Huddle Up with Gus
Huddle Up with Gus

Episode · 1 year ago

Merril Hoge


Merril Hoge joins Gus and Dave in the Huddle but at somewhere new! Tres Rios Pittsburgh, on Carson Street was celebrating their 3rd birthday and invited us in. Tres Rios has amazing authentic Mexican food and some of the best drinks in town.  Merril was a great interview and shared some amazing stories from the moment he feel in love with football to catching gophers on farms in Idaho. Ever since Merril was eight-years-old, he dreamed of being a professional football player. Growing up in a small town in Idaho, the goal seemed unrealistic. But Merril didn’t just dream about this goal. From that young age, he used the words “Find A Way” to take action to overcome any obstacle and to attain any goal. Today, as he continues to strive towards his own goals, he also uses his Find A Way philosophy as a parenting tool, and challenges his children, Kori and Beau, to Find A Way to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and take ownership of their lives. Merrils stories are endless and too many to write but I think you will find his Donnie Shell story very intriguing. He brings relentless passion to every endeavor and showed Dave and I what a leader looks like in the Huddle! You can learn more about Merril on his Website:   See for privacy information.

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