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Rick Barry


NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry joins the huddle with Gus and Dave in this week's episode of Huddle Up with Gus! Listen to the guys as they talk with Barry about his time in the NBA and what he is doing during the COVID-19 quarantine. Also, find out an interesting fact about his wife and son that separates the tandem from the rest of the world, and hear Barry talk about one of his favorite retirement hobbies in fly fishing. Join Rick Barry, Gus Frerotte, and Dave Hager in the huddle by listening to this week's episode! See for privacy information.

Welcome everyone to huddle up with gusts, where we talked to our guests about how sports shape their life. I'myour host, gusts far at, fifteen year NFL quarterback, and I'm joinedby my longtime friend and cohost, Dave Hagar. You can now find usunder the big top with the sports circus and ring master, soal look forus on am TV, a a, MP tvcom A. Welcome everyone toanother episode of huddle off with Gusts. I'm your host, gusts for a, fifteen year NFL quarterback, and I'm joined by my friend and longtime cohost, Dave Hagar. Hey, gust and we're excited for today's episode.We got a great guest. You can listen to our show and our episodeson RADIOCOM or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast, and also under thebig top with sal the ring master on the sports circus. So Dave.Today, I think our guests today is probably one of the most decorated,if that's the word we could say, guess, we've ever had most Idon't know, just prolific people that we've had on the show and I'm reallyexcited today's guests hall of Famer Rick Berry. Rick, unbelievable to have you onand be able to hear a little bit about your background in your storytoday. How are you doing? Hey, I'm doing great. Every day Iget up is a great day. You'll appreciate that when you guys,get a little bit older. You know, people take every day for granted.When you get a little bit older, you actually appreciate every day because whenyou get up and you see this no dirt on top of you andmeans you're alive and join life as much as possible. So under these difficultcircumstances, which I feel so sorry for so many people who's had such anegative impact on them. But, as they say the old Cliche, yougot to play the cards that you're dealt and we've been dealt a lousy hands. So we need to play it and try to get through it as soif you know how to play cards, you had to play pinnockle. Youdon't always get good cards and pe knuckle, but you have to be able toplay them and when you really get good at it you can actually doa good job with a lousy hand and pinnockle. So that's what we haveto do now? Yeah, we've been dealt a lousy hand. So youjust got out of playing pick a ball out of go. Well, I'veactually went out with my son Canyon. You probably see that thing in thebackground over their little collage of him. He heats on the US a qualifyingteam for three on three for the Olympics and unfortunately, because of everything goneon, they postponed the qualifying tournament. Of course the Olympics have been postponed. So he hasn't had a chance to do much that. We try tofound found the court and went out with the with the x three ball andto go out and get him a little shooting. It's crazy think about thatis they play those things outside. And so he said it's such a disadvantagewhen you have a good team who were good shooters and you're playing it it'sa windy day because you're outside shots are really impacted and the other team thatmight be a big bruising team that just goes inside all the time, actuallywinds up having an advantage because they don't have to worry about their ball goingto ride because they can't shoot anyway. Yeah, right, did they recallthat's that's how you grew up in New Jersey, right windy days and rightin the playground. Yeah, playing with my hands frozen, shoveling off thecourt and the playground and the some winter time and sneak in a finally wentfound the way to sneak into the gym and we play by the lights andthe street lights outside or from the moon. Yeah, we did everything we couldto try to get out of the court and play. Are you singingin the Olympics? So it'll be outside? Yeah, three on three x threeis played outdoors. They won. He was on the team that wasthat. He was on the team that won the World Cup. It's theonly gold medal the USA had never won in basketball in the world and lastyear he was chosen to be one of the four guys to play in thatteam. He actually played exceptionally well, led the team of scoring for theseven games. They want undefeated one the gold medal over in Amsterdam. Andthen that team for whatever reason. I said totally figure that one out.You just won the world championships. You don't qualify an Olympics the next year. I mean at how does that work? And the qualified they want the WorldCup to be able to hit the in the qualifying tournament to see ifthey can qualify for the Olympics when they have other teams that are going intothe Olympics on a point system that are anywhere near as good. So it'sjust the kind of a screwy system, but it is what it is andhe was fortunate enough to try out and got chosen again to be on thequalifying team and they were actually training down in Los Angeles. They were trainingwhen the word came out that they were going to postpone the qualifying tournament overan India was going to be played in India. So so now he's justkind of waiting around to see what's going to happen. Doesn't know one thenew tournament's going to be taking place, but he's got to try to keephimself in shape, of course, as he was playing in the g league. So that season ended. So he really has had a chance to domuch because all the gyms and every place and close down right now. Soit's got of a weird situation for athletes. What's the format is it? Isit to fifteen, like three note three on three. It's three onthree, first one to twenty one, or at the end of ten minutesof running time, except when the whistle blows. It's a very fast pacedgame. The third team misses a basket, scores, you take it out,you clear, you go. It's... and it's kind of fun andyou should check it out online sometime. Go you go to fiba x threeand you can see all guns of highlights, even from from the the world championshiplast year, the World Cup. But it's a very, very fastpaced game. It's it's kind of fun to watch and he loves playing itbecause a lot of times when he plays now in teams he's not he doesn'thave a two way deal in the g league, and so sometimes they'll beout there running down the court for five minutes and maybe not even see theball. And three on three you're always going to see the ball. You'repassing, you're moving, you're cutting. You really have to know how toplay the game because it's the true essence of the way the game was designedto be played. One on one, two on two, three on three. And so he actually excels in it because my son's thank God, hetakes after his mother, I guess, but he's got his master's in nuclearengineering. So my son really knows the game. That's pretty smart player heady. Yeah, well, you know that. That reminds me of growing up.I mean in the summers that's all we did, three on three basketball, you know, and you didn't have that many kids and that's how weplayed all the time. You have a lot of one on one matchups,but you got to play constantly and that just reminds me. Like you said, that's how basketball should be played. I mean there's a lot of fun. Yeah, it is, if it's played properly. I mean you needto be on selfish. You have to understand a lot of cutting, ofthat, you know, cut back cutting, setting your man up, and myson is really good at that. In fact, I remember less whenhe was in college. One of the announcer cities is Kendybury may be thebest player in College Basketball Movement, without the basketball. He just does agreat job of setting his man up and learning when the guy because you won'thave to do when you play basketball. I'm sure it's probably similar stuff infootball when you play Guss is that you don't have to see people think yougot to beat a guy note you only have to get even with somebody.If you get the guy on your shoulder, you own him. He's done.Okay, you don't have to get past them. I just need tobe even with him and in this case that you learn and you need toget the guy only to make a good move, and I when I wastrying to teach kids how to do this. I just need to get the guyto make the slightest little motion, to lean just a little big andif I get him to lean just a little bit as his body weights goingforward, I'm either go of the opposite way or two sideways or some way. By the time he recovers, I've got them. Yeah, no,I mean that's that way in football with receivers and anything. You're doing it. All you need is a slight advantage of it, slight advantage, andwe