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Huddle Up with Gus

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Ken Harvey


Joining me in the Huddle this week is my longtime friend and teammate, Ken Harvey! Ken is a fantastic person and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. He grew up in Austin, Texas. Shortly after attending U. C. Berkeley, he was drafted in the first round, 12th overall, of the 1988 NFL draft by the Arizona Cardinals. There he played six seasons until signing with the Washington Redskins in 1994. He was selected to his fourth straight NFL Pro Bowl in 1997 and ended his career with 89 sacks, averaging 8.6 per season. Ken retired just before the start of the 1999 season.

In 2002, Ken received the prestigious honor of being nominated in the Washington Redskin's highest accolade as one of "80 Greatest Washinton Football Players." Shortly after receiving that honor, he was chosen and inducted into the "The Washington Football Club Ring of Fame at Fed Ex Field." He was nominated five consecutive times for the NFL Hall of Fame.

Ken is an author of several books and screenplays. He is currently co-authoring a children's book with American actor, artist, and former American football player, Terry Crews. Ken is now a Marketing Associate for Fellows Financial group.

His speaking portfolio includes sharing his insights and volunteering his time and talents to support the following


• High tech prayer breakfast. – Testimony

• Silke Endress Ambassador Award Reception – International unity

• Altria – Teamwork

• NFLPA conference - Transitioning

• HIDTA High-intensity drug trafficking area – Communication

• TedX Ashburn - Overcoming

• Collective [I] – Sales, Artificial intelligence

• Department of threat reduction agency – Diversity / Black History

• Touching Heart Family Gala – Charitable giving

• Lambardi Cancer foundation - Charitable giving

• Nasa – Sports/ Fitness in Space

• 2018 Volunteer Reston service award – Charitable giving

• Loudoun Chamber – Leadership

• Great Fall Chamber – Leadership

• Joint Base Anacostia Bolling – Teamwork

• INS corporation – Security/teamwork

• Watkins Award – MC

• Engineering youth conference- George Mason. – Setting yourself apart

• Spokesperson with Redskins as Director of Responsibility

• Co–captain of Congressional football game

• Co-Captain of Rivals golf event- Former Washington player vs Former Cowboy players

His journey was not the typical path and he realized that too much is given, much is required. He donates much of his time to others and has currently been named to the board director of Touching Heart.

Thank you, Ken!!!!

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...stuck in by themselves. I think a lotof people are kind of or at least hopefully are getting a glimpse ofthose who are kind of shut in and really have nobody. So. Right. No Iagree. I agree. You know, and especially for our kids right? Our kidseven with the new technologies coming out, our kids haven't you've seen ityou're our kids are a little older now but the kids that we see today, youknow a lot of technology staying home not getting out like we used to. Sowhen you were a kid, when you were young growing up in texas, tell meabout the first time you fell in love with sports and what that memory wasfor you. You know, nice segue man, your professional. I like that. So so here'sthe deal. It wasn't so much I fell in love I was to get your butt out thehouse, quit watching T. V. And go play football. So don't come home till it'sdark, right? And that's that's like most parents right there like you know,you spend too much time watching Tv, you need to go do something withyourself and get outside and I think that was probably the best move my myparents made. This is papa on the football and I'm out playing and um youknow you get a chance to develop as a young man, especially if you have agood coach and we had a good coach in in the sense that you know if you'relate everybody was late and everybody ran, you know, you start learning someof those disciplinary things that would take you throughout life. And so eventoday I hate being late just for that reason. Yeah. You know, you know what'sfunny ken is uh, I have one recurring nightmare, It's not really a nightmare,but I was late one time to a meeting because Anne was pregnant and I stayedwith her as long as possible and I had to drive up when we were in FrostburgMaryland and I walked into that team meeting late and you know, North didn'tfind me or anything, but I remember that me and I still have that nightmarewalking into that man is the only time I was ever late in the NFL. Yeah, Imean it's, it's, you know, it's a good thing, there's some good quality and Isay good coaches because I've seen a lot of bad coaches out there, you know,especially with the youth, but there are a lot of good coaches and, and ifyou understand and realize the the responsibility, you have not just exitand those but in shaping young people's lives. I mean I I think that's reallyimportant. I've seen some really good people do some really good things theleast push you in the right direction. So those are you know those are somefun memories of early childhood me playing football. Yeah. So did you playany other sports? So I didn't play, I played not for a teen but basketball.We lived right next door to a school and so you know they had the basketballcourts outside every night. Me and my brothers used to go out there and playbasketball and I had a pretty good vertical. You know my shooting game waswith suspect but I you know I had about 36 38 inch vertical. You don't have toshoot when you can dunk every night so you can jump. And I had I had a goodshot together. We all made a team is like five of us at every, every youknow, a couple of nights we all get together and we were all playingchallenge people that was like our territory playing people on thatbasketball court. And so you know I sometimes you wonder like people puttheir kids in one sport and that's your sport for the rest of your life, allthese other sports, develop other muscles, develop other techniques andso it's sometimes good to spread it around. Um But basketball was my otherthing uh as an adult bowling uh you know like the ball a little bit and uhand then the martial arts, I did that for a minute. Well you know what elsewhen you're a kid and you you like that right? So you're out there with yourbrothers and your playing that sport also develops your trash talking game alittle bit because you know, there's another team comes in from the littletown over you're gonna, you're gonna be like, okay, this is our turf. So Iremember a lot of that like, you know, hey, we're gonna get into this game andlike a guy that you always were arrival with like playing like and your samecourt all the time, all of a sudden your teammates and you're going tostand up for each other. There's just...

