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Huddle Up with Gus

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Vince Van Patten


A tour poker player and professional tennis player, now promoting his new film, 7 Days to Vegas, Vince Van Patten joins the Huddle. See for privacy information.

Hab, what's going on not too much, I'm kind of excited Houabout what will be going on and that will be what the pirates baseball T at.That's not normally. I would say yes, but that's not the case today. Today wehave Hollywood royalty on our podcast. Thevanpattent family is elite in Hollywood. Their name is verywell recognized and today we'll be talking to Vince van Patn, as you and I referred to himover the phone VVP VVP he's very well known for a lot ofreasons. The family we mentioned he was a phenomenal tennis player, be Johnmackinrel Welke. As a number one player beat the number one play in the worldand tennis. How many people can say that and how many people could say theydidn't have a coach selftaught Selftie, he went old school, didn't do the theold img academy stuff that it seems like everyone goes through now hetaught himself. Band barely was coached until he got yeah very highes, lovelstar. He said he started on some nasty courts in Brooklyn. were him andhis brothers played and the're playing a stick ball, and then they went overto play the tenants and yeah. They were just it's like every other story. We'veheard you got to go outside you got to get outside and play don't come home. You know, but it's funny he's alsofamous for the World Po Poker Tour and prop bets and all that, but he was taught how to play poker. Yes, Dad taught him yeah, because thatmean, as you mentioned before, he had more totlage on playing poker than he did onTennis Right, Hee being excelled at both and he's avery well known commentator now on he on TV for Poker Bell, and I think that one thing we were also excited to hearabout was his brother was also coached, many Hollywood celebrities, but onefamous one was fairfossit yeah, the poster Gorl of anyone, forty five andolder right T, I would say right. Let's remember that yeah. I would rememberthat yeah, but also his brother also teaches John Lovetts and heard somepretty good stories about that as well yeah. Now they they've theyre, hispoker games in La I'm sure, have been legendary, all right Dave. So in thehubdle today, I'm really excited it's our first athlete actor Poker Star Poker, Star personality, you name, it he's done it. I think he's just come from an outstanding familyand some of the things we want to get to or about how that family dynamicshas really been strong for him. What's Hollywood royalty? Really I mean really.It really is. If you look at the accomplishments of their family and howlong they've been people follow their family and enjoyed their work, it'spretty crazy, rightit and and we're going to talk a little bit about. Maybehe's got coming out right. Looking seven days to Vegas and at least Leceset me a double x and not like most people send me a medium and I got drankfit into it and thanks for not forcunine a double th fom me eventhough Bo it se letter right right. So right now we got Vince van Patten Vincethanks for jumping in a hoddle with Gussin Dave. How are you doing latusShir doing good y thanks for wearing those tshirts? They look good on you. Iknow thank you for Senem, I love it. It actually fits it. It's going to be agreat CHURC to wear round so really, where we start is we go backand we want to start at the beginning for you and really, where was that loveof sport? What was that influence for you when you were young to give youthat love of sport? That's a great question. You know we glew up in LongIsland. First, twelve years of my life and Bell Rose Long Island, and it wasin the days where everybody went on the street tha the parents said get out ofthe House after school. All you did was be in the streets on this village andthere was twenty five kids all around us and we ere on the block and weplayed sports in the stree. We would play stick ball in the summer. You knowwe go down to these two tennis courts that were Black Tar, almost very badbut ion railroad. We would play baseball and football right in thestreet and just had a ball. That's how we did it. So were you a giant or ajets fan jets jets Yep, I still still out still am good good. Have you evergotten to meet Joe Namoth and never have wait a second I'm going to take itback. I was at halfnerse about twenty years ago twenty five years ago, and hewas there. I don't think we actually met, but I saw- and he you know,idalyzed them and H. Welle probably had a swarm of women around them and iswearid his for coat and is, you know, can imagine probaly Joe it and have tohave te play wo mansion, Yeah...

Yeah. This was about twenty five yearsago and I think he met his wife, his future wife, there not mistate right.So so when you guys were young, so you said that bunch of kids from theneighborhood would just go out in the street. You know it's crazy. Thatdoesn't happen today, and so many of our guests talk about that. Can youexplain about you know what you learned from those experiences where thereweren't parents out there bugging you t there weren't coaches, there weren'trests. You had to figure everything else for yourself. So true and we weren this little villae. We were right on the border of Queens and Nassa Countyand it was like, I said: Twenty kids and Wedd have bike races to and weereall on the streets. It was cars coming, but WED have bike races, twelve of usaround the block and everybody was competibive, and I was the youngest andmy brother nells ban. Catten was a great athlete and he was like the kinghe's a couple years older than Ma King of the neighborhood. You know everybodyfollowd neils around NOWs. What are you doing? I'm going to climb that tree? Hewould say it was okay. That was okay and I was like a little runt and nellswas brated football and he was great at baseball and everything great greatacthlete. So I think I grew up in the shadow a little bit and wanted tocompete with them. So that was fun but yeah. You don't do that and by the way,in Long Island, back in those days, precise, bicycle races and all the funwe have with the sports in their wintertime. When the snow would comedown, we did a stupid thing called skitching. I think they outlawed it eh,but Sketchi was you get on you fit an oil truck or any kind of truck and isTubad Ol elinkos would jump on the back of it and, like you know, get in theback and surfing n until two or three blocks down e down the road. So thatwas a dumb thing. We did. I think that's that's absolutey yeah! No onedoes that, but we what we were climbing trees where on the railroad tracks, thethird rail you know we're always Takeng stupid chances, but it was fun. Yeah and those are t kind of situationsthat you really learn about yourself, and you know we had several guests comeon to talk about. You know you get knocked down. You got to get back uplike there's, nobody, there's no coaches running out no ATHLETC trainerrunning out. It's just you and your friends and you don't want to be theKid Tho was laying there. So it teaches you a lot about how to you know: Hey Imight get knocked down. ITD May hurt a little bit or whatever, but it justteaches you so much that I got to keep up with the crowd and the socialization.You can't replace that and he's the youngest one doing it too right. Youknow and when you're the youngest one you don't want to be left behind, andso true and don't forget, coming back from school guys were always gying getlet's wrestle and it throw you down on the grass and beat you up and wrestleand