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Huddle Up with Gus

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Taylor Funk


Joining me in the Huddle this week is professional golfer Taylor Funk. Taylor talks to me about traveling on the PGA Tour with his family, his dad is professional golfer Fred Funk. Taylor also talks about how his mom and his journey homeschooled him through high school and college at The University of Texas. Taylor explains how his favorite part so far has been visiting over 25 different countries and being able to play golf all over the world.

• 2013 Florida Class 2A Champion
• finished tied for ninth with Texas teammate Gavin Hall at the 2014 Porter Cup at Niagara Falls Country Club
• finished tied for sixth at the 2014 Trans-Mississippi Championship at Southern Hills CC
• finished tied for 12th at the 2014 Terra Cotta Invitational at Naples National Golf Club
• finished first at the 2013 Future Collegians World Tour at Inverrary GC
• finished first at the 2013 AJGA Ocala-Mario Sports Commission Junior Tournament
• finished first at the 2013 Press Thornton Future Masters
• finished first at the 2012 Future Collegians World Tour at Sawgrass
• finished fifth at the 2011 Future Collegians World Tour at Sawgrass
• ranked the No. 42 junior player in the Golfweek/Sagarin Junior rankings at the time of his commitment to Texas

Taylor's biggest accomplishment was his win at the 2015 Southern Amateur!

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...skyrocketed nine in a year. But And sofresh manure until freshman year high school I was under five ft tall. And umso the only position I could really play was catch her playing baseball andah golf but I played baseball and golf and way too small to play football orbasketball. Well I mean there's been a lot of smallpeople play those sports right? It's just uh you know hey if I was, my dadwas a golfer growing up I probably wouldn't do much else either. Uh Youknow he made me go I mean I broke my neck in ninth grade and I still playedfootball so you know my dad was a mill guy, he's like get your ass out there.Um But You know it's it's pretty amazing. So when do you remember reallylike honing in on your swing? Because if you were you know if you grew ninein one year your swing had to change dramatically. Oh it didn't have tochange all my clubs, had to change my swing. Uh It actually created a lot ofbad habits and uh what's interesting about it is I really didn't think tedgolf seriously until high school, I was always around it with my dad and alwayshitting balls and playing, but until I made the team from my high school, Iwas able to play for the local public high school under the tim Tebow rule,kind of being home schooled, and once I made that team when my freshman year, Istarted taking it seriously, and that's kind of right when I started growing,and I wouldn't any good at golf until my junior year, just because I'vegotten so many bad habits from growing nine in here. Right, Well, I'll tellyou this, I didn't play quarterback until I was a junior in high schooleither, so we got that going for us. Uh Yeah, so uh what was that like when youknow your home schooled and then all of a sudden you gotta go play on this umthis kind of like high school team right where you're not in school withthese guys. But then did it take you out of kind of socialized and get toknow those guys? Not really. I do most of them from justkind of hitting balls and being at the golf course around him anyways. Uh Nowwhen I went to football games and went to the other high school sporting stuff,it was kind of interesting because they had their friend group, the nationalschool and then me. So but I was pretty sociable. I was able to fit in prettyquick and had a nice friend group growing up. Well that's pretty cool. Yeah, I'm surethat there's uh some some good and bad things that go with that. You knowobviously the socialization but getting to see 25 countries. Which one do youremember most my childhood with my dad? Uh South Africa was probably myfavorite trip we had. We went to the President's Cup over there and then wewent to the Sun City um shootout with no another shootout. We went on asafari. We South Africa was gorgeous. Um And then obviously all the trips inIreland and Scotland were really fun. And then most recently my professionalcareer I've been to Croatia Austria and South America. And those were prettyneed experiences as well. What is the biggest difference when you playcourses here in the U. S. Compared to other countries? Is there a lot ofdifference or not? It really depends on the country. I mean I went to Austriaand it just felt like I was in Seattle Washington type deal and true lines so And then you go to Scotland Ireland andit's blowing 50, it's cold and it's got to run the ball up. It's a completelydifferent game. You gotta, you gotta hit that stinger. Yeah and then you godown to south America and it's firm and fast and um it's, it really isdifferent but you can kind of find every type of golf course in America orcountries so diverse but and I've been lucky enough to be around the country.They go off everywhere but it's definitely different country to country. Yeah. That's so amazing like that youget to do that. And so when you're, what tour are you on now like whenyou're playing all over the place like that. I know there's so many differentdifferent levels to golf. What are you playing at currently? Uh currently I have no status, I amplaying monday qualifiers for the Corn Ferry Tour And I played on PGA TourLatinoamerica two years ago in 2018 and then I didn't really want to go backdown there last year Or in 2019. So I didn't try for cute school and then Iwas going to play PGA tour Canada but that got canceled because it probablyAnd you know, I still don't know if it's going to happen this year. Theysaid it's probably 5050 chance whether Canada will happen. So it's kind ofbeen a tough year with Covid, there hadn't been any qualifying schools andthen they it's just very restricted...

