andblock and block or charge or my two favorite. Yeah, they are greateraccounts. They are great. So this week we got some great guests comingup. Oh yeah, we have one of the top five most beautiful womenin the world who's also one of the most gifted athletes. And I thoughtyou were going to say Martin Anderson, but yeah, I mean is heis bond. He's very gifted. It's kift it. Yes, yes,we have Gabrielle Reese, Morton Anderson, Hall of Famer, more and Andersaid, and the Future Hall of Famer. I'm hoping he gets in this year, Henry Ellart. Yeah, hop and I played together for several yearsa threat skins. Great Receiver, great teammate, great team at. Veryquiet was. He's quiet as the reverend. He is kind of he's a littledifferent than a reverend, but he's still quiet. It's Isaac Bruce,for people that haven't caught our last one, right as a bruce. Yeah,we've had some good guess with nicknames. Yeah, I like the Reverend.You remember what David Baker was called...

...from? From from the hall ofFame Fall Theme. Um, he's six. He's a really large person. Ijust can't remember what it was. Remember. They caught him the tower, a tower, power tower. Yeah, our I was just kind of likecowur power. You were big power, power guy back in they weren't you? I did you have a jaw? He was nicknamed the Jaw, thejob. Yeah, he would. He was a Fox chapel resident fora little while. Yeah, and he was one of the great steeler coachesand now you know, I think he's going in to the ring of honor. Got In yesterday and to the ring of honor. I'm sure they're gonnado something about that tonight. Yeah, on Monday night football, Carrick Zone, Carrick Zone, yeah, Bill Cower, yeah, yeah, but that's ashow. It's going to be great this week. We appreciate all ofour fans listening and we want them to continue listening on their favorite podcast site. And Cam, do you have something to say? Yeah, I wasgoing to say you can follow us on all social media at Hoddle up withGus, Youtube, instagram, twitter, facebook. Check us out there andand listen to the show well. And also we're soon to be releasing thegrand opening of our website. Yeah, we're develop that's in development right nowand we're just taking our sweet old time. It would be packed full of goodstuff, maybe even a huddle up with guests store. That'd be great. That would be good. We're going to put your face on a tshirt. Yeah, we don't have to do that. No, we're goingto do that. We're gonna do that one in the one where you gotscared by Kelly. Oh yeah, that'd be a good one to put on. Can't wait for the store to open up. I want I want apicture of Dave and Devil's mouth, Canyon laying on his back. Throat.That was throat. That will start.

Canyon, were on all fours afterI hit my head on the freezer. Yeah, that's going to slabber onmy mouth. Yeah, what's like? It was like a hungry man layingon top of you. Yeah, so, yeah, I know that sounds good. I'm glad I brought up the store. All right, join uson huddle up with Gus.

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