Hityou two times you got tough a aond. These kids throug the tropand. Bythe way I started playing tennis when I was about nine years old. We had thesetwo little courts in Daroughs village, no one played, and it was right next tothe fire department and we started playing in the summers by brother and Iand and finally, we had about eight of us and is Bell Nos village team, andthey said okay, this is exciting. You guys are getting pretty good. Now intennis, you're going to play the Douglaston country, club dupleston wasabout six miles away. Okay, so we play the Douglason country club and wethought we were okay. In tennis, we come over there with one stupid racket,each we go in this club and it's like all of a sudden. It's the rich kids,it's the kids. They have tennis lessons. We never had lessons or anything likethat. We had eight batches, the Belros buillers didn't win one gate. We gotbeat six O six of six o six o sit across the board, eight of us and wejust plid. Oh, we don't know how to play this game, but it was good for us.We took our hits right. I think atr that helps you later on, get that fireand want to be good as something well. That's almost that reality versusexpectation right. Your reality was going in you Hadt, really you played,but you didn't really know. So what were your expectations going to? Was Wewere going to win every game or was we're going to learn how to do this theproper way and understand a little bit, so a lot of kids are going through thattoday think it's so true. I think sports are great because of that itteaches you how to take a loss, how to improve. If you want to hang in thereand get better it's great exercise and like like we know, the kids aren'tgetting quite as much exercise now they're on the cell phones and all thatdoing a lot more of that. So the world is a different world right now I wangtoask hi about Yo. You gotta ASK THE QUESTION: ARIGHT VINCE! We ask most ofour guests this and hat we're hitting about nine hundred, for it's a amazingpercentage that participate amongst all the sports you played in Long Islandwas with e ball one of those sports Obon Derby, Homeron Derby, pitch thatWithe Ball, and we had everything set up at the hit the ground or you r outat the hit Ed past, the the sidewalk was a base hit, and thenwe had a whole run over the trees and all that, yes, the greatest thegreatest game, stickball to yeah, TEP, picks into that box and up against aschool or something I love stickball...

...yea. We talk about how you know youjust put a lawn chair for the catcher and that's a strike tone as well. So ifyou Deif, it hits a strike tone, it's a strike right! So there's so many greatthings about whilfoball and all of our cest talked about how much they loveplaying with aball. Literally, when I said like ninety five percent of them,it's like ninety five yeah yeah and if there's not enough players, not enoughfielders, sometimes you hit the guy with the ball F he's running around.Second, then he's out. You know it on if it's like four and four and you coanput good spin on the whippe ball right right, right, well, Wat's, anothergreat game: You know everyone had a stoop back don in did Tou the stupid eHi cant. It was great yeah right, so you started playing tennis when youwere nine and then did you play any other sports as youwent and grew up. Where did you go to high school wek Little League at sintGregory's? I was pretty good and my brother Nellswas he all star and did that and hen we played football. I never playedactually on any teaan football pw and all that never did that, but lovefootball. Big Idol of yours, Big Fam E. Thank you still love the NFL andwatching football all the time it's fun. To bet on I mean now that I've beenfantasy against my family. It's you know: every week I beat somebody, I'malways texting them like yeah. You guys can't keep up with dad. You know: NKickin Tha Butts all that stuff so, but it is a lot of fun. So when did youguys move to California? How old were you? So I was twelve and we moved outto Sherman Oaks in the Balley San Fernando Valley, and I played moretennis at the public park there just because the parents would in thesummertime or all year round they would go there a they said you want to comealong, Oh yeah yeah, so my two brothers and I would go to the park and hiywould just leave you off and out of bordom we just kept playing gettingbetter and then, when I was about twelve and a half my father said thisis a junior tennis tournament. It's the nationals, the no southerncalsectionals. Do you want to play in it. I said yes, of course, I want toplay it it. So I played the sectials first rat same story. I play WalterRodondo, this young kid es the first seed hundred and twenty eight draw, andI lease six O six, Oh to Walko Ridando. He just destroys me. I walked off thecourt thinking I cund play and realizing I was just a hack, then soplay junior tournaments. I never really was ranked in southern California untilmy last year of eighteen, so I was RINHK, maybe ten. So I was a HA. Ididn't have lessons. I'd ever got any lessons from tennis and I just watchedthe good players play like Rod laber when he was playing TV and that's how Igot better. I would try to emulate their strokes right and was yourbrother Nells, a good tennis player. He was. He was terrific. He was great, butthhe was better than me, but he had a bad temper, so he nui and when when hewas something happened out that nd Hewul throwis racket es just hadterrible temper. So that really hurt him a lot it his game. He was on theShoit as well. He was onlth ATPCE cirket. I think he got ranked top threehundred something like that. He was macanro before macan Ro. He waspremass. Yeah macro probably watched him to say. Oh those just things I wantto do so. Everybody watches me, you know, Bu an Borg also had a bad temperwhen he was like thirteen fourteen Ho would never think it. He had terribletempeory, he was throwing rackets and then the coach said look, do you wantit? If you do that again, I'll cut you off you're, shaming your family, Blah BlahBlah, and so from that day on he learned e. He got it and then it becamthis ice man and he never had a temporary after that, and then itbecame the great player is well remember. Hearing wards, resting heartrate is almost it's like twenty, but yeah really yeah, it's ovf yourplayinav tha time it was unblike, he was the most physically, go it versonon earth or s. It was like. It was like a twenty two in beach perminut. Well, Ithink there was just a recent a match that went on for like four and a halfhours Daveu- and I can literally you know, do anything before and half hours,besides playing tennis at the highest level for four and a half hours, whichis incredible. What's the long ast match you've ever had I played a fivehour at the US Open. I think it was second or third round back in the earlyS. they're tough and I used to sweat a lot sweater. So I sweat thel out and Icramp a lot so it's awful then I lost the Johnny Mac in the third ground ofthe open two years in a row in eighty two and eighty three was disappine utyeah easily five hour matches Te. So tell us a little bit about your parents.How were they with you guys? I mean you guys are all competitive. You were youknow you all played sports, you and your brothers, and what would your momand dad like with you Doday, come watch. Your events to day support you in anyway, not really. No, it drop you off at some Tunor tennistournament and then my father would go off to the racetrack I'll, be back infour hours. Cuny terms, I remember my buddy DarrylGoman and I had fourteen took the bus up to Santa Barbara to this tournmentand that's what you did back an you.