...things that you learn as a kid when wejust go to a court like that, that I just feel like kids missed today. Theydo, I mean, you know, I mean you don't want to come across preaching oranything, but they are because our parents probably said that about us,right. You know, there are some things that are missing. But the thing is, isthat I think we're realizing that without the physical touch, withoutthat that camaraderie without all this stuff, there's only so much thattechnology can do. And so looking at a person, you know, even if you go tosize, right, our brain picks up on thousands of images, every everymillisecond, right? And you think it's just one thing, But it's the smell.It's the sites, it's the sound. It's everything that's out there. And on avideo, there's only so many things you can pick up when you're out there witha person, man. It's the greatest thing. And you learn values. You know,sometimes after a game you may hate this person, but then you learn how toshake hands afterwards and say, all right, it's a good game. You learn inrespect of people that, you know, some of those good good values type things.Yeah. Because when you were in that court, you didn't have a coach, youdidn't have your parents there, you didn't have some referee, right? Youjust, you just figured it all out yourself. Sometimes you have to get,sometimes you have to throw the boat, you know, you got, you got into a fightevery once in a while and then you have to decide, am I going to go back? Youknow, there are a lot of things out there, but that's, you know, that'slife. And I'm not, you know, being negative against this generation, justuh, you can't just be reliant on any one thing so much that it's all yourlife. And uh, you know, that's kind of, you know, that's, that's just life.Well, yeah. You know, and like for me, I remember growing up, my dad was justthis tough guy, right? He was a middle guy, he was just this tough guy.Remember these two older kids can't beat me up, took my bike, I went, youknow, sulking back home crying, my dad's working in the garden, I said,dad, you gotta help me, These guys took my bike and he goes, don't you comeback here until you get that bike back? I'm like, you're not going to help me?He goes, no, you're gonna go figure it out for yourself, go get that bike back,because I don't want you home until you get that bike back. So it's like, well,you know, I'm walking around the neighborhood trying to figure out whereit was, and they put it up in the tree, so I had to climb up like 10 ft in thetree, drop it out, then go, you know, I got it home. Like I would rather goface those guys again, they go back and face my dad. I mean those are coollessons, unfortunately with the times that we're in, right, people don't,people don't put bikes and trees anymore, They come back, wait for you.And so when they have a gun, you know, it's just different times, differentthings that you got to deal with. But you know, I would always tell peoplethere's value in sports and when people, you know, you hear that, you know, shutup and play. You know, it's not just shut up and play. You gotta realizesports is an integral part of our society. Even with covid, if we didn'thave sports on Sundays or those days during that, during this year, longtime, people would have went crazy. You know, they were like we needed sometype of sense of normalcy to feel like we were doing something in sports. Youknow, definitely provided that for some people. Well, you know, and for me itwas the N. B. A. And I loved watching the bubble when it was happened duringCovid because it gave us something to watch and it was exciting. It wasalways going on. Like I felt they did a good job trying to keep everybodytogether, you know, and understanding how to deal with a pandemic and thengiving us something that we could watch, nobody else was doing that. I thoughtwas a really good job. I mean, could you imagine if it was just movies? Imean movies and all that stuff is great, right? But you want to see somethinglive, you want to see something that's happening, You want to see heroes andpeople that you can cheer for abou against, you know whatever. Even w w ww we now you know they were doing stuff I mean there's we just needed that andI think there's there's value to it uh that people sometimes underestimate uhI can I can only watch the transformers and Avengers I know right? I hate so soI have to watch them on my own. Get out...

...of here. Really when Annie watch themovies they have to be sad, dark crying movies. Well I got my I got my I gotJanice. Uh my wife she's addicted or she's not addictive but she she gotinto it so we're really oh yeah big time man, Tell Eddie and she has toread one of my books novels since she likes the Dark Sad. Although yeah yeahshe's um like she's reading like Gunnar's girlfriend got her all theEdgar Allan Poe poems and everything that he's written and she's reading thewhole book and it's like that big right now because she likes the dark. Howabout how about This Once Upon a midnight dreary wallet, pondered, weakand weary over quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. Well,acknowledge something like that, we're going to add the rest for when the show.Look at ken, ken, like cal Berkeley guy right there. So you go on to highschool, did you just play football in high school? Did you play other sports?So I, I played football a little bit, but as you know, I, I dropped out ofhigh school and so I didn't play my senior high school football um didn'tknow kind of which direction I was going to go in my life. Um And so forme, during the time of the drop out here where I'm kinda sitting there inyour dad's like, you know, you know, you're too big to be in this house,just eating up our food, you need to, you need to go to get out, go to themilitary, do something, but you can't stay here, you gotta decide what you'regonna do with your life. And so during this time uh and you're walking aroundand people looking at you like who's this big guy, you're not doing anythingwith your life and you felt, I felt like you know loser, like you know, itdidn't have anything going. Uh I was on my knees praying one night uh and itjust felt like God was saying for me, can you have a purpose? You have adestiny? And I think you know, I try to tell it to people like once you figureyou have a purpose and a destiny. Once you have something to focus on, onceyou have, you know, a desire saying, I am supposed to do something, you have adirection to go. And so I knew I had a direction to go, but that directionthen took some steps of going back, going back to high school to finish up,uh you know, being embarrassed about being a dropout, going back, trying todo that then here and all the negatives, uh you're not gonna, you know, youcan't make it to college, let alone pros. You know, How are you going toget to school? You know, your grades aren't good, you don't have the money,How are you going to get to school? But it's trying to speak that into theworld, into existence, no matter what the world saying, this was my belief.And then everything you start doing is based off of that belief. I wouldtraining nights and you know, I'm gonna be the great, I'm going to be the best,you know, I'm I'm gonna be this uh you know, and then and then I met a guy asthe world would have it. I met a guy in a gym who told me about a juniorcollege in Oakland California and so I end up going to the junior college inOakland California, never been outside of further than I could walk, but savedup a bunch of money. Me and another guy uh went to this junior college inOakland California, played there for two years and did fairly well. Uh got ascholarship to Berkeley and you know, then into the pros did your, when didyou know? Because you talked about being a drop out of high school, so youknow, studying and all that probably like wasn't at the top of your list butthen to go to to go to Berkeley, there had to be a transformation in therebecause it's not even as an athlete you have to study, you have to get intothat school well. So it wasn't that like like I was a smart person uh youknow I mean just saying like like some people are smart right and you just youknow maybe not smart and and subjects or for me like you said it wasn't itwasn't that I was done, I just didn't have good study habits and so it asgoing to the junior college that's where I kind of learned some studyhabits and then your natural ability,...