usually say it's over. Well, you would pass in the ball.I mean if your receiver makes it cut, he can make a little cut tothe inside and get that guy to lean that way. Known when hisfoot plants he's going right and that guy's going the other way. He's donethat's respect with that defensive player. Yeah, there's no doubt you throw the ballright exactly well with me that that wasn't that often. So, Hey, hey, rick, go back, way back when when you were growingup, what's your first memory you have of fall in love with sports?Well, I had an older brother, Dennis, four years older, andso whenever he did anything, I wanted to do everything my brother did.So, fortunately for me and my brother got interested in basketball. My fatherwas a semi pro player and coach and he coached the back then, whichwas schooled the grammar school. Now it's called elementary school, and so whenmy brother got interested at nine, I got interested at that when I wasfive years old. So when I was five I started to learn the gameand my father was a strict fundamentalist and was the best thing that could havehappened to me, because this is the biggest problem in sports today. That'snot a just sports in anything. I mean whether you're going to learn tobe a musician, whether you're going to learn to be a scientist, whateverit may be, you have to learn the basic fundamental principles and concepts ofwhatever that support or endeavor happens to be. That's the foundation that you set downthat you can then build on. So in life you can't build askyscraper with a small foundation, it's going to fall over when he gets toa certain height. So you have that huge foundation and then you understand thegame and the fundamental principles and concepts and you're then blessed with God given naturaltalent and you have good coaching, you can now maximize the potential that youhave and you really could become a great player. So my father laid thatfoundation and for me, I feel the one thing I did for my kids, I did the same thing to them. I laid that foundation for them andmiracle of miracles, I mean, you know, they have five sons, every one of them to have gotten a division one college scholarship and allfive of them to have played professionally is pretty remarkable. That's that's really remarkable, because I got three in college and not one scholarship and and I feelthe pain every about, you know, second day of the month. Yeah, three in college. That's why I had no problem when they did welland it's something. You know, I'll get him a car, something,because the hell all lotch even than pain for the college education right right now, you know, and it's kind of funny, when I was reading somearticles about you. You know you give a lot of the praise and theglory to your wife because you know, I think she was a pretty goodbasketball player youself when she well, the my wife from my current son,Kenyon, the one that's on the on the x three qualifying teams to goto the Olympics for USA basketball. She's she was an all American players.She's the only want to have her Jersey retired at her alma mater. Sheand my son have a distinction. New Trivia stuff, a lot of triviaquestions and stuff for the Barry family.

The only mother and son, motherand son, for the mother to have been a two time first team academicall America and to have a son be a first team to time all America, academic all America. That my son accomplished. That was his mom neverhappen before in the vision one basketball and and Kanye was even in his lastyear in school, was the actually the academic all American player of the year. He's ever had to be wow man's. He just got a lot. Hegot all the jeans. Yeah, well, my wife never had tobe either, except in one one class in college. She did something.The teacher didn't follow directions. Probably a teacher gave her a beat. That'sthe only be she ever had. Wow, it's amazing. That's amazing. So, Rick, what was it? What was your neighborhood like? Grownup like? Were you always playing with the other kids? Like my neighborhoodwas the next neighborhood. I played in the playgrounds and played a lot witha lot of the black players. So we had we had, you know, blacks and whites where they're playing on the playgrounds of his actually placed calledbrophy field and Elizabeth Port Down Elizabeth, New Jersey, used to call itthe port down there, the singer manufacturing company and and so we played alot of basketball down there and that's kind of how I hud a guy.I grew up and then I went to see Peter and St Paul Grammar Schoolonce. That's again it was called grammar school then, and played on thatteam. I was on the seventh and eighth grade team as a fifth graderand played with my brother and with my father as a coach. Wow,what kind of coach was your dad? Like? My Dad coached me alot of sports, but he was always about the negative, never talking aboutthe good that was just who he was and and that was very difficult forme. Had A lot of growing pains with that with him. How waswhat kind of coach was your dad? Yeah, you're you got to becareful when you're dealing with your kids and all a lot of parents try tobe a little tougher on them than they are. If you're they're coaching ateam that they're on and that's not good either. So you have and youcan't get him too much, you know, leeway, but you also can't betoo tough on them. But in my case, my father was againa strict fundamentalist. So it didn't matter who it was, whether there isme or anyone else in the team, if you did something fundamentally incorrect,you would be taken out of the game. He forced you to have to stayfocused on doing the correct things fundamentally. Now, if you were doing thecorrect thing and you did it incorrectly, it wasn't like he was going tobe crazy about it. I mean, I mean he's not. He's notgoing to jump in scream and Holler at you. Know he's going totake you out and you know why you came out. So you came outbecause you know you were watching your man. You didn't see week side d weekside help defense and a guy drove to the basket. You should havebeen over there to pick that man up. And so it's so you it wasa learning process and there had to be some sort of a penalty ifyou didn't do it properly. Otherwise you just keep doing it wrong all thetime. So you knew that if you did do it correctly, you're goingto come out of the game. So it may just stay focused, becausewhy you wanted to play right exactly. So what other team sports did youplay? RIC CRONA? I was actually a much better baseball player. Iwas at all State Baseball player and go actually quit baseball after my sophomore yearbecause of coach wouldn't let me play when I didn't pitch. I mean Iplayed every position and I learned that an early age. I didn't want tobe a catcher and then Willie mays was my hero, so I played centerfield, but it was too boring. I mean you can go a wholegame in center field never see a ball sometime, and that's in best whatbaseball is just too slow for me. So that's why I wanted the pitchingand first base because you get more action there. So you know, probablythe two most active players picture catcher and first basement. So I started pitchingand and I was pitching on the JV team and I'm batting five hundred andthe coach is not playing me when I don't pitch, and so I said, coach, I said look, I said, I'm bad. That betterthan I hit, better than anybody on this team, as I can playany position. What I don't pitch, I want to play. I saidit. And if I'm not, if I if I can play when I'mpitching, then I don't want to pitch. Right. So so the next gameI pitch, I go one or two bat and five hundred, andthe next game I'm on the bench. So I said that's it, I'mdone. So I left and didn't play and I went and focused on basketball. So I guess it was kind of a blessing. I just totally spentthe entire summer and really work my butt off and focusing on basketball to puteven more time into it. And then the next year the varsity coach saidHey, we'd like you to play. I said, well, if Idon't pitch. You I going to places you'll play, but we'd like tohave you come. And I said, well, if I if I playwhat, I don't pitch. Yeah, I'll come out and play, andI made all state two years. I mean I rarely struck out, areally good eye hand coordination. I think I struck out like eight times allseason or something. I hit the ball all the time. The thing isI was skinny young kid. We happen to have a feel that had afence and right field put nothing in the center or left setter or left,and so that my seat. I think I've batted like for something my seeingmy junior year and then the next year only bout at three hundred and sixtybecause I started pulling the ball a little bit and study getting home runs overthe fence and right center field. I'm heading getting out because there was nofences there right. Yeah, actually hit the ball better and didn't hit ithigher. It just kept backing up.