...opportunities but you never know, youknow, monday qualify and get into a tournament and see what can happen fromthere. Yeah, that's that's awesome. So uhwhere do you live most of the time now? Are you in Austin? Like you said, I am,ah, the whole family just moved here in february and the day before the giantsnow ice storm here and uh, which is crazy timing. Exactly what welcome back.But uh, yeah, I just moved to Austin. I'll be here In and out and uh, still traveling 25,30 weeks a year. Wow, that's amazing. So, like, I wanted to ask you a littlebit about like your practice schedule because like in football, right, weplay once a week. Um, and you know, we would practice, so we go, we go intowork, we go get treatment and your lift, you run, you, you go to practice, youwatch films. So it's like a full day of doing all these things. What ispractice like for you and you know, when you become a professional and gulf,that practice has to really be every day, right? Yeah. I'm pretty muchpractice every day. The courses here are closed Mondays normally. So that'skind of my day off. But when I'm on the road or when I'm home, unless I'mtraveling or the course is closed, I'm out here practicing, working out, Workout about four times a week and then practice every day. Try to switch it up.You know, some days on the range, some days playing something, some days both.I'm sure you all had stuff like that in football where you do drills and thenyou put in live sessions. But now it's, it's a grind. I mean it's our day, butI love it. I love the process of trying to get better and what do you take intoyour practice from what you learned from your dad? Like, I'm sure there'sthings that you do now still to this day that you remember him doing whenyou were a kid. Yeah. What's funny is he and I think completely differentabout golf. Yeah, he's very old school feel put away your camera the wayyou're tracking and you know the bottom lie and I'm kind of new school whereit's you know, I know how to fix myself if I see it on camera and then I cankind of feel what that feels like getting the shortage is based on aradar instead of just sitting at a flag and guessing. Right, right. He uh he'svery old school but one thing I will take away from him is his work. I thinkhe always dug it down the dirty, never gave up. And he worked probably harderthan 90 of guys out there. And I think that's why he's been so successful inhis career. Yeah. So you know when you talk about new technologies, there'sgot to be, I mean I know a company called Rap Soto. Have you seen theirtheir like a lesser trackman where you can actually use your iphone? Right?And it's I was reading about it the other day, I'm like this is crazy, youjust put it on this little thing, you take it wherever you want. And theysaid their accuracy is only like two different than track man. And I'm likethat's I'm with you. I'd rather like no my yardage instead of saying, I wonderhow far that flag is. Exactly. Yeah, I mean the track man, I'll hit a shot. Noone told me that was 97.6 yards and you know, I'm trying to hit it hundreds anexcellent, let's get into 100. What's cool about is you can do a lot ofdrills with, You know, Cox 72 the whole and you can set up programs within theTrackman to give you a score based on how you hit your shot. Uh There's a lotof ways to build around how you play on the course with just with the track andand my dad hates it. Yeah. Well when you, when you say he's old school, likehow do you how do you just, is that all feel like old school? And they saytheir old schools that just, you know, hey, it looks like it's about 93 yardsand, you know, stepped it off. But you know, it's not it's not an exactscience like with Trackman and all that stuff. Yeah, I mean, I remember washingmy down the range sometimes he'd have his caddie go out there with his rangefinder and Laser my dad and say all right, that those balls are flying 97,Those are fine 1 47, you know, So that's kind of how they did it then toget yardages. Um But now you have a little ipad, I can tell you thatinstantly. Right, Right. Yeah, no, that's that, you know, I'm sure howwhen did you start playing like with your dad or against them? You know?Because you're always if you're playing together, you're kind of alwayscompeting. But when do you remember like the earliest time? So did you playlike before 9th grade? And then you grew this this amazing amount and thenyou went from like even driving to out driving him? I'm sure that long withthat long driver. I remember I Beat him...