Just you scramble you go with someother parents, but my father appreciated that we were playing. MyMother did too and they played, but they never saw a baseball game thatI was at. You know when I was playing little league or ivthing. That's justwasn't done, but we know they loved us and they supported us, but they justweren't as hands on with that type of thing. You Know Whan. I think it'samazing. He I mean he turned out to be a phenomenal tennis player, but selftought. Essentially I mean you really didn't have any lessons you didn't. Youdidn't play in college. No, but you know denect turn, becausewhen I made the pro circuit- and I played the Usopen, he top twenty fiveof the world and all that then my father became really excited. You knowhe's really exciting and he wanted to be in a lot of the big matches and theywould sit in the box in the corner at the US Open and he would be so nervousand he would just sit there and no moto wouldn't even clap and then just.Finally, if I would miss a shot, I hear him a hero, that's Somin, your dog, I got al and I look over. I go. I'mnosta drive me crazy right, so it was just. It was just not good. He couldn'twatch eventually couldn't watch anymore. He was just too nearvous about theresults. So well I'll. Tell you sure about my father. My father was a millguy in Pittsburgh right and one of fifteen kids. You Know Love Love, sports that I wasplaying. I was in high school basketball and they kicked him out ofthe gym Nasium and he was never allowed to come back because he was so loud. Hewasn't yelling at the coach or anybody else. He was yoling at me and- and Icould hear him just like that- you know when Your Dad's Jeing a you're, makinga noise or doing whatever, and I can remember to this day and it kind ofmade me happy. He was looking through the GIM doors. You know those littlewindows are like this big and you just see his face watching the game, but hewasn't lout in the jam, but he could stand outside and I'm like. Oh Man,thank God he's gone, but that's how he always was that's how Hehe you knoweverything I've ever done, I' playin the NFL. I call him a say: Hey Dan manthrough four touchdown, she goes yeah but he's through those twointerceptions. What were you thinking? That was just him. That's how that'show we did it with me. Ive last we, my father, also IBEA, trying to ma ANPther and I practice about four hours. During the day I walk off exhaustedbecause yoquitting now I said Yeah I'm done ecus. Go ahead. Do that, but you know I justsaw your hand creakies over there still practicing. I don't I don't care aboutyour Haid Grat touches Ha y a little bit. You didn't realize that so you dohave to pull yourself off. You don't want to overtrain, which I did a lotwhich yeah persoyou Kno. I watched your highlight from when you were in doublesand you guys be Connor and Evert, and you were in tents owh. You were intent.Yes, thank you. That's right you. How did you get film Ind Tbat? That'samazing, I think Kathy Runaldi and I yes PETTA conners and Chrissy and theywere upset. I mean they did not want to loose to us and we beat them in thisbig championship in Houston. Back in the day and yeah always bery intense drove myself to the limit, I thought Icould be numble one in the world. I got to twenty five. I was disappointed whenI didn't get there because, after a while, when you start beating all thesetop players, you start saying I can do that. I can be number one and Iintensified even more and I played even harder and longer which probably hurtme and I did get a coach out there and he was from Greece and he was a greatguy I, but he did stay, keep me on the court a little too long. So I got a lotof injuries, bad back injury, bat, shoulder bad knees. You know, you knowthe Drok so that just deters you and then you got to pull back and- and Inever got to that place and I actually felt I disappointed myself- it's crazybecause you put yourself- and I said you think your failure at twenty fivein the world, which is strange right, ver era when you beat maccanro Y- Uthat was in singles and Tokyo is Al Right, yeah yeah. What was he ranked atthe time when you beat him? Oh, he was double one of the world. He only lostback to the previous year. This was the biggest indoor tournament in the worldat the time, the Sakeo Tournament and I just had a great week, Ipe Betis and Ibeat Mac and whole bunch of great great guys, and it was I just peked. You knowI just first Roud I was gop against Jose Louise Clerk and I was down twomatch points to Jose. I came back from there and then after winning that andcoming back everything's Gravy, you get that Momentu and I started thinking,I'm not going to lose. I'm going to be beatis. I lose to Betis Jerliis thePirst at six, O six, so down six UN two o I came back, beat him in three setsand so n the MOMENTU was happening. I said Gimmy Johnny Mak and I won myquarterfinal match and at that night I just sat the stands of watching JohnnyMak play his quarterfile and I study every one of the places he goes during.Situations really tried to study that add out. Where does he go forhand side?Because you had a guess he served was... devastating. You had a guest onsideof the other, so I think I really watched- and I learned from that- Itagged in the next day- seven five sixy three- and that was probably thehighlight of a tennis career. How many swear words? Did he say in that match?I'm sure you remember a few Ke San begous nuts, but he is, he was goingfor. The game still is doing a great job as a commontator, I think and Hesonto Plikdo you follow o you have a favorite. Now, in tennis, do you liketo follow like to watch? I think the US Open was amazing and joke Abitch I meanHhe's like gumby out there, like. I can't believe the fitness level they'regetting to they shake it off. Now they do have awhole team thew back in the S we didn't have teens more or less. I now theymassage and they knew exactly what to do so. They do their yoga. They do all that,but e jokoitch and Federa I mean Adonall, I'm just so impressed with tetennis and their sportsmanship. I think the Great Sports, which is nice, who'sthe hardest server you ever had to go against yeah I beat Rostol Tanner. Hehad o server hundred and forty miles for hour, Latti toss it up and he wouldjust hit you trossit and catch it on the ride Bam. But if you can get thereturn back, I was in pretty good shape because he didn't have much more Johnmackero. His serv was so devastated because you couldn't, you know he wouldmove it around being a left Hes, a big advantagin tennis when you have thatlefty shirt. So those are the two greatest servicethat I played against. Well, you probably like t the NFL right. So ifyou talk to players that were in the NFL in the s they're saying yeah, wedid the same thing, but you guys now make way more money. I'm sure it's thesame thing. It tennis! I think it's fifteen folds from what I made o. Ithas O if an athlete gets through it the whole worlds going after these jobs.You deserve it and plus nflis doing tremendous. So I don't degrudge anyathlete. What they can make, I think they deserve. No, I don't either, butyou know one of the things in the NFL. We always talked about the guys beforeus are the ones who paive the way, and you know you respect them, and so it'sreally nice been being able to talk to older players that were older than meand then the younger players now who understand that, because we sacrificeso much you know, went through arbitration- did all those things thatyou're able to reap a lot of the benefits. Now I don't know how thattennis world works with all that stuff, but it seems