Yeah, sleep it was. Itwas. It was good, you know, and I was pretty good pitcher andhad your really good control and stuff, and you know, I had apitch the no hitter and and made all state baseball but I just lostmy love for you. Got To have a passion for what you're doing andI just didn't like it's too boring for me. What was your best pitch? I had great I had great fastball, I mean as far as I couldput the ball where I wanted. I mean I could hit the cornersand hit it low. I could put it pretty much throw the ball whereI wanted to throw it, and I didn't do a lot of super stuffwith the breaking stuff like coaches and stuff. I had didn't when I was youngand skinny. Didn't want to go ahead and screw up my arm.But I had a pretty good had a pretty good curveball, you know,when I wanted to throw it, and then I had a little bit ofa sinker. But and then the thing to screw me up my seeing youhave the coach taught me a stupid crossfire pitch, stepping towards third base andcoming crossfire, and that kind of screwed me up a little bit. Iwas kind of stupid, but I mean I could throw it from up bymen. Come on, when you're when you're six foot six and your throwingit, come on, and that mound and throwing it. That's that's apretty, pretty awesome pitch. I didn't have a gun back then, obviously, to know how fast I threw it, but I could put it where Ineeded to put it. Yeah, that was great. My Dad taughtme the knuckleball for my changeup. So that was my change if I throwa fastball and then I throw a knuckleball, and that was my two pitches whenI was when I was a little when I was a little league play, they wouldn't let you throw anything but fastball, you know, very regularoffspeed pitcher fastball. They didn't let you throw curveballs and stuff back in thosedays and I had a bunch of games. I remember one time I had.It was two outs in the bottom of this last inning. I thinkyou only played six sittings at time, and had two ounce no hit hergoing. I threw a pitch and the kid closed his eyes and stuck hisbat out of hit the bat when over the third basement say I still rememberthat. It was like that darn kid who didn't even look at my pitch. I know it's unbelievable, but yeah, I mean I love sports. Andthen I had to run cross country before basketball seats in which I hateit, because I really I don't mind running in the basketball game, butman to just to go out and run. I never did get to a pointwhere it was something I really look forward to doing, you know,and then running kind of beach up a little bit if you're not running onsoft surfaces and all, but I would run just to get myself and shakethe basketball. So you just joined cross country just to run getting night forjoint cross you I had to run cross country. It wasn't a choice.Oh that your dad telling you you had run. I would not, Iknow my my dad was the coach. If I didn't run cross country,I wasn't going to play on the basketball team. So I ran cross countryand I just didn't like it at all. And Cross country really is stupid becauseit doesn't do anything for basketball because you really need to do sprints.You need to do quick recoveries because basketball is hard. Sprint, then youstop and you got to recover there. You like better off wood sprints andshort stuff and in changing direction and doing it as opposed to run cross country. It's nothing like doing those sliding defensive drills. You got to smack thefloor and go. I mean I've done a million of those growing in allthe are suicide, the suicides and all the other crazy stuff I know whichI you know, here's the thing to me as a coach. I said, show up in shape. Okay, then we don't have to spend allthe time doing all that BS. I remember one time I did something.I said, look, they always said, you know, alibur Rick Barry wasa bad practice a player. I said that's bullshit. I said Iwas at I said I had bad practice coaches. I said I'm playing fortysomething minutes a game and I'm thirty games into an NBA eighty plus game season, plus the exhibitions and playoffs and and you're asking me to run three linedrills for twenty minutes before the seat, before the practice starts. Bullshit,I don't need to run that. I mean, you know, you wereto spend time working on our defensive rotations. You want to do something as faras execution of offense. If you do something productive to make us abetter team, I'm more than happy to work as hard as I possibly canat that, but don't ask me to run three line drills. Yeah,I know that. That so I'll give you a sit like similar scenario whenI usually what happens in the NFL. You train offseason and before training camp, you come back and they're like, okay, now we're going to runour running test right to see what kind of shape you're in. And thebest place I've ever been was Miami when Nick Saban was a head coach,because he said look, you're going to train offseason, before you go homefor your two week break, you get to do your running test. It'sfive gas ers over, back over back, and I'm like, Oh, thisis the best. I can go home, get a little relaxed andkeep my workouts going. Then I come into you know, not stress over, I mean that the whole time period of when you're off, after theoffseason going into training camp, that was a most stressful point. It wasokay, you know, these are going to be the hardest running test youhave to do all year and I never enjoy them. I mean even though, like you said, just come in and shape. I'm going to findout WHO's in shape who's not. Yeah, I mean I could run all day. I mean, in fact, when I remember when I was arookie, I would run Ey Los in San Francisco. So I'm running thehills and San Francisco to getting shape to go training camp, and I wouldhave to say made and two a days and they were just grueling. AndYeah, the running is stand then we do three line drills, right,so you go one up the until he did ten and you have to makeall the layups, otherwise you have to start over again. Right. Soat that I could do that all day.