...for the first time in nine holes when Iwas 13 and then when I was 14 I started out driving him and doing them everyonce in a while and then Now I hit it 100 yards past him. But Um he's neverbeen real happy like that. He's never been known for his length. I actuallyhad my mom in there today getting fit for a new set of clubs shed and playgolf in 26 years since I was born. Well, yeah, she was trying out for the LPGfor the Tour to write and then like she she met your dad and then they had youand that was it. She said okay, I'm just gonna raise taylor. That's it.Yeah, but we got her in there today and she was hitting balls with and she washitting the driver like 2 20 I called my dad, I said you better watch, She'sonly 30 yards behind you. Oh that's funny. That's funny. She probablyprobably like riding a bike. She just picked it right back up. Yeah. That's awesome. Point now reallyyou haven't touched club in 26 years and here you go. I'm good right away.Yeah, that's funny. Um So you're you're you're going through high school,you're playing well in high school. How did you pick texas from florida? Likewhat made you want to go to texas? Well first off my mom went to texas, myuncles, my aunts, my grandfather, I was kind of raised the burning his bloodand uh like I said I wasn't any good until junior senior year of high schooland I was emailing schools like florida and florida state and they were saying,you know sorry, we don't have any room for you on the team. And then all of asudden my worst finishing like five straight events was third and at onestage and I want an A J G A and you're like, hey you should come for a visit,we have room for you now. That kind of just rubbed me the wrong way a littlebit. So coach fields here at UT basically said, you know, we have 20 scholarship for you and if you playwell when you're on the team we can increase it. But we'd love to have you.And I grew up loving texas. So it was a win win for me. So what's it like, like your firsttournament, remember that first time you went out, are you competing againstthe guys on your team or you competing against like automatically? Like how doyou? Because I saw that like sometimes you start and sometimes you don't. So Iwas just wondering what that was like when you, when you play in in incollege. Yes, so are Qualifying system was you know, you take five guys thishuge tournament and we played within the team, we played four or five roundtournaments against each other in the top five would go. And uh we had a verycompetitive team, I think five or six of the guys on my team are on the PGAtour now. Uh I mean Cramer hickok bo Hosler Scottie Scheffler Duggan andthen we have two or three others that are on developmental tours of Canada orkorn Ferry. And I mean we had a really good team so it was always hard tocrack the lineup, but it was made you better. Yeah, I can imagine when you'replaying against you know, really good competition and always it always makesyou better. Um, so, so how many years did you, were you in texas? Did you goall four years? I was there 3.5. So I graduated highschool early and came into college semester early and then I had a couplecredits before I got here and was able to graduate in 3.5. So I technicallystill have a year of eligibility but didn't use in hindsight. I would havestayed another year, but I thought I was ready to turn pro and I wasn't andum, but yeah, I was here almost four years but still had another year ofeligibility. Well, that's awesome. So when you left and you went in and youturn pro, do you have an instructor that you mainly use? So I kind of bounced around. I wasusing camera McCormick, uh, he's in Dallas extraordinary these coach. Istarted with him when I was going to college and my last year of college Ididn't play good golf and I want another direction. They ended up comingacross Jeff smith and he's out in Vegas, he's the best coach I've ever been tois incredible, so smart, knows how to teach each person differently the waythey think and we've come a long way with my swing and with other aspects ofthe game and very thankful I've been able to work with him the last aboutthree years, 2.5 when you say he's a great teacher, is that the physicalside, the mental side, which one do you appreciate more? He's mostly physical.And what's cool about him is if he doesn't think he can help you in acertain way, he will send you to someone he knows can't. And so he sentme to couple of different sports psychologists or even psychiatristsometimes, you know, so I can be, I got the funk brain, you never know what'sgoing on up there and but and if he's...

