Huddle Up with Gus
Huddle Up with Gus

Episode · 8 months ago

The Boys Take Over!


In this week's episode of Huddle Up With Gus, I give way to my sons Gunnar and Gabe. The boys give us their views on future NFL QB's, playoff predictions, and betting on the NFL. They know the game as well as anyone and love talking shop with anyone who will listen. Gunnar will always listen to you and have a great discussion and Gabe will just rip you apart if you don't agree.  Gunnar just graduated in 2020 from William and Mary and was going to coach at Duquesne until they canceled their season.  Gabe is a Sr. at the University of Delaware and is studying Sport Management. They both went to Central Catholic High School and won a State Championship in football in 2015.   You can follow them on Instagram:  Gunnar---- gunnar_frerotte Gabe------gabe_frerotte   See for privacy information.

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