...your natural like or whatever couldthen be increased because now you have to study habits to go along with it. Soit wasn't the best student. But I was smart probably compared to a lot ofpeople cause I knew a lot of things probably watching T. V. A lot. Uh Itwasn't I just watched junk, I watch a lot of educational shows, I watched alot of insight type shows so smart kid but not I didn't have great habits andthen you go to Berkeley you know you get around people fortunately and youget around people that can help you or if you know you get a group of peoplethat are studying then you want to study or you're pushing study. Sothat's why sometimes good to be with people that or either better than youor trying to do more because they'll bring you along as well. Yeah you knowit's so funny can like our kids they're going through the age of computers andthe internet and and and I tell our kids all the time about how when wewere in college, we literally had to walk across campus to the computer roomto write our papers and they're like, what are you talking about? I saidnobody had a computer in the room, we had to walk across campus. What? So foryou when you were at cal what was that like? Because playing football andgoing to class, that's a full time job. Well, so it is but then also for me, Iwas I was walking around like I'm the most fortunate person in the world. I'mlike, here I am this drop out in high school who everyone said was was donewith Stewart but it's gonna be a loser that you would never make anything ofyourself. Here. I am going to universe California, Berkeley, my God. Then Ihad my wife who's Janice who was there uh then she wasn't in school then, butthat's where we met at, at the junior college. So we were there together, soshe was a big support. And then just, there were just good people around methat helped me out. So, you know, it was, it was, it was cool. But I wasalways looking like how lucky, how fortunate cannot be. Every time Ilooked around that campus, I was like, my God, look at me here I am. So thatthat was the cool cool thing. Yeah. So then you're at Berkeley, you're theretwo years? When was the process where it started like a ken you've got areally good shot of playing in the NFL, So, so my senior year, right? It's it'speople are looking at them and they're saying, you know, you probably getdrafted, but you know, probably weighing the less around. Um, but ourlast game of the year, we went to, uh, we went to Japan, we played theWashington state in Japan, I was most valuable defensive player there. Then Iwent to the Shrine game, which is a postgame college most valuabledefensive player there and I went to Senior Bowl and I was Most valuabledefensive player there. Then I went to the combines and I had a pretty goodcombine at least for that time. It had some good combine stats. And so nowsudden the picture starts doing like, whoa, you know, who is this guy?Because no one really hurt. Berkeley wasn't really known for, you know,massive, great players. They had a couple of great players come out ofthere, but there were always a couple here and there, not just as a school.And so now I sent him on the radar and people are starting to say, well, whois this guy? And I was, you know, and then you start thinking like, wellmaybe I can go high, maybe, you know, 4th, 5th round type of thing. Didn'texpect first round, didn't expect the 12th round, 12 pick of the first round.But as fate would have it that year, everybody was looking for linebackersand Andre Bruce was the first, which was a linebacker was the first persontaken in the draft. So they just kind of, you know, everybody was thenlooking for the next lT. And I kind of fit into that mold to look, you know,Yeah, you fit into it very well. You know what I talked to see real quick. Italked to Bill parcells and he was like, yeah, but you're a little too small tobe one of our linebackers. They're not quite big enough, you know? Well, I seeyou as a third down cover guy because back then the linebackers were 6465 252£160. I was I was 6 to £225 coming out...

...of college. Strong, but not, not big,massive. Big. Yeah, they have such a, I think NFL coaches get such a stigma.Like they need the size and you know, like not everybody fits in that box,like it's gonna be great. Right? Well people people, they'll put people inthe box until someone breaks the mode. Then all of a sudden they need orcircumstances like now you have all these quarterbacks that are, arescrambling quarterbacks. So now, instead of having a big massivelinebackers now you need linebackers that are maybe more quick, quicker ontheir feet, that can pass coverage, all that stuff. So the techniques ofwhatever you have on one side can dictate the other side. I think thatthat's important, but it's also like you said, you can't be put in a box,right, Hussein, vote both. Uh you know, if all you're too tall to be a sprinter,but now everybody's like, oh, you can be tall and be a sprint. He broke thatmold. And that's uh you know, that's that's the cool thing, especially ifyou're that person that breaks the mold. That's really cool. Well, you know, Ilook at like, you know, just being living here in Pittsburgh for a while.I mean, we had they had the Steelers had James Harrison, yeah. You know,he's that outside guy, that three, they ran a 34 He was that out. And I don't Idon't know how tall James was, but you know, like there was no box that he wasin. He was, he broke the mold and you know, sometimes like you can, you canget so caught up on stats and not look at the person because you can't judgesometimes the heart of a person, a person who is willing to do whateverthey have to do to get to that, get to the ball because there's some greatathletes who take time off, you know, who, who don't hustle to the ball, whodon't care about it. Uh, I've always said this is my own little philosophy,but there are three things that can make you great in an NFL and if you canmaximize any one of them, you can be a great player. So one is your physicalabilities. Some guys are just freaks of nature and especially if they busttheir butt, you know, they're at the tent and they can just totally justdominate somebody. There's the guys intelligence, some guys are, they livein the, they've they've done football all their life, they live in the filmroom, they study, they know it so well that they know the play before it evenhappens, maximize that you can, you can dominate your game. And then the thirdis heart, you know, a player with a lot of heart who's willing to do whateverit takes to make sure it happens. You know, he's willing to play specialteams, willing to run across the field where his tongue is hanging out. Youknow, he's willing to do whatever it takes to make sure he's going tocontribute to the team. And if you can be one of those three, you can be, youknow, probably a great good player on your team. If you can be two of thosethree, you're probably gonna be a pro ball player, and if you three otherthree then you're probably a Hall of Famer, That's my philosophy. Yeah, no,I completely get that. And I think the problem is a lot of times, because Ilook at every team has an equal talent in the NFL, and so a lot of times thecoaching doesn't know how to pull one of those three out of those people,right? So if they have a guy with great talent, he might be a little screwed upsomewhere else, and the coaches don't know how to talk to him or deal withthem, or he's having family problems at home, right? We may have a guy with thebiggest heart in the world, but he doesn't have the talent, so you got tobe able to pull all those out as a coach. And I think what a lot of timesis, the coaches don't take enough time to understand the person. Oh, no doubt.I mean, look, you, when we go to training camp, when training camp firststarts it, if you got coaches usually give you two weeks to figure outeverything to learn every technique to adjust yourself and then then you get achance to play and depend on where they put you at. You may you may be on thethird team and everybody around you suspect that you may be a great player,but because everybody around you suspect you look bad, I think coachingplays a huge part of it. And what I feel bad is like some of these collegeplayers coming out of college, it could be great players, but you can tell theyweren't taught technique, you know, they just relied on their naturalability. The coaches just say, well you...