...known to be just like a good ballstriking coach, False one coach and uh he's been awesome. Yeah. You know that's amazing that whenyou see these guys, they have these amazing careers and like you're juststarting out and you have this whole trajectory ahead of you. Do you callyour dad often and say dad, you know what should I be thinking now? I meanyou got you said your brains are wired differently but I'm sure that you canstill call him and get a lot or is he like my daddy just you played, you know,my dad used to yell at me for throwing three interceptions but I threw fourtouchdowns. So there was always different people. Yeah, actually talkto my mom for advice. A lot more of my dad, I talked to my dad about once aweek and you know when he's on the road, he they're focusing on his golf and I'mon the road focusing on mine. But my mom was basically my dad sportspsychologist when he was on tour. Uh, and my mom sat in on every meeting andless than my dad ever had. So she's very smart when it comes to all themental side and physical side of the game. And she gives me a betterinformation than my dad. And a lot of times my dad, he don't even remembersometimes what he did yesterday. So I got to give him crap everyone small,but he's very helpful at times and I love him. And um, but yeah we think differently and thereare times where he helps a lot but my mom is incredible at all that stuff aswell. So what's the one like the best bit of advice she's ever given you? Isit for putting, is it for stamina? Like what has she like her one thing if Iwhere she goes, if I have to tell you one thing, this is it. Uh she actually told my friend beforethe final round of Canada Q school and I think it kind of helped me too andhelped him a lot that day. He goes just remember you don't have to be perfectout there. Everyone else is making mistakes too, now make a mistake,everyone else's there's pressure. So you know just composure is always a bigword and she loves work ethic and just being composed and patient. Yeah youknow it's cliche, it sounds simple but it's not always easy to do. So I alwayswondered this like, you know, there's an intimidation factor sometimes whenyou're playing not such a good team. Like I've played on some teams thatweren't great, then you're playing these really good teams. Like I playedwith the broncos the year that we played the Ravens when they won thesuperbowl in their defense was amazing and there's a psychological factor tothat. So when you play and you compete against somebody and you're you'rewalking the course with them. Was there ever head games that you play withsomebody or have they ever played any with you? I think people try to, I remember incollege or in high school when I was playing really good and winningeverything, I was five shots back of the leader going in the last round, Iput my bag right next to him on the range and played, all I do is win thissong on the range, warming up next to him and I ended up winning, but I don'ttry to really get into people's heads. If you take care of your own business,shouldn't shouldn't matter too much sinking up. Birdie puts way better thansaying anything, right? Yeah, I think they'll freak out enough if you startplaying playing good golf trying to catch him. Yeah, so um besides your dad, is thereanybody that you were really a fan of and you and that's like your your guyto watch because of the swing or anything like that, Who's who's yourguy that you like to watch in the tour? I'm a big fan of Rory and Jordan Sithum just because I know them both pretty well and Roy has been a super nice guyevery time I have talked to him and I love to swing when he was playing good,he's kind of struggling right now, Jordan the way he's fought back fromhow bad he's played the last three years, been pretty fun to watch, youknow, a lot of grit and determination there, but he's just so talented andthings through the game really well. Um and Ricky has always been super nice to me,but those, those guys have been awesome obviously every time Tiger tees it up,hopefully he will be able to again. But I love watching Tiger. So why do you think that is that guysget to the top and then they fall back a little bit, right that they've playedso well and then is it just like man I got here and they will just take abreath and they let down a little bit or is it just, you know, I mean, I knowgolf such a mental game, but what do you think that that component is thatmakes guys just, you know, they're up there all the time and you see otherguys that have been there, but they...

