Huddle Up with Gus
Huddle Up with Gus

Episode · 10 months ago

Matthew McConaughey


When I played for The Washington Football Team (Redskins), I used to see Matthew every once in a while at games or our team facility. He was a big fan of the Redskins and we were a big fan of his too. I was excited to find out that he agreed to join me in the Huddle to talk about our past and his new book, Greenlights! I listened to Greenlights because it was narrated by Matthew and it was good to hear his voice but before we talked about his book we discussed the time we spent together in Washington DC and how he became a redskin fan living in Texas. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Please go to his Greenlights website to order his book or buy Merchandise. Please visit his Foundations website and donate to help children. Everyone knows his career but just in case you don't here is Matthews IMBD Bio..   See for privacy information.

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