...big just block somebody or your bigjust run. And I mean, I, you know, personally I've destroyed a couple oflinemen just because they do, you mean a couple, well, you know, I'm justsaying, but even in practice training count, you see that there could havebeen good players, but they didn't have the technique that would never talktechnique and they just rely on their strength. And now you go to the pros,these are grown men, who, this is their livelihood, this is a job. And all of asudden, you know, you're coming out fresh and you don't have any technique,They will eat you up Well, I'll give you a great example. So he played withus, he was drafted after I was the next year, Michael, Westbrook. Right? SoMichael, and you know, Michael, Michael was a specimen, tall, fast, could do itall muscle bound, everything. Everything. Yeah. Right. Right. And youknow, and we're out there and practice and he wasn't getting open because he'sgoing against Darrell in two days and and he's out there just trying to fightDaryl and you know, he wasn't getting open. I'm like, dude, Darryl's halfyour size. What's going on? He goes, oh no man, he won't leave me alone. Hejust said, I'm like, yeah, because he's trying to make you better than Darrelleis like, if you're wrestling me, you're not getting open. I'm doing my job. Youknow, like, because Michael just probably was in college having just thetalent, right? I'm bigger than you. I can just run around so I don't, you canpush you around. And then, like you said, you get to the pros, guys aresmart guys are fast guys understand how to get in your head and you got to beable to let all that go and just work and um I feel like uh you know, thatwas probably where Michael had a hard time because you saw that he had someinsecurities, you know, because he got in a fight with steven and and all that,but he had some insecurities. We all have insecurities and I feel like umthe coaches are and maybe some veteran players have to see that because we'reall on the same team, you're all trying to go to the same goal and have achance when you're going to say that it's, you know, some teams have goodmentorship, you know, there are guys that like, my first year in the pros, Iwas getting destroyed by, by the tight end, you know, I couldn't, I couldn't,my thing was a pass rusher in college and I had, they put me against thetight end, I don't know what to do. And it's found this one guy, anotherlinebacker just, you know, he told me a simple thing, he's like, you need toadjust your feet, turn them in a little bit more and that's going to createbalance for you being to explode off more. That little bit of advice madethe difference between me being, me being considered a bust and me beingable to play against in the NFL, that little bit of difference and he tookthe time and I was a linebacker who would potentially take his job, butthat's what mentorship is about, you know, you're trying to make whateverthe next generation better than yourself well, you know, it's kind offunny. I had some mentorship from uh Warren Sapp one time, So I was playingwith the Bengals and um we were playing them. No, maybe it was, no, it was, itwas when I was with the skins and we were playing them and he said, hey gus,I knew when it was a run in the past. This is after the game, we saw eachother by the buses, every time you got under center, I said, how, what do youmean? He goes, your feet were completely different and I studied iton film and every time your feet were one way it was a run and every timethey were another way it was a past. Yeah. And it's like, okay, my coachnever picked up on that or caught that, but warned it, you know, and he came upand he had enough respect for me to to tell me that, which was which wasawesome. And and then that's a small example of how pros, you know, you say,guys are just natural man for someone to to take the time and notice thatsmall thing, it shows that not only were the great athlete, but that theyalso had the intelligence to do the game. And that's kind of, you know,life in itself as well. Well, you know, he's a Hall of Famer. So I think he'dfit into all three of your Yeah. You...

...know, I guess spending money doesn'tcount in that, but and I never I never told you. Uh Yeah, But man, I wouldhave loved to play against you because I ate you up. I was like a big statuestanding back there. All right. I wasn't the runner that was the guy theywere looking for, stand in the pocket and throw the throw that Gaillard allday. The game has changed so much. But you know, and I joke when I say that itcomes down to like for you, for any quarterback, you know, that's therelationship between your offensive lineman. I remember um Trey johnson whowas the offensive lineman and just remember one play where someone hit thequarterback and I mean, he chased the guy down because that was his guy. Youdon't mess with his quarterback. And to me, that is the most respectful thingwhen you get an offensive lineman who take their job seriously, That'spowerful. So yeah, I know that is that is very powerful. Hey, everyone, wewere talking with ken harvey here. Thanks for joining us on huddle up withGus, you can check me out of my website, huddle up with gusts dot com. We'regonna take a quick break. Mhm. Mhm Uh huh Hey, head up with Gus listeners.Manscaped. Well, they sent me uh they hooked me up with a bunch of tools andformulations for their package three point oh kit. Uh so you know, I want toshow you guys what's in the perfect package, right? We all think we got aperfect package, but they sent me the perfect package three point okay. And Iwant to show you what they sent me. So it was crazy. It came in this great box.Uh you know, and you can see what it says. They will thank you because theysent us this awesome trimmer. They sent us uh, you know, stuff that makes yousmell better and then, you know, they sent me this great uh some boxers, youwhat you get, right, protect them. And then, uh, you know, they sent me thiscool. It sat, I guess you want to call it to store all your stuff in. So, uh,it's been great. Manscaped sent me a bunch of product. Um, you know, and youknow, you can see it all on here. Uh, you know, if you can go to Manscapeddot com and put in the code, uh, Gus Frerotte, that's G U S F R E R O T T E.Get 20% off and free shipping when you use that code. But you can get a kit,you can get individual items like, uh, this way cool rumor that has a littleled light, um, ceramic. These things come apart, they're waterproof. You cando a lot with them. So, you know, man scape is great. You know, it's funny. Iremember when I was playing with the Denver broncos and I'm not going tomention any names, but there was a gentleman who was playing on our team.And uh, you know, if he ever hears the story, you'll know exactly what I'mtalking about. But he brought his own clippers in one time and he used totrim his beard up, his goatee and everything and he had him there forabout two or three weeks and he goes in around the corner, he walks in andthere's a person, another player that is actually manscaping with his beardtrimmer. So, you know, one of the things is, you don't want to use thesame trimmer down there that you use up here. So, uh, he kind of freaked out alittle bit and he said, hey, how long have you been using that tool there?And he said, well, showed up here about three weeks ago and I've been using itever since, so you know, there is a lesson learned that, you know, don'tleave things out and probably, uh, if it would have just said manscaped on it,we uh, we wouldn't have had that issue,...