...just come right back down. I think it's different for differentpeople. I know like David Duval, when he got to number one, he's like, whereis this, it, this is what did all that work for And then there's the guys thatwant to keep getting one better and they end up hurting themselves. My coach, heteaches, he teaches Aaron wise, he was get a year on tour a couple of yearsago and Aaron is like, I think we need to change my swing after one on tour,was rookie of the year and uh, and my coaches like, all right, well let'sweigh the costs first benefit here. If we make you a little bit better, what'sit going to do? And this could kill you too. So it's kind of trying to weighthat out and Jordan started messing with his swing when he was number onein the world, They killed him and they tried to get one better and fell offthe map. Yeah. You know, that's that's that's agood point that, you know, when you're at the top, why would you want tochange anything? But I know quarterbacks go out and they getcoaches besides their their quarterback coaches and they're practicing, they'redoing things with other guys because they're filming, it's all aboutmechanics and making sure that their arm is same, their motion is the same,everything is the same all the time so that you can be as accurate as possible.And to me, it sounds like that's what they're trying to be as a little bitbetter. But sometimes in the end it also can be a detriment to you as well.Yeah, I mean, I had to watch play portals sort of the ball for a fewyears in Jacksonville and your team. Yeah. Diehard, I'm excited for thisyear. But I know he wouldn't assault on house or the quarterback coach and cameback thrown ducks because he was so worried about what his arm was doingand uh, you know, it's, it's always a grind to get better and sometimes itmakes it worse. I'll tell you what taylor I've been in training camp andthere's been days where you go out there and you can't throw a spiral andyou're gone, what? You know, and the coaches on your ass, you're like, he'slike, gus what are you doing? Like, I don't know, I can't throw a spiraltoday. You know what I mean? Like, let's just hand the ball off today, youknow? Like, let's just forget about this day, Let me go have a beer andthen we'll come back tomorrow and try it again. But It is, it is hard. And Imean, I've played golf, I'm not I'm not great at golf. I'm like, uh I shootlike right around 80 all the time and just I just have fun. I don't I'm notworried about getting better, but it is a mental game. Like when I go out, I'mnot concentrating, man, I am all over the place. So so it is hard, but Ican't imagine where you are because for you, it's like, I got to be great allthe time, like to get to the level where you want to go. So how, how areyou mentally prepare for the game? Like when you're not actually swinging aclub? Well, that's something I'm working hardon now because I've gotten to a point where I feel like my talent level in myphysical abilities plenty good and I'm just killing myself mentally on thecourse. And yeah, I mean, my coach, You asked me the other day, he goes, uhyour level, what percent of the games? Mental? And I said 90%. And that guy,there's 500 guys in the world right now that can or more that can do what I do,do what Dustin johnson does, but they're not mentally, you know, likethese guys and that's something I'm working on now with a couple todifferent sport mental coaches and it's a grind because it's hard to practiceit without getting competition. Do you do um do you do like meditation orbreathing techniques or anything like that? Because that really helps a lotof people. Yeah, I mean I worked on meditation for a little bit, I can'tsay I stuck with it um working on just being more aware of my thoughts andworking on visualization, we're gonna pre shot routine stuff um journaling,you know, I tried to Wim Hoff breathing method for a while, I mean, you know,I've tried a lot of things but uh sometimes keeping the most simple canbe the easiest and the best for you, and then sometimes I've had to digpretty deep to try to get rid of some past demons, but it's a grind, I've gone through acouple of mental coach is trying to find something that works for me and uhI think we're starting to get there. Yeah. It is hard, like, do you feellike when you mentally, like when you don't start off well, it just turnsinto that, or can you overcome that? Because I know when I've played and Idon't like, I'm not accurate that day or you're just a little bit off andyou're like, I just can't vote, you know what I mean? Like it's not like afocus thing, but it's just like there's something missing and like, I thinkit's that way in golf too, it's like...