like with everything theyhave now with all the sponsorships everybody coming in. It's crazy money, but it's good. It'swell deserve it's only a few in the world yeah. I I thought with the moneyI made through tennis, I thought after I retired, like an eighty Ed, a d.eighty nine, I said: Well, okay, I never have to work again. You know thisis great o two year you know Wso, who knew so. I went back to the actingworld and doing that and writing and and then of course, my poke game camealive, but had poker game that started small and became this big undergroundgame in Hollywood and all these fun guys played it. It was all about thepeople who was playing against and eventually the crazy bet that I made was that Icould bet that I could walk from La to Las Vegas in seven days, two hundredand eighty miles- and so we make the movie about that bet, and it's calledseven days to Veggas as Yeu can sae right, on wit, that popergame yeah knowthose poger a great tomorrow, Dshe wider exclusive theaters, and you cango to Vod itunes and everything like that later coming up a two days, yeahKno, we're excited. I can't wait to watch it, but if you go back to youknow, we talked a lot about your sports, but now you go back to when you werekid and you were still, you were a child actor as well. I was, I was autkid ACTRAT, nine years old and did a lot of the big shows the TV series youname it. I did 't all and then kind of washed up at eighteen, so my careerwent down as an actor, but then I found the tennis I got lucky to make ittennis. I don't know really how it happened. Just and then I'v been verylucky very blessed. My whole life, I think no vince is been part of manyshows. I Still Watch today and it's maybe you are esome time show. I am alot Tim Itli, my be wout a my Dvris, like wonderwoman six million dollar man,which he's been on both of those right. I've been Qit, Johnny Clarson, forwhatever reason you know that's. I love that stuff bi by Fan, but he's as he's recognizable now like when weheard it. I know what he looks like when I saw his acting shots from wonderwoman and when he was when he played were you're Andy, the bionic boy rightRigh, that's right! Yeah! I remember I mean it's funny because I was likethat's sad, but I just watch that about three weeks ago: Tellhimg the StoryAbout Your Dad, so I was telling guys before the show... dad never watched TV, super harworkand Guid never had really time for TV, except maybe sports, he'd watch a lot of NBA andstuff and steeler games, but it was funny whenever I had wonder woman on my dad always sat down next to me andot of beer, and I was eway like I was like aid at the time. I couldn't figureout why I was like wow. This is pretty cool. We must like supergars and stuff.I think if he seeds episodes now as an adult. I understand why he was watching,but he wash it because he knew ventuall. You knew evince was Al Reh Aihad.Nothing to do with I ar yeah noit was a bonding experience, though so that wasthat was nice. We, however, it comes it's good, but you know, I think, whenwe talk about life and the dynamics and the transitions that we all go through, it seems like you guys, had a reallygood family structure that really helped you. You know, no matter whathappened, you were going to get through it, whether it was your brothers oryour parents or anybody else, because we know in the industry you're in itcould be pretty brutal to families. Al Te, Dick Band Patten, anactor and mymother was a tune, tailor dancer, but anyway their whole thing was. They werevery grateful to have a family, to have some food on the table and to have aprofession, thet mit father started doing well because he was washed upafter he did a shocal. I remember Mama and then he didn't work for ten yearsand he knew what it was like the struggle, but basically growing up. Healways taught us, don't take yourself too seriously. Do Your job. Do it welland don't take life too Soonso? Let's just enjoy it begood to other people,not profession, get ahead, and he was not into that. So he was a great father.He wasn't like a lot most actovs that this show they they just love. Just theone thing, my father, I had hobbies and things you' love to do and play tennisand play sports and go to the racetrack and play poker. So his whole thing wasjust enjoy your life go to the beach go to the ocean, so they were greatparents that way they. I need US appreciate the small things right andhe taught you how to play poker right. She did at ag Eit because every dayhe'd be going to the race star. We lived in Assal Deros. It was right nextto Delmon Park right little quarter of a mile, my father dids, that on apurpose, Ho wantd to be right, bive down on the park and every day and soFiallyi was dad. wher you going race track. I said Oh os O want to tag along.He goes, you got, Ta Know How a handicap so okay, so he taught meeverything about handicapping and then have a playpoker, because he would havetwo or three poker games at nighttime back at the house. So he told me how toplay pobe. I took a liking to him yeah. It is a lot of fun. I've played in theNFL. We would play every Saturday night before the game yeah. We would get thegroup of us and it was all the same five six seven guys and we played allkind of poker- was all these dealers choice and so we pass it around andeverybody have a different deal and I could tell you: I've won some money andI've lost some money, so I'm not the greatest poker player, but I do loveplaying. I it's a great way to socialize and have a lot of fun. I always say it's nice to win, but it'snice to win, but it's three times harder to take the loss, as it is Thowin when your when you go. Oh, that was terrific. I'm gonna, I'M gonna buy pairof shoes, something Nice. Whatever, when I lose, it takes three days to getover it takes when you hit. You know when, if you're playing for pretty goodsticks that picks sometime, it really hurts oh yeah, yeah and I'm sure you'veplayed in between or between the sheet ou ever play that game no yeah. So it'swhere you put one card down and you and then you put another card down. You sayit's going to be in between them or higher, lower, CDC c Duc yeah. So weUsedet, we had all kind of names for it, but that was the biggest loss I've evertaken, and that was a hard one to overcome because I hit the post and so there were four cards left and it was atwo and a king. I'm like let's get to serv we've been playing for like anhour. We had four decks playing at the same time, so nobody could count cardsand all that and I hit the post. The king came up and I owed like SixteenGrand Times as much AF. The exact cardmatches it out. Yeah Yit's, like that comes up ind a whole room. Explodes,like you know it's like before: bedcheck and the whole roads Gous, likeI'm just sitting there like. No, how am I gon Na Tell my wife, hatwaworiedaboutoit, the paybook robaby after that Yo got agame tomorow yeah yeah. Well,that was our release before the game, but we did that quite often, but we had the same groupof guys where it didn't leave the room and it was fun and we really enjoyed it. So you said you had a group of peoplethat you love to play poper with. Was it the same people all the time? Wouldyou find New People? Well, when you have a game, you try to keep it goingonce a week twice a week. You have to have a rotistory of about a hundredplayers and I always just played to gamble to have fun some people whenthey have a game. They take a rake. I would never do that in so, but o bunchof a lot of friends. A lot of people come in and out and the on thing about poker can be asocial thing. Some people don'tquite...