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...they never allow you to talk or they'rejust kind of dull and you're like, you're trying to come up with stuff forthem to ask so that they can have a show something. I just try to make itabout our guests and try to because I think one of the things I always wantedto talk about was the transitions we have through life. And that's why Istart when we were kids because we all get these choices and decisions in ourlife right? That we have to make and they lead to certain consequences. Youknow, and and you're just a great example of that of the beginning ofyour life wasn't easy and you went back, you kind of rebooted and you you yousaid, okay, I'm gonna take control of it and you just didn't. Then you justbecame this amazing person and well, I mean I'm sure Janice Janice had a lotof junior Yeah. I mean, you know, half of it is like like you said, you know,you get even with even with the nonprofit and work with now, it's likewe're plant, you plant seeds and you hope enough of those seeds, our planetin the right place and you hope they're fertilized the right way and you hopethey water the right way to grow up to be what they're supposed to be. Thereare so many things that are out there that are trying to take those seedsaway, destroy those attitudes and so you know, good people like yourself,you know, hopefully me, hopefully whoever can nurture whatever is in thatperson and put them in a positive direction because there are so manythings as you know, that that are out there to destroy people and take themoff course and you know, it's not necessarily someone's fault, whatever,but there's so many things that are out there that just could be negative,Right? No, no, true. I do get long winded and preachy. So, you know, I'mstarting all right, well, and I, yeah, just wait for you to pull the tower.Yeah. My brother got uh, anytime you're ready to jump back in it as a politehand to shut up job brian. Alright. Yeah, Producer. Alright, good at it.Hey, everyone welcome back to huddle up with Gus. I'm joined by my good friend,ken Harvey. We were just talking about some of his times and some things he'slearned from veterans from mentors when he was in, uh, Arizona. Now we're goingto get into a little bit of our time together in Washington. Uh, you know,one of the things I'll say Kenny is I never really appreciated when you would,my wife would come over to your house and you would walk around with just atowel and I didn't appreciate that. I my wife appreciated it. You know, shestill talks about that. Wonder why not only know what to say, That's that's agreat way to give me to shut up. I always try to hug Janice and get youupset. You were like, you know, back I know, get back up. That's why I'm uh,shut your guest up, I don't want to, I could never do that. I can walk aroundwith a towel off now and it will be more like, wow, okay. I'm sure, I'msure it's the same me. It's like, I'm wearing a look, I'm the guy that'swearing a T shirt at the beach. I am that too. But you know, Janice. And I,when we, when we were in college, junior college, we were like, we don'twant to be those people who, you know, we want to be a certain way when we getin our fifties and sixties and so far we're close to it, you know, we gottaups and our downs, but you know, we still, I like the a probably hopefullynot too cocky, but we still look good, not close, you know, I'm not so sureabout me, but uh and he has been working her tail off, she she goes back,she works full time, she takes care of, like, it's amazing in the last year anda half, she's probably lost over £50 she's just herself, love has been greatlately. Well, we uh we both married up.

Yes, of course I did. You know, we bothdid, so we're good, I did, I did. So our time together in Washington, Ialways appreciated it. And you know, you were one of the the incredibleplayers, the most incredible players that the skins have ever had, and youknow, I was just thrilled to kind of hang out with you because I was alittle, you know, I was this kid from Tulsa from winter school, Tulsa fromPittsburgh just, I didn't have a lot of these things, you you had all thisexperience and you were polite enough to always try and share that with me,so I wanted to thank you for that, and uh you know, because we're right in thegames are families got close, um and it was just a pleasure always to be aroundyou and with you, so thank you for that, you know, you're welcome, I mean, I,you know, you look back and I've heard stories like that, and, you know, to meit's just you're just being what you're supposed to be, you know, but but as wetalked, it goes back to me seeing just greatness and everybody, right, that'spotential and I saw it in you and your family, you know, you guys were greatpeople and uh and young and starting off and it's like, man, you know, allthese pressures on your shoulder, shoulders, but but you're doing welland so, you know, we're just friends and that to me was more than anything.Friends. Yeah, that was more than anything, and I think that, you know, Ialways felt like we were so close with the skins, like the one year we wonseven in a row and we had this amazing talent and we were missing something.What do you think we were kind of just right on? So I look back because I usedto look back and regret. I think the one thing that, you know, we'reprobably missing was that like we were, it's kind of like our analogy, we'regood on our natural talent, but we weren't necessarily good at putting itall to going that extra level. Like like we had we never had enoughleadership on all sides to get in your facebecause sometimes you gotta yell at somebody, sometimes you gotta you gottajump somebody sometimes you can do whatever to get to the next point. AndI think also sometimes our coaches tried to overthink things and, and so,you know, you could become smarter than you need to be a football. Ultimatelyit is a basic game, right? You beat the person that's in front of you, youcatch the ball, you do whatever you do what you're supposed to do and you winthe game. I think we got into the exits and those so much sometimes that weforgot basic football, You know, you go out there and you become better thanthe person next to you and uh yeah, that was my thing. I I knew we had goodteams and it hurt because you know, my whole career, I never made it to theplayoffs. So that, that just that was my Yeah, I know, that's hard. I mean Iplayed, you know, how many years did you end up playing 11? You played 11, Iplayed 15 and you know, and to not get to a super like you play all these, youknow, it's almost like Westbrook at uh with with basketball team in inWashington, right? That I mean look at this guy, he just broke Oscar Robertsonlike triple double mark and you know, the guy has never even been to achampionship, like it is hard. Like look at all the time and effort you putin your on the ring of fame in Washington and you've done all thesethings and you're like, and you know, like that year that we were seven andone and I think about it all the time is like that was our year, we had anopportunity. And how did we fall apart at the end of season? That's why Ialways try to figure out like, what was, what were we missing? What do they say?Pressure, burst pipes, You know, sometimes it's the pressure, like, uh,you know, you used to, used to always hear that saying, act like you've beenthere before, and the reality is we hadn't been there before and, and wehad a lot of young people who have never been there before. We just, andwe didn't have enough of top to really push us to get that. And I say we, youknow, I looked back at me and said, man,...