...the first t um wide, right, you know,down the fairway, it's gonna be a long day. Yeah, I mean, some of my bestrounds have started with a bogey because I kind of refocuses you andsome days I get out there and I'm like, what am I doing? I don't even rememberplaying the last three holes, I was so out of it. And then some days I'm justso zoned in but it's, it is different every day and that's the, that's hardpart, I don't know, it's due to how you sleep or what you eat, but every day isa little different and um but I do, I make enough early's my rounds, I canovercome bad starts, obviously I never want those, but uh that is a is acommon thing, so uh hey everyone uh welcome to helpwith Gus, we're talking with taylor funk, we're gonna take a quickcommercial break, I want to thank Manscaped for for hanging with us andhelping us out and go to Manscaped dot com, check out Their products and usemy code Gus farid, get 20 off and free shipping, we'll be right back hey, head off with gusts, listenersmanscaped. Uh They sent me uh they hooked me up with a bunch of tools andformulations for their package three point oh kit, uh so you know, I want toshow you guys what's in the perfect package, right? We all think we got aperfect package, but they sent me the perfect package, three point oh kid, Iwant to show you what they sent me. So it was crazy. It came in this great box,uh you know, you can see what it says. They will thank you because they sentus this awesome trimmer. They sent us uh you know, uh, stuff that makes yousmell better. And then, you know, they sent me this great uh some boxers, youwhat you get right protect them. And then uh, you know, they sent me thiscool uh, sack, I guess you want to call it, uh, to store all your stuff in. So,uh, it's been great. Manscaped sent me a bunch of product. Um, you know, andyou know, you can see it all on here. Uh, you know, if you can go to uh,Manscaped dot com and put in the code, uh, Gus Frerotte, that's G U S F R E RO T T E. Uh, get 20% off and free shipping when you use that code. Butyou can get a kit, you can get individual items like, uh, this waycool rumor that has a little led light, um, ceramic. These things come apart.They're waterproof. You can do a lot with them. So, you know, man scape isgreat. You know, it's funny. Oh, I remember when I was playing with theDenver broncos and I'm not going to mention any names, but there was agentleman who was playing on our team and uh, you know, if he ever hears thestory, he'll know exactly what I'm talking about. But he brought his ownclippers in one time and he used to trim his beard up, his goatee andeverything and he had him there for about two or three weeks and he goes inaround the corner, he walks in and there's a person, another player thatis actually manscaping with his beard trimmer. So you know, one of the thingsis, you don't want to use the same trimmer down there that you use up here.So uh, he kind of freaked out a little bit and he said, hey, how long have youbeen using that tool there? And he said, well, showed up here about three weeksago and I've been using it ever since. So you know, there is a lesson learnedthat, you know, don't leave things out and probably if it would have just saidmanscaped on it, we wouldn't have had that issue, but it's probably one ofthe funniest, uh taking care of your ball stories I've ever heard or beenaround in the locker room in the NFL, so It's a great story, um, but you know,I always said there was no way to know, there's no name on it, and the guy wasjust using it and another guy was using, it was not good, but it's a heck of afunny story, so one of the best I've ever heard in my 15 years playing inthe league, um, but you know, there's so many great things about manscapedand what they're doing, because guys, you got to take care of yourself eventhough I got great hair, um and getting older, but you still have to maintainsome sort of grooming, right? And so, you know, we all work out to me, I likeworking in my yard doing those things now that I'm retired. Get a littlesweat on and everything. You want to smell good. You know, you got to takecare of yourself. They've got some great products, uh, you know, this one,but a little, uh, you ball deodorant,...

