Huddle Up with Gus
Huddle Up with Gus

Episode · 2 months ago

George Teague


Welcome to Huddle Up with Gus with 15-year NFL quarterback Gus Frerotte! On today’s show, it’s a full hour with one of footballs nicest guys off the field, yet when on the field, was able to do serious damage to running backs skeletal structures. We are speaking of course of George Teague, who played with the Packers, Cowboys, and Miami and broke records and bones in each city. George shares is youth with Gus and what brought him to the gridiron, having grown up as an Air Force Brat. When his family did settle in one place, Gus and George discuss how life was like living in a small Alabama town, especially issues of race, competitive sports, and his education. Then, it is onto the NFL when Gus and George go through some of the best and the worse their careers offered them at the time. As mentioned, George is an awesome guy who you just want to hang out with and you’ll enjoy your time with him on today’s show. Thanks for tuning into Huddle Up With Gus!

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