I I could have studied more uh and beena better leader with the team. Um and I always kind of looked at myself andsaid, well my job was to be uh you know, I was a quiet leader and you just do byyour action, but a lot of times sometimes it's not just by your actions,Sometimes you got to grab somebody and pick them up and maybe set them in theright direction and do all that stuff. So I think it's a combination of a lotof it, but you know, it is what it is, right, we were that close, it didn'thappen, you learn from it, There's actually shown netflix called losers Ithink, and it talks about lose people who have lost, but in the end have onebecause they lost. You know, in some through their losing, they end upbecoming winners. And I think, you know, maybe that's us in some ways we lost,but hopefully we want in some ways. Well, I mean, I think you win a lot ofways. Obviously you gain a lot of friendships, you're in a locker room,you get to know a lot of people from different backgrounds that you wouldnever ever meet before. And and in in reality, We got to play the game that we grew upplaying right, 25 years straight for me, I don't know how long you played it,but, you know, you're playing a game that you love, it becomes a job in abusiness, but we played ultimately, you know, I got to do something that I'dlove to do for 15 years. I mean, you know, we look back, we look back, it'slike I've got to do things I would have never probably even dreamed about doingright. I've got to, I've been able to travel to Dubai, I've been able to, uh,you know, talk to NASA and meet the president. You know, the head of NASA.I've got to, I coached a congressional football game with about 30 Congressmembers who played flag football against the Capitol Hill police. I'vegot to do so many things that I probably have never. And then my, mysons, you know, we'll say, oh my my youngest will say the reason we can dowhat we've done is because you guys gave us a vision of seeing all thethings that are possible. And, and to me that means the world. I mean, I'mwaiting for the NFL to do a study on the kids are former players just to see,you know, where they're at, because I think a lot of, a lot of life is aboutgetting opportunities to see and do things that you probably would neverhave done on your own. Well, I tell Gunnar that and the kids that all thetime, you just got to go do it, right, you gotta go out there and just justtry, put yourself, yeah, right, because you're gonna, you're gonna meet people,you're gonna, you're gonna create new friendships, you're gonna go, but ifyou don't leave, you don't go out of the house, you don't do those things,you never, you're never going to experience that stuff. Um, so then whenyou retire from the NFL, uh I know you were in Washington, like that's whereyou made your mark. Like for me, it was a little different, right? Because Iwas on seven teams and didn't really know we moved back to Pittsburgh, whereAnne and I grew up, but you stay there and you create this kind of persona andyou've just been just killing it after you left. So tell us a little bit aboutthat transition from not playing anymore to to saying, okay, I got tofigure out what else to do. So, I tell you, I mean, and I appreciate yousaying that perception is often time different in reality, right? I when Iwhen I quit football, are we tired from my childhood when I quit and I droppedout of school? I always said I was gonna never quit again. I would nevergive up when I stopped playing football. It felt in my mind like I quit. And soI was actually, you know what they say? You know, all these NFL players, whenyou retire, you go through a period of depression. I was depressed for a longtime. I was I was hiding in plain sight, right in front. Everybody, everybodyall you still look like you could play and all that stuff. But in reality Iwas kind of like, man, I quit. I was embarrassed. I kind of went through thedepression, I tried a lot of things, you know, and and through sports, youyou were able to try a lot of things. And so I had a production company, wedid, you know, commercials and different things like that. And I wason the creative side, everyone was like,... should be a coach and you should bea sports sports commentator and I really resisted against it or more sothan I should have because, you know, they're probably was avenues there forme. So I did a little bit of everything. But ultimately I was really trying tohelp people and that was kind of my goal. And so I did, I've done a lot ofcharity events. You know, I tried to, I've been trying to help people, uh,for the most part, but now as I'm on this journey, um, go back to, you know,life, sometimes God to me, God will have you duplicate a situation over andover again until you learn the lesson. You're trying, he's trying to teach youwhatever that lesson is. I end up redo plicating the same situation of runningfrom, from, from not playing football kind of lost not knowing what I'm doing.Buy three or four years ago. Uh, I had, uh, probably longer than that, but Iend up going back and I'm reading in the bible exodus four to a guy wastelling moses what's in your hands. And I was realizing I had done all thesethings and I never really saw it. And so I go back and I look at and there'sa Children's book that I did with terry crews that we played with. So we didthis, we redid this book and we use augmented reality and things lined up.A friend of mine call out of nowhere. You see they had an augmented realitycompany and we put the cherries now a big movie star and we're like, we putthis book together. Boom book. I started working, I work for a financial,uh, wealth management company because you know, along the lines of trying towant to help people. I recently started working with this nonprofit calledtouching Heart. Uh, and so we're trying to help young people becomecompassionate leaders. And then on the, on the side, I also write, you know,I've written about six or seven Children's books, two thriller,suspense novels. And I'm trying I wrote a screenplay that I'm trying to seewhat can happen with that. What's give me a little snippet of what thescreenplay is? Well, there are several, but the one that I'm pushing now isabout bowling because I used to like the bowl a lot and so it's it's acomedy and never written a comedy before, but it's, you know, it's aboutit's kind of standard. Uh you know, a guy dealing with the legacy that his dadwas a great bowler, bowler, but he never really knew that his dad was hisgreat bowler. Now he's inherit heritage, his legacy and he's having to go upagainst, you know, a bad guy and that type of drama, but it's a comedy and so,you know, it's fun and it's something that when I first started playingfootball with me and Janice first started playing football in Arizonainstead of we didn't want to go out and party and do all that stuff. So we usedto invite all the linebackers to go bowling and we will all go bowling. Sothese are all the NFL linebackers, bowling. We have contest guys againstthe girls. And you know, if you lost, you had to run down the hallway andsaid, my wife is the greatest and all that stuff. So it was a fun way ofhaving fun, even though you were this NFL star. And so now, you know, use thegifts that you have, what's in your hands, write a screenplay about bowling.You should write a story about a guy who fought adversity because he hadbuttered a wallet would be a great book for you to write. You know, you knowwhat, I wasn't gonna mention it at all in this interview, but you brought itup, you brought it up. You I was gonna ask you, well here's the thing I getasked about it all the time, right? My whole life. And since that happenedevery, every interview I've ever done, people want to ask me about that. So Ijust laugh about it because it is what it is, right? It happened. You can'tchange the past. Um but I wanted to ask you when that happened, Were you like,okay, yeah, I just not just not going to be friends with that guy anymore.Like you bloody idiot. You know what it's like I understood, right? So in mymind and you can tell me if I'm wrong. But in my mind I'm thinking here's aguy who this is a big moment for him...