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...couple other things on their, I'm sureTrevor wasn't like me, but uh, you know, I'm excited firm as well. I think theyhave a pretty good kind of core unit in Jacksonville. They were missing somepieces. Um, and so I think that quarterback and running back will bebig for them. Uh, you know, and, and there, I wouldn't say they'rerebuilding, but you know, they've kinda, I think after the draft, they're gonnahave a good foundation for the next several years, especially with how manydraft picks we have the next two years. And um, as you know, the quarterbackcan make all the difference. Yeah, he really can. And that's the guythat the team relies on pushes. I mean, we've seen a guy do it last year inTampa that's been doing it for a long, long time and you know, you don't haveto be some guy that can run around, There's all types of quarterbacks outthere and I think the bottom line is coming down to winning, you know, canyou win in those tough situations? It's a mental game, just like engulf. Yeah,I completely agree. I'd hate to play tom brady and golf. He'd probably kickour butt mentally, I would say. Yeah, it's like my dad having to play BernardLanger every week is a german machine. Yeah, there's no, there's it's just,it's just one line focus, that's it. You probably can't even joke with them.Oh, he'll laugh. My dad gives some crap, He's he just goes it's what I do. Yeah,it's great. That's awesome. That's awesome. So when you say you like tofly a drone, how big is your drone? Do you have like one of those little miniones? Use your cell phone to fly? Or is it like a big one? Like you got yourown controller? I have the DJ Maverick for, you know, his full controller andeverything. I ended up just getting the D. J I F PV drone, which is the onethat can go like 100 MPH and do flips and you can you have to wear thegoggles to fly it? Oh you can do that. Yeah. Oh my God, do you watch thosedrone? I've watched those that it's amazing to me that they can fly him sofast and through all the obstacles. Yeah, I just I've used it for about aweek, so I'm still getting used to the flying it through things, but uh, it'sfun to fly. It's amazing how much power that thing is. Yeah, So are you a gameor two? Because that kind of goes with gaming, I would say, like when you putthe goggles on, do that, I go through spurts with gaming. Everyone Smile,Bring my Xbox with me to the tournaments and stuff. But uh, Iconsider myself a decent gaming. So yeah, so you're a Madden guy or like,what's your game like? Or you call Duty Guy? Yeah, I play Call of Duty. Uh,Madden. I've been into this racing game with my Buddy recently will play forlike $5 a race and just race around in different cars. Um, but really anything,I, I just like to compete so whenever I can compete with people, you know, it'sa video game is fun. Well you got your hat on, your Vegas hat on, So dru, doyou play NHL? My kids called Shell, I call it to my, one of my buddies isfrom Canada and he grew up in Tampa and he uh lived with us for a few monthsand we played NHL, he's big hockey, yeah, we played in a show every nightand he beat me every night because it's very technical game. But uh, that'swhen I got big in the hockey and the, he goes, right, you got to pick a teamnow because I got so into it and he goes, the lightning are so good, I'mnot letting you pick the lightning because that's just gonna be abandwagon nerves and I'm like, okay, so I'm always in Vegas, my coaches inVegas and their brand new team when this was going on. So I was like, I'llbe a nightstand. They got a good goalie, they took our goalie from Pittsburghmarc andre fleury. So, uh, I love that guy. I don't know why we let them go,but I guess our goal is doing okay now. I mean we just have a couple of playerson our team that are pretty good. Sidney, Crosby, Evgeni Monk and, butthe night, but the nights are good. I mean, it was awesome to see how wellthey did when they moved there, you know, and I'm just hoping that oh mybuddies that the Raiders can do the same thing. Yeah, that would be cool. Iwould, it is Vegas deserves teams like that. It's fun to be there in thestadium is incredible. Have you, have you seen the new Raiders facility? Iwas there yesterday in Vegas and drove right passage crazy from that? From theoutside. I haven't been inside of it, but it seems like it's just like aspaceship has landed right in the middle of Vegas. That's what it lookslike. It looks like a Roomba like those doctors. That's a good one to call mybuddy and say everybody you in the room. But right now that's a good one. Well,hopefully that they don't have a lot of dirt to clean up this year because Iknow last year was a little little...