...know what to do with themselves and e.You can go to a casino or go to a friend's house and really have a goodtime. It's a social thing, it's so, even if to lose a little money. Youknow it's still be beneficial for you for your life, because it's a nicething but yeah over the years hen. The game got, you know, gets bigger. As youknow, Games just always get bigger and then my game got pretty big and it wastough to take losses. I had a fine quited about twelve years ago, becausethe ups and downs right- It is very emotional. It is very emotional. So soyou finish your tennis career and then after your tennis career. Where did you?What was your next step? Like you know, you made some money and you're saying:okay, I'm going to retire, I'm going to move on what was that next transition link foryou yeah? I think that, first of all, I think I retired, when Iwas about thirty one years old and or thirty two, a thirty T I forget to Jeck,but people now it's different, but back then everybody would say: Oh you're,thirty years old, Youre going to retire. You can always. I mean same questionthat I guess all you great athletes, all the football players get to, butit's like they force you to retire and no one told me hey. You could play toyour forty five years old, no one said otherwise I might have paced myself,but with injuries and everything they go. Oh maybe I maybe I'm getting oldand you start putting that your head and that's why I retired a littleearlier- and I realized now like Agasi, played ntil forty years old, jokovitchfederos. Now I think thirty, eight, you know these guys play a long time Hav tokeep yotrself in Shit but neverhless. I did retire and then came back into theacting world got a few gigs started. Writing made a couple small movies andplayed a little poker on t side, and I got the world pokatour the gig on as acommentator eighteen seasons ago. So life has been just just going wellgoing well IA. How did that Gen come about? How did you become commentare, Woll, poker, tour, first of all, beforetwo thousand and one in two thousand and two, when you watch poker on thywhen it was on TV, no one cared because you didn't see the cards, so it wasn'ttill Steve Lipscome the Creaton the world popatour came along. He said Igot an idea. If you look at the cards with the camera, people will watch itall right, so he hires bike sex and Mike Sexton, great poker player, helpraise the money and they were looking for the second sidekickand. No one elsewas in the game. They knew. I was an actor and the new. I had done it oncebefore the world series. I guess I was a candidate. I get the Job Mike and Ilook at each other. Go Huh is gon to be fun, but the last two shows you knowwhatever becomes as phenomena it just goes through the Roup, because peopleare seeing the cards and the finally realizing. Why Poker so interestingthat you don't have to have the best hand? You could bet a lot of money andtake the pop yeah. I know yeah, and that is what's interesting about- isthat the great ones always seem to kind of just work their way through.They don't have to have the best cards, but I don't know what it is about poker.I was terrible at Holdim, terrible because I couldn't read the table You couldn't like you know you want to understand like people'sdemeanors and what you know, because I knew all these guys I was playing withbecause we would play together all the time, but you know it's just like man. I got good cards,I'm going in. You know and nd we're so like athletes. We just want to winright. We just went hey. I got the best card, I'm going to go, throw touchdownright. I got you know this, a matchup I n want, but then IG, inevitably you getbeat because you know you got three aces, but then somebody else pulls afull house and your sl yeah to be a good pok player have to have a lot ofstreet smarts. You got to be patient, but you got to open up your game atcertain times. You have to be a great competitor is the bottom line is at theend of the night. You want to walk away with the money and it's not just hey. Iwant to have five pots or you know, take it, then so, but now everybody'sgood because of TV, everybody's, pretty good. Back in the day when you playedin a home game, you know, like you said guys, would be a little more timid tomake mistakes, so you can take advantage of them right and then thetells are the big part of poker, but now they're all pretty good in thesetournaments. They have their sunglasses on the hoodies C, yeah it', no WHO's,the best poker player in the world right now, TAT's a great question. Itrotates first of all, Doyle Brunson. His is the greatest he's. The GrandDaddy of the mall pay proof poker right, hesisn, the big game of Balasio, butthey say you know Phil Avy, he's not playing World Poka tour events as much,but you know he's still a great great player. My Buddy Mike Sex ins,fantastic fill helwet is terrific. It goes on and on, but the funny thingabout poker. It's very streaky now for these top guys they run good for a year.They're, the big superstar T, Hey, don't hear Fhom, you know for likethree or four years, they'll go. Take a sobatically, just don't have anyresults, because there is a lot of luck involved at that level, so you candisappear in three or four years, and hopefully your bank role doesn't gowith you right. So in all your times of playing this bet that came up about your movielike how it Wasit. So it's a real bet. It'ssomething that really happened to you,...