...and and he's getting a chance to, youknow, we all want to do things like we've seen on tv. You know, you get soexcited, you don't even think because that moment happened and you dosomething like you're gonna hit but the bone but here but the wall, but younever think that that's going to hurt you. And so it's just out of excitementis just like, you know, I'm gonna do something cool even if you ran to thesideline we would hear but each other and you know, unfortunately that thathappened, but I understood it at least I thought I understood because you know,even when I I made an exception in the probo, ran it back for a touchdown andgot so excited, I threw the ball in the stance, you know, never saw the ball,it's my first interception, ever, first touchdown ever. But I did it all thatexcitement. So I figured that was you and the excitement of everything. Yougot carried away. You hear about the wall, the wall here, but you back, itdidn't really move and you won that battle. But at least I understood, butI would never, I would never not have a friend because of that. I mean that tome that's well, you know, it's it's I always want to ask like teammates aboutthat because you know, it was a tough thing to go through. You know, I mean,the team wanted to find me for conduct detrimental to the team. They wanted tobe Really, you're talking like 25 grand like because I did that. Yeah, yeah, Iwas going through a lot, you know, and it was it was it was just it was acrazy time and I always wondered what my friends thought. I mean, you know,we just I mean like I said, I just thought you were excited about it andthat, you know, in that excitement things happen and I want to throw thisout there real quick just to show you. So one of my one of my first otherChildren's books, this gus the sports drink, you are, you are famous. I madeyou, I made you into a sports drink. I'm a sports drink. That was I kid younot, I wanted to make I wanted to put you in the kid's book and uh you werethat person. So that's how much I think of you. Not, well I appreciate it man,but I did have him running to the refrigerator wall every every time theyclosed the door of the sports drink it's hitting the head. Is that go well,I can learn to laugh about it now, I think. But no, you know, but that'sthat's just kind of like life that you go through, and you talk about havingadversity in your life and and things that you had to deal with. You know, Iplayed another 10 years after that happened to me, and you don't letthings get in a way um like that, and you you talk about that a lot and youyou you you know, bring that up a lot that could have mold that could havemolded you to where you got so depressed that you didn't want to play,and it could have just ended your career. And so, you know, kudos to youthat you persevered on. Uh It happens, it did happen, and I'm glad you canlaugh about it still quite stings a little bit, but but it was a momentthat really on my side, man, I probably would have done the same thing is just,you know, that one in one million times that somebody would have got hurt doingit because they're like, if you would have done it the whole stadium probably,yeah, wall would have exploded. And I gave you the ball. Yeah, me. You know,I'm just, I'm just a little lightweight and you had to bounce back, you know?But anyway, uh, no, I appreciate all that, man. Thank you so much. And I doappreciate you sent me a book. I think it was your latest book that you signedfor me. I appreciate that so much. Thank you. Um, and so tell me aboutbecause you and I both play with Terry and I know you've always been veryclose friends with Terry. but how did you come about and say, hey Terry, Igot this great book where you do the artwork, like just because you guysjust sit down and chat about at one...

...time, you know, so so Terry was likesuper creative and oh yeah, you are too. I mean look at the paintings, you youwere gonna be creative, right? So we would have conversation and and thenthe first book was originally, it was because of my oldest son Anthony. Uh heprobably don't want me telling this. But oldest son, he you know, he camehome one day and he's asking about you know, all these questions. And then Iwas like why do you want to know? And he's like, well you get to if you winthis contest you get to be a cartoon on tv. But he said there were no browncharacters. And so for me, I was like, God, I want my son to see himself seehimself, excuse me see himself as a character. But I want any other kid tosee himself as a character, you know, that's yeah. So I had, I had a coupleof words, you know, I said, I wanted to do like a little hide and seek book. Uh,and here's the stuff told crews terry, that terry, I called Cruz told Cruzthat and I was like, dude man, look, can you draw this? And he went home andjust this amazing artwork. And I was like, and he, and he got it likesometimes you have to kind of, they said, you know, artists be like, wellwhat do you want? He's like, okay here the words. And he just went home anddid this artwork. And I was like, boom. And so we did him and we gave uh abunch of them away. The Washington post printed up a bunch of them and we gavethem away to kids in D. C. The early version. And then like 21 years lateruh we redid the version and then we use the argument in reality. So how cool isthat is so cool that what you thought was thrown away and turn it aroundagain for you? All right. So, I also want to tell people like I want you totell people how funny cruises. Yes. I mean that's what I remember him by inthe locker room. That was like I was you know, I want to say like prison,but he was one like you can have physical strength. Like there was afight. People probably come to me to protect them, but on on the on thejoking on each other you know clowning each other. I wasn't I was a weekcruise was the guy who was funny dog out people and would be it withoutcursing it was just so smooth with it. So like the personality that you see ontv is who he is you know people are like is he really like that, that's whohe is and so we'll you know we'll call up each other now sometimes and it'sjust five minutes of just joking but that sometimes just just released rightyou get the joke, you get to laugh and then move on and so I tell brian allthe time with the helmet. Nicholas. Yeah that's cool that we both rememberit or he had a steep when he was talking about you know he was runningand he had to go grill. Yeah and he said it must have been like a magnet ifyou run. I mean there was verne smith member Vern yeah, I can't, Everybodysaid about Vern Vern war like uh Oh yes. And we're like, yeah, like underwear.Yeah. Now Bryant was hitting threes. He was over three I think at the time. Soyeah, some things you don't necessarily want to see in the locker room terrywas all over that one. But it's like that's you know, if a locker room iskind of, you got groups, you know, you've got people, you got some peoplethat joke a lot. You've got some people that are more kind of religious, you'vegot some people family and quiet. You know, we all have kind of our sections.But you need those people that can make you laugh because that, that makes thegame fun. You enjoy going to work Well that's what I was talking to Bill Carright about. Is that our locker room? Like I, I love to make people laugh. Ipull pranks on people and do things like that over my career. But I feltthe same way like there's all these different groups, not because it waspurposeful, it's just who you kind of fell in line with and you know, butwhen you laugh, everybody laughs, it's like you can't help it, right? You allget along. You get you make you laugh like sometimes, yeah, it's out of guysexpense, but you know, but if the guy laughs too, you're only going to playthat or say that to that person if you can't handle it. But I will say thisand you you'll remember this mp Marcus...