Okay, I was in great shapefor reading. And I remember the vetteran guys who would come in andthey would use briss training camp back then was it was weeks. I meanit wasn't like five days and you're playing exhibition games. It was week.So you had a long time to get shape and the veteran guys would comein to get themselves in shape and training camp I was in shape. Sowe're running those drills. Can we get up to? Maybe we're at,you know, six or the seventh one. I would stop and start pulling uptaking jumpers. Now, if I missed the jumper, we have tostart at one again. And so it was hysterical because the veteran guys wouldfight to try not to be in the line with me and you buy.Bet You rarely miss them too. I'd miss them, but you know thething is, I didn't. Didn't make any difference to me. I justdid it the bust of jobs because it did bother me. If I hadto started want again, I can run all day, Valet stay and playon your next get away to Los Angeles. 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I mean we were competitive, but the Roselle thefor number fourteen, those the one that had a great team and how theyhad a second team that probably would have been one of the best teams inthe state. But they never had anybody that really did anything with their careersgoing on at the college ranks. In fact, what the starting center forthe Roselle team actually wind up being a teammate? In mind that at theUniversity of mabby reaching went to South Carolina and then he wind up transferring andcoming down to Miami and play with me. Got The name of Charlie Group,but none of the other guys did much. In fact, I'm justtrying to think of him. Many some of the other guys that were starplayers when I was in high school. I don't think any of them reallywent on to do anything send up any significance in college. Did you startright away when you got into high school or was here a little bit ofher? Well, I was. Yeah, I started. I started playing asa sophomore. You can't play as a good plays at freshman and infact actually one brother and I another trivia one. So my brother and Ion the same day he played, he was a senior, when I wasa freshman, and on the same day I played in the freshman game,be played in the Varsity game. We both scored fifty points. Wow,wow, that's a lot. I don't think I've ever scored fifty points justshooting hoops in the backyard. Hey Rick, so with how recruiting goes today nowI want to think back to when you were getting recruited in college.You know there's all these sites and there's just online. You can recruit peoplefrom all over the world now easily for you. What was that recruiting processlike? When somebody came were found out about you? How did that how? How do you think it? I mean the difference has to be amazing. Yeah, and what now was nothing. I got thirty five offers. Inever visited. I visited one school and that was wake forest, onlybecause my father wanted to visit his friend that was living down in the areaand we drove and we and we drove. We drove down there to go andI went nextually, Billy Packer was actually there at wake forest when Ivisited, and bones mckinney. Bones mckinney was the coach, but I didn'tI didn't like the living facilities. I mean it was a dorm where youhad to go down the hall to use the bathroom that everybody use. AndMiami, where I end up going, had two bedroom apartments, so twoguys in each bedroom with the fully, you know, kitchen, living room, in the dining room. It's really, really nice. It was much nicer, you know, in the bathroom. So I just like the living facilities. But more importantly to me, as I had a high school coachthat I couldn't stand, that I actually I actually was quitting the team andmy father and brother maybe go back because the guy was just insane and screamerHoller and yelling and all and I told him, I said I'm not goingto deal with this, and they said now you got to stay because youget a scholarship and you got a chance to be a really good player,and so I went back and tolerated this guy who later on became, Ithink, involved at Rutgers University or some place, and I think I heardlater on that one time he was threatening to jump off the top of thefaculty building or something. I don't know, but I was he was just hewas crazy. I mean yeah, one game, one game I playedin the Varsity game. He didn't like the way we played and I hadfallen and you know, I don't know if you ever got a hit pointer, you know after that go yeah, and then it cools down that getsa little stiff. So I hit that one in the Varsity game, latein the Varsity game and he made us as a penalty because he didn't likethe way we play. Play the first quarter of the JV game. SoI had to play the first quarter of the JV game. I fell andhit the other hip, so I had to hit pointers after the game.I lived four blocks from school. Took... half an hour to walk home. I could barely I could barely move my legs to do it. Itwas painful. Into and then we had we played that Roselle team, thatthe powerhouse team I just mentioned earlier, and we get we got beat badlyby them at their place. They come to play us and so we allof a sudden said we's going to put some stuff in and run some morestuff for me or whatever. So they do that and we wound up losing, I think of only by eight, ten points or something. I meanit was actually a pretty pretty game, a pretty good game. Yeah,they were undefeated team and so and he comes in the Locker Room and startscreaming and how I was so sick and tired of setting up things for youwith the vice. I I thought the guy was out of his mind athome. As I'm done, I said this is insane, I can't dealwith this guy. And and so I had. I sucked it up andgot through it on four, you know, and was able to get a scholarshipand go on from there. But so my biggest thing going to collegewas I wanted a coach that I really, really liked who played a brand ofbasketball that I felt was going to be conducive from my style of playand which was to be able to run, because I was always very quick.I was quick and fast, and big difference between the two. Rightand I had both. I was quick and fast. I actually could beatthe guards, usually in sprints. And so University of Miami was there.I looked at what they did that he was a former pro player. Theyplayed pro style basketball, man the man defense, get it out, run, high scoring team, and the coach was great. He came and visitedand I really liked them a lot and of course he wound up being myfather in law later on, but I really like them and and we playedthat style. So I basically had four years of being in the Minor LeaguesTraining for the NBA and he taught me so much. I mean just thinkabout this. In one thousand nine hundred and sixty four hundred and sixty fiveseason, with no three point shot, our team average ninety nine points agame. Holy smokes. Yeah, Ninety nine points again, and I'd sayit's amazing to me that I was able to score all a thirty seven orwhat it was a game and lead to cut se scoring, because I hadthree guys at my team, all Indiana guys, Rick Jones from Muncie Indiana, junior g from the Godie Indiana, and Wayne back there from Flora Indiana, and every one of those guys. In fact, I actually had anotherone, John Damn Beer, from Indiana as well, Louis D have beerscousin, who was just the greatest long distance jump shuter I'd ever seen tillI saw steph curry, and amazing shooter but he wound up getting hurt.But anyway, those guys thought they were in range when they crossed half court. Right. If we had two three point we had the three point shot, just no doubt my mind. We would scored a hundred and ten easy, easy. Your average, your average possession was about seven seconds. Iknow, we was. We know, after a made basketball, up thefloor, go. I mean we I mean yeah, we had some realsuper high scoring games. You know, some of the Games that people slowedit down on all food. Somebody else was crazy enough to play with usor a wee could dominated we grown up a hundred and thirty. You know. So it was. It's crazy. Yeah, so how how would youguys do? Somebody try to slow it down like that? It's just playingbetter. You for getting, Bress. Yeah, you can put pressure onme, try to get steals, to try to force them to have toknow, not just be able to stay out there and hold the ball anduse up all the time. So so did you? Did your coach inMiami make you get I mean, you had to be in great shape toplay that kind of Oh yeah, exactly. So that's it. Were Kid.Is that where your mindset was? Of when you how to get inshape and how to stay in shape, because that's what you had to do, you know, in Miami with that kind of team and up and downthe floor that munch. Yeah, well, I always just in good shape.I mean I was worked out and make sure I could run all day. I mean that was a big advantage. So you don't want to get tiredlate in the game. You want to still have your energy and stillhave your explosive this and not get tired legs, because if you get tiredlegs and basketball, it's going to have a dramatic impact on your shooting,especially if you're a jump shooter. Right, Ricky, Rick and what point inyour college career did you really have a good idea? You know what, I think I can make it to the next level in might you.In my it was my sophomore year we could play again Varsity, so Iplayed on a freshman team and then in my sophomore yearn't playing with a guyby the name of Mike McCoy, seven foot center, who was a greatshooter. He was one of the first big seven foot guys ever, sowho really was outside shooting. He would flourish intodayg's game because all the guyswant to shoot outside anyway. But he would shoot from outside. He wasnot a post up player. Okay, well, and so and so theLakers came to scout of loomos, the general manager at the time of theLos Angeles acres, comes out to scout him when I was a sophomore,and they asked him, do you think McCoy can make it in the NBA? He said I'm not sure about McCoy doing y'sus, but I'd tell youone thing. He says that Kid Barry's going to be a great pro player. So that kind of pumped me up a little bit to hear the longsize was Lakers general manager say that. You know right, that is awesome. That is awesome. And then you go into the draft. What's thatdraft process like, because that's a joke. Back then it was a joke.I mean, you know, they didn't have a big thing where everybodygets together. I'm I was drafted. I was actually doing something in NewJersey at my high school that I was going to and I got a phonecall and just the whant to say once it's win to call you let youknow that we just we just drafted. It was a chair manager. Okay, great, that's my thanks. Second...