...that's what I want to get at and, likeI think it's. I think it's pretty interesting at I'vedone. I've done stuff like that too. That was the great thing about my homegame. Was it wasn't about poker? It was about the crazy bets we all made and wewould beto. I Made Bets on the tennis, Cort I've been roller blades and afrying pan. I would play people. I made a half cartbet with he basketball, fomhalf court, to throw it in that ten throws. I would get let's say for fivehundred bucks right, Tha Teti set nice. I made it. I was good at Hen. Okay, noweight knot be Downe at eight. I was good at eight. The number came down tofour four and then I lost everything I lost it all back because it went downto four throws an I couldn't make it, but I was pretty good with I, with theyou know, throw from Hepworn, but that was another bet we made anyway. We madecrazy bets in the movie. Seven Dis of Vegas is really about the crazy batsand the stupidest bed, and the craziest ban I ever made was that I coul walkfrom La to Las Vegas ind seven days, but a lot of money thats two hundredeighty miles now. A lot of this is sdictiualized because it's a movie so alot of it, but it is fun and I describe it this, a the hangover beats the stingjis kind of movie you'll go. I want to hang out with these guys they're a lotof fun and there's twist and turns, and it's all about cons and hustles. Who Else is starting in the movie withyou, okay, my wife, I leane Davidson, you knon in the restless house flies ofBeverlyshe's anit she's, fantastic she's, a great actress. My brother,Jimmy Banpatten, plays my brother right Dan Dropper in the film Ross McCallJohn Ol Hurley Willie, Garson Chadlo, Jennifer Tilly.I mean on sembl piece Paul Walter Houser for Itana Very Funny Tay. Soit's an unselbl piece: It s coming out tomorrow in exclusive theaters andItunes and dod all that in a few days was it a lot of funt I mean. Did you Imean a lot of it takes place. Obviously walking to Vegas and going throughtrials and tribulations was T it a lot of fun making this movie yeah. It was alot of fun because they follow me the characters. followd me in this bigblack RV C s me fail basically and they're all great actors and funny guys,so they were making pop bets inside that R v all day long when we weren'tshooting and pitching cars and cards, and they actually had one guy. Can youdrive along the desert on top of the Rd going thirty miles for hour, stupidactor did it. You know he's up there trying to make that TAT Imean we canmake it stupid profits, so it was fun. It was out. The desert was very hot,but we got I done it was it's a a dream, shoot basically really fuck. That'swhat I was going to ask what time of the year did you shoot it, because thatmust be unbelievable? Well, luckily, we shot in April mid April, not too bad,and then we did rech, not rechers, but the anded scenes five days in thedesert, and we did that in July. Oh Li, it's brutal, you know you have Baker,California, and see the drometer thermammer to say a hundred andfourteen and io by the way. One of the things in the movie is, I have to makethe walk, but I have to wear a suit suit so on the whole movie, I'm wearingthis suit. Well, that's just one of the conditions. That's what coup that crazygamblers do to each other say: Okay, you got the Bat I'll bet you this mat,but let's throw you gotta, wear a suit, so you're throwing crazy conditions andthey can need to say yes no or walk away right. Well, this is in the movie.I have to wear a suit, so very, very hoth. Now that mean thos. Those are the kindof bets that I've made my whole life when, when you give with your buddiesand- and you know those people and you're saying I can do this, you andI've made a few of those kind of bits I used to do ones. I didn't have a lot ofmoney to throw around, but if we're playing like say, techma SuperBowl and the loser had to put a mouthful pennies in her mouth for fiveminutes or whatever you know it was like those type of things. Oh Yeah,just you know that's, but that's that's how we get started and all this yeahyeah exactly yeah qut. No, I was going to say so youyou made other movies as well. The break right thow was that, because thatwas about tennis yeah. What was that like me? Because Y I mean you and your family o've all played tennis, I thinkwas it your brother that was in it were helped. You write it or produce is woreyou. No. I had a different writer. I alwaysliked to bring it a parter for writer, I like to bounce things off a writingpartner right and you got O film back in Ninety Four. Ninety five, but it'sabout tennis in the coach. I played the coach and this young kid. That's thepsychopath and I sort of try to get them through to the US Open Mark. Chinewas in it right on Cham and Nice cast and we made that film and it was prettysuccessful and I didn't want to make another film because I dn' had it. Youknow I just wanted to do the world Poka tour, blah, blah, Blah and then gienjoyed writing, but to put everything else together as a lot of work. So,finally, my wife- and I were saw a movie about six years ago and itwas about Hollywood. It should have...