...patent yeah. If you jump with him andhe stopped laughing. We all stopped laughing. That was one guy when youknow there were certain guys you never wanted to like kind of pick on a steadything too. Oh yeah, I mean, I mean we just said, I mean I love his greatestguy around. I had a body like a greek God, I mean I thought I had a good bodybut just muscles everywhere and he would laugh and then all of a sudden hestopped and you're like, yeah, and then you just go in the weight room andstart curling a bunch of weight right? And then just look at you like, yeah,you think about it, that's great, that's great. Now it was you know, wehad a lot of good times man and so I appreciate you sharing some of yourlast with me, sharing some of your time with me. We don't catch up enough. Butthe great thing is Kenny is my daughter is moving to D. C. Yep she's she'sgonna start her internship at Friendship Animal Hospital down byamerican University. She's moving in down there so I'm so excited and we'llbe able to uh be down in D. C. And E. And I will be down there a lot so we dothat and if she ever needs anything I mean we're here you know that's it'sfamily, it's not even a question mark so please have heard, I don't know ifyou remember this but Annie and I talk about this when they when our kids werelittle and abby used to chase Marcus around. He will go back to your mamabecause she was always in love with him and she would chase them around. Youknow it would be it would be interesting and cool to get them alltogether again. We'll definitely we'll do that. We'll definitely we'll do that.I mean she's she's a doctor now. It's crazy right? How cool is that? Right?Yeah, good, good memories, good time. So yeah, definitely. Yeah, from thattime I saw you with that hat on walking those ponies up and down my back yardand uh remember it happened for abby's like first birthday or something or oneof her birthday's we had the horses come over. You don't remember? I'llbring you a picture really. You know what? You do stuff? I mean look, Iwould like you guys, I know you're like a little cowboy hat on. I think I kindof remember that love is a crazy thing man. You do a lot of you do a lot offunny things. That's cool. And then you had your little bulldog. Oh yeah, we'vehad we've been through so many dogs. We're like, we're like, yeah, we're onlike our 100th dog, you know, we've been through a lot, but we tried to saywe weren't gonna have animals anymore, but Annie and I are just animal people.Like, what are you gonna do? We rescue two more. Abby's our veterinarian.Hopefully someday we won't have any vet bills, but I doubt that's going tohappen that. As awesome, man. Well, you know, look, it's been uh it's beenreally a pleasure seeing you once again and we haven't talked in a long time,like you said. And uh it's cool just to remember some of those great memories.I'm not ending the show for you, but uh you look, never watch. It's great. Ilike how you ended it though. It's like, it's like how I shut my guests up,right, and the show for me. I appreciate that. I remember when I,when I was younger in my house, around 10 o'clock, I'm like, look, y'all gotta,we can party all you want, but you point somewhere else, go looking on thelights and so you don't have to stop but you gotta get out of here. You know,that's my thing. It's time to go. Time to go. Can tell all of our audience andall of our fans how they can follow you and where they can find you. So I'm,I'm bad with social media, but you can, you can go to touching heart uh wwwtouching heart dot com. That's a nonprofit that I work with. Uh, you can,you can look at my books, you know, if you go to ken harvey on amazon, you'llsee some of my books out there. Uh and then uh, I forgot K. R. H. Company dotcom also has a little bit of...

...information about me. So if you know,if you want to hunt me down and look at me or donate to the charity, then thatwould be awesome. And uh you know, life is an adventure and I'm just trying toyeah, enjoy it because I've had my ups and my downs, but I'm just trying toenjoy it and uh and do what I've been put on this earth to do. Well, I cantell you this that I've enjoyed my time with you today and you're an amazingperson and I appreciate your friendship and, and I can't wait till my daughtergets down to D. C. Because I am, I'm just going to show up in front on yourdoorway and please don't have just a towel on. You know, if you show up Iwant, that's right. I'm just gonna call jazzbefore I call you then. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay, Janice. Abby needs herapartment all fixed up and taken care of. So she's an interior designer. So Iknow she is, I know she is, I follow her in jewels. So Hey buddy, man, Iappreciate you. Thank you so much for joining me today and we'll have to doit again and I'm just waiting for you to come out with your podcast. You knowwhat? I had one for a minute and it takes a lot of work. It's uh, you know,you realize it takes a lot of work dedication and you have to be good atit. So I appreciate what you're doing next time. Have your wife on thepodcast with you. So you will see you guys, but thank you for having me on.This is fun. And look forward to seeing you in person. Yeah, definitely,definitely. So check out everyone. Check out Kenny. Uh, yeah, I think it's,what is K R H K R H company Touching heart, W W touching Heart Foundation,uh, donate. Go to amazon. Check out this awesome books. And uh, we'll seethis real quick. I'm saying this real quick. You're one of the few peoplethat can call me Kenny. I don't let most people call me. So only, you know,only my really good friends can call me Kenny. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. It's good.No, I appreciate with you. It means a lot. But you know, some people whenthey, when they get in a conversation and they may hear you call me Kenny.Then they called me kid and you're like, whoa Channel. All right guys, I didn't call him Kenny.It was ken. All right. So anybody out there, you see him? Don't call himKenny. Don't don't call him Kenny. You can do it. He's a lot bigger than youdon't call him Kenny, Kenny, ken. I appreciate you man. And uh, I just wantto tell, make sure you give chance a big hug for me out. Diana, you said hiand all our fans out there. Please go follow Kenny. Check out what he's doing.A touching hearts donate. Help him out. He's a great human being. And you wantto hear about his life story because something about his life is going tohelp you in your life. So, thanks for joining us on huddle up with Gus.Thanks to Sounder. FM. Thanks to 16 31 digital news studio for letting us useyour studio and I want to thank Manscaped. Go to Manscaped dot com. Putin my code. Gus Frerotte, all caps. That's G U S F R E R O T T E and get20% off and free shipping. Thanks again. Check us out at huddle up with Gus.Thanks again to ken, harvey check them out at K R A H company. Uh, touchinghearts, We appreciate you can have a great day everyone and we'll talk toyou soon. And that's a wrap sportsman. Thanks forjoining in the fun at the 16 31 digital studios for another. Actually, huddleup with Gus featuring 15 year NFL quarterback. Gus Theron, huddle up withGus is proudly produced by 16 31 digital media and is available on applemusic.

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