...of the wall, that second pickoverall. Yeah, and they although I think that's what it was. Ithat's the only time in the history of the League that they took the worstteam in the east and the West. That was the Knickson, the warriorslip the coin, the winner one first and fourth, the loser second thethird. They've never ever done that before. And the next one they they theirmistake. They took Bradley. I never forgave him for that. Yeah, then and then I heard that they took me, but somebody else saidthey might have said had so I don't know. But it really didn't matterbecause they had the second in the third picks. And then the nixt tookDave stalworth from which Ita State, in the fourth pick, and you know, he was a really nice player as well. And so that's kind ofhow how that evolved. And then they offered me Twelvezero five hundred dollars.That's a lot of money back then and and I I'm not not not alot of money really. I had to make the team and so no agentsor anything. So I negotiated it up to fifteen and got a three thousanddollars signing bonus and I was as happy as a pig and slop. Icouldn't believe that something was going to pay me Fifteenzero dollars to play basketball.Well, I know. Were the KNICKSURE team grown up? Oh Yeah,and that's why I did. And the Irish and that Irish owner of theteam at the time, you know you're going to draft Barry because you knowI was a leading scorer in the freaking country and Bradley was overdoing his thingand they said he's too skinny and flaky, and I go, wait a second, I say you might be right, but I don't appreciate you even sayingyou know. And so I had a lot to pride, a lotof big, big high scoring games against the Knicks. I never forgot whathe had said to me and I made him pay a dear price for notdrafting me. So, yeah, so when you go and you play theKnicks, you go to the coach and say, Hey, coach, youknow I'm going to get the ball. When I get it, I'm gonnaknow I'm going to make them pay. Ever said that. I just play. I was a score. I was going to score points and do stuff, but I just really focused in and I just wanted to make sure thatI was ready to play and fortunately I usually had pretty good games. ThatI just had to happen to have some outstanding games against the Knicks. Imean a number of fifty plus point games. Do you do you think that,you know nowadays college a lot of great players like yourself would be areone and done. What do you think that would have done for your career? Differently, if you would have been a oneandone guy at my am Iwouldn't have been ready. I wouldn't have been ready to go. Do youthink a lot of guys are ready now for years of training to play prostyle basketball? Just think about how many rookies committed the league that you canthink of a bet? You can't even make any other than me, whocame into the League as a rookie and made first team allpro. No,I don't know why. I agree it train, I trained. I here'sthe thing. When I came into the NBA as a rookie, it waseasier for me to play in the NBA than it was in college because incollege the other teams entire defense was geared to shut me down. Right.Okay, here's the thing. But they don't understand is is that you cannever shut down of a score. You can shut down the shooter, butyou can't shut down a score. When I hear these guys on TV,especially when it's a former athlete, former player, say no, but he'sa lockdown defender. Trust me, if you're a score, there's no suchthing as a lockdown defender. A defender can't lock down a score. Hecan lock down a shooter, but not a score. Who's the greatest scoredtoday? Do you think Lebron's pretty unbelievable? Obviously you know. JEANIS is istough. Steph curry is unbelievable. I mean a mean clay. Imean, for what he does, clay is probably the most efficient scorer thatI've ever seen. I mean some of the things this guy's done. Youknow what? Thirty six or seven points in one freaking quarter, I mean, and then I think he scored some ridiculous number of points and had theprobably the least amount of dribbles. I mean, this guy has a catchand shoot or one dribble. I mean he's an amazing. He's an amazingscorer. Plus, see, he can shoot the three, he can hitthe midrange shot, he can go to the basket and he's a great freethrow shooter. And steph is the same way. And so the only thingLebron lacks is LE bronze not a great free throw shooter. Never has been. His biggest flaw is always been a shot. And you know, Imade a big deal about it when he was in the League a couple ofyears and I kept talking about it and finally the Cleveland Press Calls Me Up. I said, I said, I guys, I've been talking about forthree freaking years. You technically this long to call me up and ask meabout it. I said the guy has one of the worst shooting forms ever. It's a tragedy that disc kid, is great as he is, hasnever had anybody teach him how to shoot the ball with proper shooting for him. I said, maybe that's guy's equalizer, because the thing is, if hecould shoot the ball with great efficiency, it'd be a joke. He's almostunstoppable as it is right now. Just imagine if the kind of wasabled to have be a forty percent three point shooter into eighty five or ninetypercent three, you know, free throw shooter, I mean, which he'snever been even an eighty percent free throw shooter. Yeah, I remember seeinga the video, like highlight about two years ago Clay Thompson. He scoredlike fifty two but he only had like four droubles the whole sum yeah,I think I think was more than that. But Yeah, I'm insane and saintlylow number crazy. Yeah, might have been eat or something, butyeahh it was. It was just it was insane. I mean he's everybodytalks about Steph. See about step Steph.