...hairy, but uh, I'm excited for Jackson.I think they can do really well. Um, and I think that you're going to have alot to cheer for. I'm sure that you hope you get the, the in your fantasyleague. I'm sure. Do you play fantasy football? I do. I love fantasy football.Um Hopefully uh you know, I'll take TrevorLawrence in the draft though. You gotta go with your guy man. So ifyou have the first pick, who you taking uh running back? Probably Maybe. Yeah.I normally wait until like the 5th round to get my quarterback. Yeah. Yeah, because they come and go.But I don't know, there's a couple of guys out there, like I took Lamar lastyear in my fantasy and you know, because he's like a he's kind of like aslash runner thrower, like sometimes he runs for as many yards he throws for,and it's like he just gets crazy points. You know, it's like when you're pickingfancy, you want to go with your heart, but you also want to go with the guyswho gets the most points. So I can see you not wanting to take Trevor. But uhbut then, you know, you're going to be watching them every week and saying,man, it's just something about fantasy that makes the N. F. L. A little bitmore fun. It does, it gives you something where it's kind of likesports betting. Yeah, but oh man, if I could get, my son is off a fanduel,that'd be great. It's addicting. It is, it is, and, you know, like pickingwho's going to win tournaments and soccer and like, there's just so much,it makes it great, and in Pittsburgh in pennsylvania, you're allowed to doSports book, you know, we were talking about everything you were doing and,and uh, you know, kind of some of your hobbies and and teams you follow, andthen I want to know where our fans and the people that are listening to theshow can follow you if you don't mind sharing, like how they can followtaylor with your social media or what you're doing now. And if you have anyfavorite charities. Yes. So, uh, we talked about thehobbies, uh, my enzymes funk on scored taylor, um, Kay underscore T A Y L. O.R. And twitter's T funk 10 30 and you know, my every dirty, uh, carry thefolds of honor, golf them. And you know, love what they do for the phone folders,families and all that. And I've always been take any military organizationsthat can natural warriors going to warrior project. And my dad's kind ofsparked my interest in that in the military and €2 of our country and givethem back to them. Yeah. Okay. And I mean, I think all ofthem are, are wonderful and make sure that you fall follow all of those. And,and uh, you know, I've had many, many, many family members that have been inthe military, so supporting them and in any way possible, uh, is wonderful.Thank you for doing that. And then one last thing I wanted to ask you, I wastrying to remember the name of your dad's course out in colorado that he'sworking with. It's called Brandon. That's it, Rain dance. And uh, that'san awesome. So if you've been out there and got to, uh, when's it gonna beready? What's it, what's the prognosis Is out there? And they're probablytalking spring of 2022. It's gonna be awesome, awesome. And now has he beenlike, I mean, I know I talked to dad before, but is he, is he excited aboutit as he like talk about it a lot? Like, is is he pretty pumped about thisopportunity? Yeah, it's probably the thing he talks almost right now. He'sreally excited about it. Yeah, that that would be really cool tofinally get, you know, there's a lot of guys that do that but to be able to goout and design your course, put it in, build it the way you want that. Thatwould be amazing. No better place than colorado. You can hit the ball a mileout there. Yeah. It's funny. The world's shortestcough. We're gonna create the world on cough yourself. Oh that's funny. Wewon't, we won't, we won't share that part with them. He's fine with it. Butwell you know that might be the place your mama drives him. So yeah, I'll letyou guys know the second that happens and I'm gonna I will never let him liveit down. Yeah, I'm sure you want that will be uh I was just showing theseguys there's there's like an app called Me Matic that you can make like coolcrazy memes and all kind of stuff on and I use it to take pictures of myfriends and send to him when I pick on him. And uh but I'm sure you'll do thatto your dad as well. My kids do that to me all the time. Yeah, we need to uh wealways gotta give my dad crap because you normally takes pretty well and it'sa he's fun to mess with. Yeah, no,...

...that's awesome. Well, taylor, hey, Iappreciate you joining me on how to up with gusts and, and I wish you all thebest of luck in the corn ferry uh tournament coming up and and you know,I hope all your dreams come true and you know, hit him straight as they saybuddy, awesome, thank you so much. God bless you. God bless and have a goodone. Everyone thank you for joining me another episode of How to Up with Gus,we had a great guest in taylor Funk, We interview his dad not too long ago fredand and uh you know, make sure that uh you know you follow Taylor uh on hissocial media, you know, check out his dad's of course on Colorado Rain danceand maybe someday you can get out there and play and you'll see taylor outthere hidden them long and straight. So everyone, thanks for joining me onhuddle up with us. Thanks again to 16 31 Digital News. Thank you to SounderFM and thank you to Manscaped, Go to Manscaped dot com. Check out my codeGus Frerotte, that's F R E R O T T E. And get 20 off and free shipping on alltheir products. So thanks again everyone for joining me. Anotherepisode of huddle up with gusts and that's a wrap sports fan. Thanksfor joining in the fun at the 16 31 digital studios For another actually,huddle up with Gus featuring 15 year NFL quarterback Gus, Theron, huddle upwith. Gus is proudly produced by 16 31 digital media and is available on applemusic.

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