...been TERIIC Chivben. I it's interestingto see the insides of Hollywood glamor. The movie didn't work, it just wasn'tvery good. We were talking about it. After and after she said she was that'sashame she was, but you got TA do your movie! Now? U, what Shos? That's right!Write something about your poco game: Ind, the Crazy Bath O. DO I have to Shoul? Yes, you do yourmovie, so she convinced me to write the film and I'm glad I did six years later.Finally, coming out anea the time you thought about it, till till it'sactually out it' six years as thats is that about typical for a movie, it's alittle lisen lowger than most, but usually for a screenplay. We meet youfifteen different drafts. We try to make it really good that taktes took acouple of years. Then you got to raise the money. Then you got to go tostudios, but this and that get the Actors Co. It's a mess, not aneasy pitasyou Tas Gin, O pagin Betit's a long shot when you do get something out, andthis one is ion that what studios Putin out for you, we have distribution fromGravatas, okay, omove down. Another Myi was going to ask you aboutJohn O Hurley. What's he like in person, I know from Seinfeld, but he's classicsame voice yeah? Is it really late actor funny guy to hang out withjust a lovely guy, lovely guy, the best and he's good in this film? He playsthis billionaire. I woillt tell you any more, but it's very good stuff. No, I'm so excited to see seven days toVegas and I'm really excited to you know, sit downview Dave, grab somepopcorn and then think about what the bes we're going to make wall make someprut no pennies in the mouth, though we yeah yeah. I kdow't want to hear aboutyour college. Fraternity Games. There's a lot of things. You don't want to hearabout page of the mouse sous awful man. Oh itcouldn't be worshingthie, just smelling a pennies yeah enough, but put likefifteen in your mouth. For five minutes I mean I'm amazed. I actually didn'tdie from that, whether it swallowing them or whatever was on the pennies butyeah it was ai good for you. I wouldn't recommend it. So do you still playtennis Yo ad some need problems, but I work around it and haven't I never gotany surgeries. I just don't believe that little nervous about doctors, soI've have my need problems, but now they get better. I rehabe them ashoulder. I'play tennis, maybe once or twice a week, loving it again to comeback into it recreationally and hit the ball and no pressure only play forforty five minutes singles per day or every other day or whatever is nice?It's refreshing because there's no pressure AAn. I realize why I love thegame. So much does Ilean play she does play, but not very often she she worksout all the time doing other things, but she does not play very well. I wantto get her out there. She loves the game. What about your kids, you playagainst you, your sons, yeah! I got a twenty six year old and the twenty fourand they both picked up the game. I didn't teach them earlye. I try toteach them, but I think I breake them out. You know live like four years oldon the tennis court doing drills and because of that, I might have pushedthem too fast. They never wanted to do that. They played soccer top levelsoccer great surfer, all that and now when they got older, they went Oh. Whatis this tennis game? I talked ton that, and now we play together and they'revery good en become good players. That's Nice! I was because I wasresearch wo, some of your life and everything and what was a mad. I fellsome of your twitter, where you guys, I guess you went out the night beforethen you're walking through pebble beach. The Golf Course Yeah and thenyou had a picture of your son. In the background. Saying he's stillrecovering from his hangover is pretty it's pretty funny. It was prettyfunnyand real by what we have also have a sixteen rol and he's great and crosscountry which that's all sport was going to do it all over because you'rethere with four teammates guys and girls. You know what was I doing on thetennis court. You know playing one guy on the intherside of the net, that's agreat sport and he loves that D. he's a track and field as well. He could runto vegans l yeah. You can make a sequel and O will be running to be. What doyou? What do you say you learn from sports and how transitioned over toacting like wet there similarities for you. I think sports topping you up got to know howto take that loss. Walk away, try to get better actings, O say acting is brutal. Allthe rejection you have when you have to do interviews and all that, so youbenter know how to take a loss concentration. You got to be able tofocus, focus, focus in both things, as you know, gus, and then be real, clear and decisive,and also in poker too. It's the same, I believe that you have to a lot ofpeople, don't what to do, but they don't have the heart to pull thetrigger at the right time and in tennis you have to be able to do that. You gotto step it up, hit that ace when you have to it pokers the same thing yougot to make that bluff when you have to and the most people will not shy awayfrom that, and I think in order to be poke player or good actor,... have to have that concentration andat that heart Whel, you talked about when you played Macanroan, you studiedhim like. What can you do? Ind Similar? That's like that and poker. Do you do alot of studying and poker an now, these kids junp players? They studyeverything and everyone, and if I was going to get back into it seriouslyyeah I would look at all the world popatoour tapes and watch what theseguys did. D write it down. So you have your notes, big thing. You got to knowhow guys play do they eve a steal, Apat, there's certain pros that are verytight. Maybe they won't steal apart one Soud of every fifty times, others,fifty percent of the time they'e taking pots away to Yeu so very, veryimportant to study players and see what they're doing going back to tennis. What would yousay your best attribute in tennis was: What was your your serve backhand? Whatwas it wasn't? The SERF medioperity at best forhand was horrible. A hack justtook it back, know what I was doing and it evolved backhand. I had a two handback hand because I didn't have t a strength, in the one hand, its a geniusBackan, great great backet and leg, speed, footspeed and thencompetitiveness. I wanted to win so bad. I mean I got pushed around bullied bythese young Jew, your tennis players for so many years, and they kind oflaughed at it. You know, in fact, once we 're all hanging out and- and theysaid what are you going Ta do when you get older. I was about fourteen at thetime- and this guy said this- this Guy Ai Wain, I'm going to be a tennis proand they all look at each other. An start laughing firsting out left yourNoti Goingnto, be a tennis Bo Blah Blah Blah blh. Okay, maybe not maybe I'll,never forget that, but that inspired me to come back train harder and then Istarted lifting weights. When I was like seventeen or eighteen, because Iwas very scrawny until then and Ol the back in the day, they said you can'tlift weights she'll be mushing, never lift weight. If you're going to be aTENIS player, I realized it made me feel better and I moved better on thecourt when I was loiking. Wait, not that heavy and that's what moved mygame P. I think I was the first player back then start looking weights on aregular basis, Wel, even in the ndofl back in the day, they wouldn't liftweight right. It's it right. It just weightlifting, a an understanding, thebody and the and health and wellness and everything I mean it started likealmost in late S, early S, and now it's just takin to the as we seen from TomBrady, who still playing at forty two years old exacy. You can excent yourcareer for a long time, so I also fell. They also told you I would like to takeyourcroozis and jump in the ocean. You know hot to cold and oh you can't dothat. Hi, that's bad! For your muscles! The chees! Don't get the hot water,don't go in the cold hat all these rules, the all turned out to be wrongright and you're, the groundbreaker yeah, you noo! Do it so one of the lastthings we do Vince? Is We cal our no huddle? It's our two minutes drill. Wefire out. We fire a bunch of questions at you and just you know, give us somequick answer. So Dave go ahead. You Alway start us off all right, Vince.What's your biggest pet peeve bad lives, people that are very slow inthe line, but O me: Oh, that's the worst, the worst it has to be the worstlike, and then they got to repeat it. It's probably going on forimpatientwith that WHO's, the WHO's and all the time you've been playing cards WHO's.The biggest sore loser. You've ever played against famous B Jerry Van Dyke from coach wasthe best loser because he would be at every part. He was only at the pokergame to get he. The cookies was just beeating, that's the worst, not a famous person, but he would takepizza boxes at the end. Yeah Oll, the pizza box, the Poper da people, butit's not famous so theryou, go all right. How about the Best Obo, I'msorry still Helmeis, you know famous Phil Helme, he's wonderful he's a badloser I's Bat. Loser HEU'll go into the you know on the ground is rolling up.How can that guy have called me Misa character? Oh Yeah. Actually, I've seenthat an when I've watched the show yeah he's like born Bort when he was young he's got that mentality who's. The BestCelebrity tennis player out there today, Bobert Develv used to be Robert.Develop now. Is He ther his playn anymore? James Conn wasn't bad today, I don'tknow that they don't play much celebrity tennis anymore. Joh Love Its.He plays with my brother. My brother teach theme every day. They work outevery day. Very funny in the court he won't hit the ball to my brother who'sin Strucki. He serves and he looks over to s. It goes. What did you think ofthat one, but your your brother also famouslytaught a famous actress, fair, foster right. He did he taughk Parah O years he's like e the teacher to the starsout in La and Thos Tue brother Nalls, els, yeah, Great Guy, great athlete. Asyou know, if they didn't listen to him, did he get a temper with thim and say:Hey come on now you got to focus.