Steph is way better being able tocreate his own shot, but as far as being a quick shooter andas good as shooter, I mean clay is right up there with the bestever. So, Rick, what do you what do you currently doing now? Just do a lot of different business things. You know, I'm aball I still have to earn a living even though I'm retired, because I'mretired from basketball and broadcasting, but I still like to do the broadcasting.But unfortunately they don't like somebody that tells the truth, I guess, andthey never did. And and so yeah, a lot of things. I'm involvedin the medical field and a lot of areas in the CBD world,doing things in the and the power world for people who own in certain statesonly commercial real estate, and I'll hope we start a whole new revenue streamfor them that they never knew about, which it's really very exciting, andgetting ready to come out with another line of a cool product in the CBDworld and just doing a lot of different things. Involved in something called endbank, which is a unique system that can help a lot of businesses out, and just keeping really busy trying to find enough way to go ahead andsubsidize my fishing habit that's my passion is. I who fly fishing and left totake trips that are very expensive to go to fly fish up in Alaskaand I just got back from South America going peacock bass fishing in the Amazon, where you fly fishing for those I did a little bit. My frienddidn't have fly fishing stuff and so you really can't do both of you're goingto do. You know, if you're going to do bait casting and spinning, you can't really do both because the fly fishing you got to be ina different spot and then he so I just said okay, I'll just suckit up and I did the bait casting stuff, which I had never donebefore, and I caught an eighteen pound pecock bass, which is kind ofcool, and he caught a twenty two pounder, which is really neat.But I did. I did catch them on the fly Rod. But Iprefer to fly fish and go to a these know a lot of lage ownersup in Alaska and and go up there. Used to go up there two orthree times a summer, but now I've been fortunate enough to Ice Cubewas nice enough to include me in the Big Three and I've been coaching atthe Big Three in the summers. And so I don't have the time todo that because every weekend, where you know, we're doing, we're doinggames and usually you go to Alask it's a long way to go to onlyFisher like for three days, and so most of the trips out there arelike six day trips and so I could usually only squeeze and one trip theseason. So what about? That's all I love to do. So Oregon, Washington, idahoe been fishing there much or you lost. I I fishedand IDALL. Here's the deal. When you get so spoiled in Alaska andAlaska, and this is no exaggeration, where I go and the way Igo after it, I do everything as as I'd get into it. Okay, you all right, I really immerse myself. So I'm very serious andthe guides know that I will hook on a run, a six day tripin the six days usually a little bit shorter, but I would say three, four and sometimes even five of the six days I will hook a hundredor more. Fish. Wow, wow, so are you? What are?You're just walking the streams, or what are you doing? You flowout walking here. Well, we float, then you get out and you fishsome stuff and then you go in the boats and you get out andthen you do your waiting and then you move to another spot. And thenI've gone out actually in a little smaller raft of guide and myself and bolderand we go up the other way where people don't float down, and we'vedone that. In fact, that day it was so funny because he sayswe'll work. You know, we got to get a hundred, because theyknow it. That's my goal, is to cook a hundred fish. Right, and I said. I said listen, I said, with you and meonly in here with the motor and we can go up to the areaswhere other people haven't gone. If I don't Hook a hundred fish today,I don't know if you're going to make it back to camp right you mightbe walking. So are you? So you we got? We got ahundred so fast. He said, Rick, I think we can get two hundredtoday. I said, let's go for it. And Oh my God, I was tired and we went after he bring that in, bring thatin, you know, switch to fly. Let's go next, spyt and andwe got back to where we get picked up by the by the otherboats to take us back to the lodge and drop off the raft. Andthe only reason I stopped at two hundred and twenty four fish that I havegus twenty four. Yeah, be exhausted. That was all deserved. The glassof Bourbon after that. Well, I don't drink, so I justwent back and just had a good meal and got to sleep. But Iwas tired because I worried butt off. Start Your Day sunny side up atthe Weston Bonaventure Hotel and sweets and enjoy breakfast for two on us. Nomatter how you plan to spend your trip to Los Angeles, start every daywith a hearty meal to kick start your morning. Enjoy breakfast for to onUS each day you stay for reservations, be sure that Promo Code S forb appears in the Promo Code box when making your online reservation at Marriottcom.BACKSLASH LAX BW or call one eight hundred two to eight one thousand two hundredand ninety and asked for a promotional code s for B. Are you adry or wet fly kind of guy? Whatever it takes to catch them bymeans drive flies to me a lot of...

...time. Most of the time,I would say, you know, most of the time you're going to gowest because you're going to go on there and use nymps or whatever. Butright you know, we're do some streamers or what have you. But youknow, it's awesome when that, when the drives are working, because,I mean there's it's nothing more accelarating and watching up freaking fish come up andwhack a fly on the surface. That's so cool, so true to doyou know what time I had? I had I was going for for Grayling, which is cool, cool little fish. And so the water was crystal clearat all. I had one fish, the same fish, five different timesbefore I got them. Really I saw he come up and he missedit. Next time he came up and you can get a little too excitedbecause you got to wait a little bit under dry to give him a chanceto swally. I pulled it out of his mouth. The next time hecame up and he missed the thing again, and every time I watched him goright back down because it was so crystal clear, beautiful. Maybe youknow, three and a half feet water. And so I cast again and herehe on the fifth try I hooked him and got him, and soit's kind of stuff like that that. It's nothing else had happened the restof the day, that little experience there would have been sort of like worstthe whole trip, you know, and and stuff like that is so cool. Yeah, I can imagine being in some of the streams in Alaska toif you don't catch money, you're in a spot that you love to bein and and just, you know, really like being in heaven. Well, it is. It's like dying to going to heaven. It really is. But the thing is it's rare that you go and you're not hooking fish. I mean it's not a matter if you're going to hook him, it'sno matter how many you're going to hook. So and the better, the betteryou get it your technique and skill, because fly fish and gives a skillfor and a hard one. And and the better I've gotten, themore fish I hook because I can get the fly where I need to getit and make the proper presentation. So I mean, it's really really fun. And then I will always learning. I tell the guys give me somepointers, and I've learned all kinds of different type of casts and things tobe able to do and just have gotten better and better at it and justreally enjoyed that experience, ariences. It's a wonderful thing and, like yousay, though, it's my chance. You happen to get a spot andthings aren't going to get some of the place you should go or so spectacular, and that it is really you know, the beauty of God and nature isjust amazing at time. So I have a picture. Hang, I'mlooking at it right no effect, actually, you can see if you look alook at this picture right here. Let me show you this picture.Can you see this? Yeah, wow, that's race Lloyd. That's racefully,my buddy and me fly fish. He could even see the lines there. It's so, so clear. And and that's up in Alaska and weused to go all the time to the entering and we lost his wife,unfortunately, great lady, and then then he found the new lady. Butraymonds border freaking yacht and goes freaking fission in the Bahamas all the time andhe has put up to Alaska with me in a while. So, butwe had my wish for a great look this another look at this is socool. Look at these pictures. I check this one out. Oh whoa, there's that awesome. That is awesome. That's your floatplane. And here's Clifford. Here's Clifford right and they my teammate going there. And then here'sClifford to me again. That's that's awesome. And there's clear fortim me again.You, Clifford, seemed to have a lot of a lot of funout. Oh yeah, this is down to Mexico on my buddies place.Down here too, big fifty plus pound rooster fish. Look at those,those are huge. Oh yeah, that's cool. Yeah, we're some SISwith you. I have been bone fishing and and bone fishing. I waiteduntil my skills got better, because you don't have a cash you forget goingbone fishing. You got to put it right in front of you, gotto put it the right place, the right presentation. They're so get yourskittish and they spook so easy and sometimes, you know, it's hard. Imean at the first time I actually got to do it as Raymond tookme and he spoiled me rotten. Yeah, it was just an amazing experience.I mean he had a boat, narry, whatever it is. Imean it was like in me, I said, Raman, how the hellam I ever going to go bone fishing again after what you just reat tobe too. Would say it was like one of those trips from heaven,you know. I was Oh, yeah, it was, I believe. Yeah, here's here's the other thing I showed. I tell you about myson. Here's what I had made up for him. This is kind ofcool. You're right here. That was what I did for him, whathe wont to Oh yeah, right, you can see all of that.Rich. Here's sons. Your son's also fish. I took. Took myson, Canyon, the one that just showed you the picture of. Itook him fishing when he was like thirteen. He caught nine King Salmon in atwo hour period of time. And so after, as I said,son and a fly Rod, I said to want to go again some time? He said yeah, but I said do we have to catch those bigones all? I said, son, do you know what people would pay, how much money they would pay to catch nine King Salmon? I freakingfly Rod, but he did. There a lot of work dad, buthe yeah, but he really wasn't into it. And I took my wifeone time and my wife caught a fish and I was waiting for years totry to catch a thirty against fresh water fish up in Alaska and hadn't gotit. And my wife I took her off the first time she ever gone. She touched to thirty six inch freaking chart. They put it on thecover and their brochure and on their website. I got S and it's and she'sI said wow, you like he says now is all right. Isaid what, you want to go again?...

