Huddle Up with Gus
Huddle Up with Gus

Episode · 1 year ago

Herschel Walker


The greatest collegiate running back of all-time joins the Huddle this week as Gus gets to talk to Collegiate Hall of Fame inductee Herschel Walker. Walker talks about growing from an overweight bullied kid, into the legend that he is today. Listen to them discuss his upbringing all the way to his legendary days at Georgia. They discuss how his parents taught him to always finish what he had started, which led to him having great success in life. Not only did Herschel succeed as a running back, he also competed at the Olympics as a bobsledder in 1992 and won two matches in MMA while approaching the age of 50. Of course, you probably knew all that about our guest. What you might not know is why Walker did all of those things or what he has lived by to get to where he is today. Join the Huddle and listen to one of our biggest guests yet by listening to this week's podcast! See for privacy information.

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