If you go away and he goes manettawhy.Doesn't Ja love hit the ball back to me, I think you could ask just about anyforty five year old male in the world, whith their dream job is, and half ofthem would say, beat pairophasis Tennessee struckin right. That sounds.I never even conceive that my mind. That's something else. Okay, thince! If you could trade placeswith anyone in the world for one day, do would that be trup yeah, don't mean that great question Rad, I'm black! I don't! I don't know Ihaveo myself. There you go I'd pick Vince. Actually, if you ask me that,right after hearing this whole scory, so who's the funniest person, you know brother Jimmy Jimmy is truly funny. Hecould have been a Toph standup comedian, but heow he's an actor he's in sevendays to Vegas. He plays my brother and he just hang out with them. He's fun,he's a fun funny. Guy He's the guy that you, when he comes in the roomeverybody's going to laugh for an hour, streegt Yo'll make it a part he's thegreatest is giving of himself and everything's Gliv and everything's fun.It's Great Guy, Al Evince! If you could go back in time and give a young Vincefan patent ten seconds of advlace, what would that be? Tut? Don't don't get sointense on the tennis court? Just pull back! Pays yourself pays yourself ineverything I life, because it does come to you and I learned that in my s afterthe tennis circuit was over learned that so that's what I would tell my Sco,your Dad, your dad was always trying to Keac you that right, just just taking tas it comes right like you know, you ethe, have it in you that you driveyourself or you don't. I think- and I drove myself too too fast too too fastand I would, I would say, slow down right right. So, if we're flippingthrough your phone right now who's the most famous person in your phone there's a unch in there ithinkthey saidyou would call right now. They' pick it Oul say: Hey Vice, what's going on, whopicks up the phone anymore right or if you text them John Lovitts he's not that okay pen, a Lik, is in there, but we haven'tspoken in a long time, but he's a great guy he's still in the roller dex. Youknow what are you gonna do? I DONT WANT TO NAME DOP Hem Yh? No, we just we askethat one to every one of our guests, because we've had a lot of great greatpeople on so Dave, one more. Let's see, okay, so besides the vet of walking to Vegas, what's Thecraziest prop bact thayou've ever been a part of I used to well. This is that crazy, butI used to make a debt that I could hop over ten for Chainlin fence on thetennis court in three seconds I was younger three seconds on two. Then you jumpdown wow. I think that bad, I don't know. If thatcould happen, Y right, it didn't happen. Hopso Iplayed Bobby Bobby Riggs the Great Court Hustler. I once bet him that Icould run around a hotel in less than sixtend seconds and I won that Datmitted fifty eight unpenounced to him. I atied myself earlier in the day, that's good to know. If you can wint Olose those bets before you go into Xackly, the guy that makes the propbactis usually going to win it. You know that is because Hemeayeah ever guy,usually that mate that comes up with it. Now the the gem link one makes mecringe, because my buddy did that in high school, but he gotcaught on the top and hewas wearing shorts and it was a bad scene, reallyvery yeah. I know e Ot the had to actually get helpe. I Peope move downnot to laugh about it, but it was. It was messy. Itas mess, yes, Chin.fenches, though I used to be good because we glew up in Long Island, thefirst of Ale and you would top over things all constantly chain, Lyn fence,hedges, Bushes. You topple. I was great at helping over things I good. So thenit's Ou Guss, because when you guys played stickball, you're breakingwindows and you had to get away from the people they were running after you, but hey. We really appreciate youjoining us in to hottle one last thing: If you give us a little shoutout fromVince Ban Patten in seven days of Vegas, and we love Learin our shirts and can'twait to watch yo movie. Okay, yes, give us a little shout out.The huddleup would be great chart wel. How should I say it? What like hey?This is Vince Vanpatten, seven days of Vegas. You know I really enjoyed mytime on Holoo, whatever you want to say about you know, since you knowtice alittle bit better now after an hour here, Yep Yeh, Hey- this is Benc Span Patten, with themovie seven days to Vegas had a great time with huddle up thanks for havingbe on awesome an in the next movie I'll...

...jt, throw it out there. Maybe onwhiffleball CET, have a wifflball movie. Is that sound yeah an in go back toBrooklyn and do it in Brooklyn, Indu Street to Brooklyn and and we'll try toget some kids off their phones and off their computers? And let's go out andmake a movie about Wilfa Ball in the street to Brooklyn I'll watch it yeahthat'd, be great, might be the only one everybody over forty, I think, wouldwatch it well, it never been done, never fe, more groundbreaking yeah!That's right! Alright, thanks forits! Good luck with everything to luck!Whith! The premier really appreciate all right. Take care by Hey. We want tothank you for Joiing US Today on Hutdl up with Guss, where we talked to a widerange of guests about how suports shape to life. As always, I'm joined by mygreat friend and Cohouse Dave Hager, and we want you to be able to follow uson all of our Social Media at how tl up with Gus. And we really appreciate youand thank you for your time and listening to our podcast.

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