She's well, maybe in five years. I was about nine years ago. I think so she does have togo again and I do have my other semi. I know my sonscrewter really would like to go with me sometime, but he's got, youknow, a family and kids growing up and haven't been able to do that. And hopefully before I die. My goal is, you know, Iget a chance to do that with some of my other boys, but mymy goal in life is to be one hundred years old and go be healthyenough to go fly fishing in Alaska. That's that's what you have to havegoals in life. That's my goal. That that that's a pretty darn goodgoal. How about grandkid? You getting grandkids? Eight, heyre eight grandkids. Yeah, they grant kids. I like to take them. Someof them want to go and I just is the matter trying to figure outone to be able to do it and have an opportunity to spend the timewith them and to do that. But that's that's my passion. That Ilove. That plane, pickle ball. I mean, I still play somegolf, but you know, I used to be a one handicapped Golfer.The Golf is too frustrating, it is too difficult to be fun, especiallywhen you're a perfectionist. It's just way too hard. Yeah, if youif you don't go with that mindset where you can just go out and havefun, Golfs, not like if you think you're going to go out andhave a great day and shoot, you know, even par, it's kindof there's something that's going to drive you nuts. I know it'll. Doesn'tmatter. The better you get, more frustrating it becomes, because the moreyou expected yourself in the more difficult it is to maintain that level of performance. I as Tris Good Jack Nicholas, about two and a half months agodoing something and I said Jack, correct me if I'm wrong, because I'mtelling all my friends. I said, look, golf is one of themost difficult sports you can ever play and it's a sport that can never bemastered. And my correct or not, he said absolutely correct. Never,I'm never. This is the greatest Golfer in the history of the game tellingyou you can't master this. Hey, you just got to be better thanthe next guy. Well, that's no. That's when you go fishing and ifa bear's chasing you just got to be definitely it's right, exactly.We tell that story a bit. A Lot. Hey, as far aseating fish, what's your favorite fish ty eat? I like fish that don'ttaste like fish like Calib I like Halibit, I like rock fish. There's onethat's called yellow, yellow eye, and I'm telling you, you canonly get one. It's such a shame if they just stupid rules that theyhave and all you're fishing down hundreds of feet and you don't even know ifyou get when you bring it up, and all you can only keep oneand tp of it's going to die. You can't even if you don't keepit's gonna die because you can't go back down, I mean, and soyou just throw it back in. I guess the one you know feed theother animals or something. I don't know, but that's really tasting. I meanthat's a beautiful fish with sweet and you know, I think it's betterthan Halibit, to be honest with you. But I like those kinds of fishthat you know, that are don't taste. Some no, no realfishy taste at all. You know. I if Salmon's prepared properly, it'sgood, as long as when you get done, you scrape all of thatdark stuff off the bottom part of it and all, but I'm not eatingmy life and are not uge salmon fans. But my friends love it because I'llbring home salmon when I go up to Alaska, and then people whoinvite us over and we'll bring salmon and they'll cook something else for us,and so they're fright to get the same. We'll bring you the salmon, butmake something else for us. Yeah, exactly. All Right, Rick.So one of the last things we do on our shows we have anepisode called a segment called no huddle. We fire a bunch of questions atat you. That's a twenty four second clock on my show, on mywarriors twenty four podcast, right, right exactly, a second clock. Thatmy producer and my mind, that my produced. Well, used to bemy producer when I worked to KAMB are. Cyrus Ache seeks, an award winningjournalist and he's my cohost, and so he always throws a twenty foursecond deal out me and throws a question that I never know beforehand. Soit's kind of yeah, so we got a two minute drill. So we'regoing to move the ball down the field. So go ahead, day. Whatse no, the way. Second is that the two minute drill whenit basically is to play the two minutes to try not to lose. Ordo you should you have the t minute drill we actually try to win football. Is The dumbest thing ever that I see these people stop doing what theywere doing to get to that point and they stopped doing and they start thistwo minute bullshit and they let the other team back in the game and loose. Well, that's why we always sorry. nexts my observation as well. Wesay prevent defense has it prevents you from winning. That's what we alwayssaid on the right yeah, to minute drill, okay, yeah, we'rejust going to drop our safeties. Twenty fire away deep, yeah, goahead. Yeah, okay. Rick, in your time as a player,what defender gave you the most problems? Nobody. The Guy was the toughestdefriender I had in most committed was a guy by the name of EC Coleman, who's at AC Coleman play for the for the New Orleans and New OrleansJazz. Actually was a teammate honey Houston, which is nice because I didn't haveto have guard me. But one time when he was guarding you toSuperdome, I'm walking towards the huddle and he's following. Mean I turned restedEC him. Sorry, but you can't come to the huddle me. Hewas so committed to guarding me to the point that he actually was detrimental tohis team, because if I had the ball and my teammate was open rightnext to me and I gave him the ball, he's getting a wide openshot because HEC was not going to leave me. Was it? What wasit? What was his key? Was He just he was just so UNUsminute. He was just committed to want to try to play. No,I love guys are wanting to be aggressive, because that's easy to get him tomove. I just need to get Malin a little bit. Sometimes thehardest guy to beat as a bad defender right because they're back because they're stupidhow to do it. I can't get...

...him to react. When they shouldbe reacting something, they're not reacting to it because they're pat defenders. BuyWhat's your biggest pet peeve? Probably the lack of calling the game the wayit's supposed to be called, you know, carrying the basketball, traveling with thebasketball, you know, moving screens, all these things that the officials letgo, which gives an advantage to players that they should be given anadvantage to rank. If you were MBA commissioner for a day, what rulechange would you make? Huh? I never probably turned the game into twohalves. First Half Council point, the Second Half Council point. Then you'dhave more exciting games and I do away with the they should have done thisa long time ago. They should have a maximum salary that any player couldget, and by that I mean, let's say it's too sincere, obsceneamount that I never heard million of my contracty go. But let's say it'stwo million dollars, and that's where an agent can commend. Now, soSteph Carey gets US two million dollars. So now how many games realistically,and this is where you negotiate, can this team win if we stay healthy? So let's say it's fifty. Four conversation. So okay, so fifty. So let's say. So steph Carey is then going to get seven hundredzerodollars for every victory that the warriors get on top of his two million.Right, right, and he can go five over that, let's say,if you know whatever. And so then the other guy who's playing now.He might have a contract that he might be getting four hundred thou or threeHundredzero, and he might get five thousand of things. So it's all negotiable, but what happens is that every player has money on the line for everygame they play, which is the way professionalism should be. It should bethat way in football, should be that way in baseball, it should beany team sport, in hockey, that every game has money in the linefor every player participating. That's true professional sports, where the guys are goingto play every game as if it's the last game of seven game in thefinals of the championship, because you have money on the line and a guywho gets hurt is going to rehab his ass off because if he doesn't getback to play, the team's losing ease cost and him a lot of money. Right. Yeah, have the to the two worst teams in the Leaguecan play the last game of the season and they're going to play a competitivegame because everybody has money on the line. Yeah, I know, I lovethat idea. I love that idea you got. It's a great headof it. I love it all right. So if you could go back andtalk to a young Rick Berry? What would be ten words of adviceyou would give them? If I could have where I am today and havemy wife and my son and the friends and everything that I have in lifeand make one choice that I'd made that I would not make, it wouldbe I would leave the NBA. Left the end. Wouldn't have left theNBA. Yeah, now you know what, Rick, that's sounds familiar. Notthat I had your career, but I played fifteen years and we leftthe NFL and I could have went right into coaching or doing something else init. I said I need a break from it and I took too longoff. Trying to get back in for me has been way too difficult.So I totally understand that. Yeah, all right, Rick, going backto your days as a hurricane, give me the Mount Rushmore of Hurricane Sports. You can include yourself. Well, no, I mean they always hadsome great players. I mean they've had a number of guys who would becomehall of fame players. I mean I was just on the phone last nightactually with Michael Irvin, and you know Ted Hendricks is a buddy of mine. I mean said, they've had some great players and especially in football.Alex Rodriguez, I think, was down there from that mistaken Yeah University ofMiami Baseball. So it had some great swimmers, some Olympians. So there'sbeen a lot of great athletes down there. I don't think anybody has done anythingreally in basketball. No one else has really done much coming out.There's a few guys have wind up going on and making it into the NBA. But you know, the guy who was the big guy when I wasthere play for the forty niners, you might remember. And Guess who was? George Myra, who left the universe in Miami, played and played forplay for the forty niners, and so there were a number of number ofguys that were there. But you know, all that stuff is meaningless. Everythingof that is subjective. My thing is is all I know is Iwent out and I played as hard as I can play in every game Iever played, and I can honestly say that there's only one quarter of onegame but I ever played that I wasn't mentally ready to play. What quarterwas that? It was just a quarter of one game during the season onetime. I had some things going on personally in my life and I wasso mad at myself because I usually I have the capacity, or not thecapacity, but the ability, to compartmentalize things. A lot of people,I found in the life don't have the ability to do that. You haveto take certain things and you have to stick them in the back, onthe back burner, and you don't let those things come in to disturb whatyou're trying to accomplish you or to effect what you're trying to do. Andyour focus, and that's a big word in life, is being focused.I mean, I toll as a coach. I said, look at I knowguys. I can get you to play hard, because if you don'tplay hard, you're not going to play. But if you're playing hard and you'renot focus, you're going to be a half to step late and halfto step lade. Basketball is going to...

...kill you, you're going to getdestroyed, and so the biggest thing is to make sure that you're a focusedmentally, and it's not easy to do. That's why in Golf, you know, it's so much more difficult golf. They have to be focused for fourmore hours, so focused in laser sharp. That's why tiger was sogood. He was so good at that and that's why he was so dominantfor so long until he had the physical injuries. It's the mental part ofthe game and people tend to overlook that and a lot of players can't stayfocused for extended periods of time. And Hell, you're onready asking the guyin and then be a game to do forty eight minutes and most players don'tplay forty it the only played thirty six. So you're asking a guy to befocused for three quarters of a freaking game and they can't do it.I mean, that's that's very sad. Really, it's not really really reallyis. Hey, what what quarter was that in that game? Was itthe beginning? First Order? Yes, the frame order, and you gotgot over it. And Yeah, I know I was. I was somad at my if I could have kicked myself in the butt, I wouldhave done it. So Rick, one last thing. What would you tellall of our guests that, you know, with all this covid nineteen going on, a lot of people have lost their jobs and people are listening toour show to kind of help them through all this, but a lot ofunemployed. What would you tell these people that have to make these big transitionsin your life. We've all made them. What would you what some advice youwould give them? Well, it just, I think, have tobelieve that God has a plan and everything in life happens for a reason andthere's a lot of times, and this is probably one of them, whereyou're going to say, why in the world is this happening at to meright now, and it may take a considerable length of time before you getthe answer as to why this is happening to you. I've had this happenedon numerous occasion in my life. Effect I say it's so much my oldestson, scooter, bought me something a father's day one time. If it'sa big sign to hang on my one my home up in Colorado Springs,it's everything in life happens for a reason, and it really is true. Andeven though you can't see and it's basically like you're in that tunnel andthere's no light, they're showing up. Eventually a lights going to show upand sometime down the road you're going to realize that something's going to take placein your life that wouldn't have taken place had it not been for what you'regoing through right now. Dealing with this unfortunate situation that exists today in theworld, and so you just have to believe in that and the usually oldcliche you have to learn to play the hand. You're delt right awesome.Well, Rick Dave, and I really appreciate you joining us in the huddletoday and and being on with with us on huddle up with gusts. Sothank you so much for sharing you know, in this time, and hopefully wedidn't take up too much of your time. I was happy to doit and they know they try to get me in the huddle. When Iwas at the University of Miami, football guys used to go out run pastpatterns and stuff and I could catch everything and I was quick and fast andelusive and all. And I said and the coach that what is this?They heard that the football. You're going out and you're trying to go outfor football, but you crazy, I said, were you hearing that from? I said, Hey, the only way I play football is if theymake it to hand touch. You're right, because they had some big guys downin Miami exactly right now. I was a skinny little guy and theyboth would hit me and one would have grab one leg woman to grab theother. Words that make a wish ha awesome. So I thanks for joiningus again, Rick, ever great. All right, guys, take care. God bless you and your listeners and hang in. Their folks will getthrough this all right. Thank you, Rick. Thank you. Say You. Guys. Hey, we want to thank you for joining us today onHullo up with guests, where we talked to a wide range of guests abouthow sports shaped to life. As always, I'm joined by my great friend andCo host, Date Hagar, and we want you to be able tofollow us on all of our social media at huddle up with Gus and wereally appreciate you and thank you for your time and listening to our podcast.

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